Mermaid's Hair

Friday, February 04, 2011

Instead of coming up with an outfit for yesterday's event, I decided to just wear a plain white polo and then play with my hair:

I actually bought the bottle of temporary hair color weeks ago, and decided to give it a try yesterday since I am going to an event anyway. Can't imagine sporting this mermaid 'do to go to mass or meet-ups...Haha! :P I guess it was a great fresh choice, since I got compliments from my fashown fellow bloggers that day! :) Yey!

The Culprit:
"Wen Yuan", which I bought in Landmark Makati at around P80+ only!

The brand also carries this spray color in blue, silver, yellow, red, etcetera...I'd also love to try the green someday! It's not so easy to use though, hindi nakukuha sa isang spray-an, that I even have to ask my mom for help. And since it is spray-type, hindi naiwasan pati neck and ears and hands and damit ko purple na after application, hehe. 

Also, I got "purple dandruffs" during the event--specks of purple at my back na I jokingly just quipped na "Style yan!", haha! It was cute and cool though, and at only 80 bucks, hindi na ako magrereklamo! :) Next time, I'll just wear something dark, Hehe!

After the event, I went to Landmark and saw a Revlon station with an ongoing promo of free hair coloring services just by buying a box from them! I took the risk of being seen by my friends or buyers having my hair colored in public (haha)...and went to the station giddy for a little self-pampering/makeover. They shampooed off my mermaid tresses, and colored my hair to this nice shiny brown color:


The best part, a box costs P394 lang, and it's already Revlon! Imagine how much money you have to spend when you had your hair color in a salon! 

Oh I just love experimenting with my hair! Next agenda: A new haircut!


  1. SHUCKS!!! Till when ang promo?? I need to have my roots dyed... :(

  2. Till March pa daw Honey!! :)) Nag mo-mall tour mga yun, baka meron na sa mall near you! hehehe parang artista lang :D Oh! Or tomorrow pala since mag makats ka na you can go there ng maaga o diba!!! :)))

  3. whoa!!! ang sulit nun ha!!! :) both the spray color and the revlon! sana meron pa :)

  4. Hahaha super sulit noh! :D Cheap thrills!!! :D Uy cant wait to see you tomorrow yahoo! :)))

  5. Lovett! Sana I attended the event if only to have the photo taken with your mermaid hair haha! (Ang dahilan ay nasa madrama kong post. Ako na talaga madrama. Hay I need lots of dessert tomorrow!)

    And wow sis finally natuloy na rin yang hair coloring na yan! Ako wala pa XD

  6. i cant wait to see you tomorrow krissy!!!!! oo nga e kahit ako nahuhurt reading your blog :P hay buhay! ikain nalang natin yan! :)) <3

  7. I am sooo tempted to get my hair colored..huhu shall i??

  8. Naku ako na ang ultimate promotor ng change hahaha :D GO FOR IT BEB! :))) Maganda sayo yun chocolate brown :)))

  9. oh wow, naintriga naman ako sa temporary hair color! matry nga, haha! :P

  10. Ana! I love your glasses! Where did you get them? Text meeee! Hahaha. Ako rin, tempted to go to that revlon tour for that free hair color! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  11. Pinangarap ko rin maging sirena. Haha!

  12. Thanks Meme! :)) It was a fun thing to try! :))

    Go Liezyl!! :D Anong color trip mo??? :)))

    Thank you Melai!!! Sinesell ko siya sa Anagon Collection!!! :)))

    Skysenshi! Ako rinnnn hahahahah pati tumira by the beach ang tema heheheheh....hindi lang ako maseafoods hahah :D

  13. Ganyan yung colored spray sa fair. After the fair. lahat my gold spray na. :))

  14. HAHAHA!!! ;D Sounds fuuuun naman!!!! :D Nakakamiss mga ganyan :P

  15. Playing around with hair color really is a lot of fun. I love that light brown you ended up with. Very cute!


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