Happy 2nd Birthday Red Mango!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ask me again and again. Ask me even while I'm sleeping! Ask me, even before the freebies and events came. I'd say the best froyo in town is Red Mango's. Simply because we are talking about FROZEN YOGURT. And some froyos I've tried just taste like ice cream -- creamy na maasim. :P I swore to tell that to Red Mango's owner someday.

That's why I was super duper thrilled to go and celebrate my favorite Saturday tambayan's 2nd birthday last Wednesday, in their Mega Mall branch (a big thank you to Karl for inviting me!). An afternoon with my blogger sisters over my fave froyo...and it's not even weekend yet!

Program's Host Ebong Jioson + Red Mango Philippines President Ms. Sherika Tanmantiong:
They had a little game (didn't won though, sayang ang extra GCs! Haha!), talked about their passion for the brand, the benefits of eating froyo, and showed a vid presentation on Red Mango history and updates.

Why I just love Red Mango:
Low calorie without sacrificing the taste. =) Guilt-free indulgence, indeed!

The Guests:
Fellow bloggers I had a great time with over our froyo:

Ang pretty niyo lang! :)
from ava

With pretty Vern and stylish Melai:

Lipstick Ladies. I just love that pink shade, Honey! :))

The standouts! 
I love these people! :) Sandwiched between FFT's Karl, Curves, Mike, and Edrick. :)

The sweet Candy Team was there too! :) 
(Photo from

With PR for Red Mango Ms. Jenny Yrasuegui! 
We bloggers gushed over her chic cover up! <3 Ang ganda noh???

BNO's Slick Rick!

...And Sam Y G! They're awesome guys, and super fun to talk with! :)
photo from honey

And of course....With Red Mango Phil. owner Ms. Sherika!
I told her over and over her again how much I love Red Mango GB with its new outdoor couches, etcetera etcetera. I was totally sucking it, hahaha. But I don't care, it was my only chance to show my love for the brand! :) And yup, I was able to tell the owner that the best ang Red Mango kasi hindi siya katulad ng iba na creamy na maasim. Hahaha!

Personally written notes are the best. :) <3

Not leaving without outfit photos, as usual. ;-)
Bowler Hat and Accessories (Anagon Collection), White Polo (thrifted), Black Shorts (Herbench), High Cuts (Rubi/Cotton On), Mermaid Hair

What's your flavor? Tell me what's your flavor? (haha)
I always have blueberries+almonds+*something new*...maybe dezato mochi today, then strawberries or mangoes on the next visit. Gahhh...Now I am craving for a cup of Red Mango! :P

With the team! :) 
I asked to have my photo taken with them, and told them again and again how much I love Red Mango. Haha. :) Hay kahiya talaga ako! ;D

Went home with these goodies! :) Parang party loot bag lang:

Kahit yung water bottle nila tinago ko, hahaha. Fangirl.

Aside from celebrating their 2nd birthday, Red Mango also introduced to us the new frozen yogurt flavor----coming real soon! Can you take a guess?
It's soooo good, I tell you. Just take a hint at our empty bowls! :D Simot!
Definitely something to look forward to on my next tambay / lamierda.

Sigh. Now that event was pure LOVE! :) 
To more guilt-free years and red couch tambays, Red Mango
Happy Birthday!


  1. great, you met jenny? we used to hang out a lot in college but we havent been seeing each other lately. you guys look so cute together as a group! i love red mango's green tea. they're definitely better than the rest =)

  2. Yes we met ms jenny! =) she's the one who coordinated with the bloggers...ang small world galing! :) thank you so much, ay grabe my first love talaga is the greentea din hehe :) <3

  3. I sent this entry to Sherika!! :) Hehe.. Excited na ako to be with everyone later.. :)

  4. official endorser!
    infernez, i have yet to try red mango.
    its a good thing though that they finally have a branch here in cebu.
    i shall try their froyo and blog about it.

    p.s hmm, napapansin ko ang daming nagpopost about froyo. me included! :)

  5. Thank you Honey!!! :D Super nag enjoy uli ako kanina with you girlssss love you all! :))) <3

  6. Oo nga noh Liezyl!!! Lahat froyo addicts na, lovet!! didnt know youre from cebu pala!!! :)) Sana maka punta din ako jan this year :))))

  7. I love Froyos! Once ko pa lang natry sa Red Mango and I'm itching to eat there again. Heehee.

    and wow. Ang bata pa pala ng owner ha. She's pretty and very stylish.

    Hello pretty bloggers! :)

  8. Yes naman with the "creamy na maasim" conversation with the RM president.

    Blueberry? :P

  9. Looks like you all had a blast! I miss eating froyo! <3

    Lee [Oh Yeah, Coffee!]

  10. omg yung bottle tinabi ko rin. i love it eh hahah saya!! :-)))

  11. Ishna: Thank you! True, nabilib ako she looks so young pa and successful :)) <3

    Nadine hahahaha FTW right? Hahaha! :D Tapang lang hehehe. Hmm hmmm galing a! :D Watchout if Blueberry nga! :D :)))

    Lee! :D Super missed froyo nanaman haha! :)) It was a fun day indeed!

    Edrick hahaha :DDD Nagiipon tayo ng mga "treasures" and dust-catchers, parehas pala tayo hehehe! :)) Till next event!! :)))

  12. kaka-inggit naman you guys get to go to these events!! at RED MANGO pa! tama ka THE BEST froyo ever here!! :D

  13. The best Red Mango noh!!! =DDD Im sure more events pa yan in the future!!! :)) Booming ang blogging, i believe! :) Heehee!

  14. Purple-ish kasi yung "remnants" ng froyo. :)

  15. infairview sayo nadine, korak ka jan! :D hahahah! :))) blogging about the new frozen yogurt flavor next!!! :)))


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