Hold Me Close. (A ValentiMes Post)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Currently making mustache necklaces to add to my stuff-to-sell for tomorrow's first day of Animo Bazaar. Packing my panindas when I realized that I lack more brown bags! :P It has been a year already since I had my Anagon paper bags made, and now they're almost gone!!!

Speaking of paper bags...Do you live in Muntinlupa? Aside from being famous for housing the preso, Muntinlupa is now famous for being Plastic Bag-Free. As in, bawal na ang supot, and you have to bring your own bayong when going to the market (BYOB), or have your purchases wrapped in paper bags. One day, Mom even brought home her groceries in a BOX, haha!

It's something to be proud of, though. Kung kaya ng Munti, for sure kaya din yan ng Pinas! :)

Have you already joined The Capricious Club Anniversary Giveaway? It's Bestie's 3rd blog anniversary, and part of the items to be given aways are Anagon accessories!!!

Oh, here's a sneak peek of the wreath I am currently working on. Hello Cherry Blossoms! :)

Oh, okay! I realized that I was supposed to blog about the VDAY--the day that simultaneously make and break hearts of many worldwide. I am not really a big fan of Valentines Day, and there were Feb 14s that I actually felt emo (sabay nuod ng Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, haha!), but this year I actually don't see the big fuss about it. Meaning, no reasons for me to get BV and feel bad just because I am single and it's love day.

Just like forgetting that I titled this entry as a Valentines Post, I actually also kept forgetting that it's cupid's time to shine na nga pala bukas. In fact, I am happy for all these things that make me busy, productive, and and...unemotional? Not really. I think I am celebrating LOVE in my own way by doing things that are not so easy, but something I am willing to do. For Love. To celebrate life's most beautiful thing. :)

Thank you to my daddykins, mom , ate, Cea, my dearest Barx, my sukis, and my Blogger Barkada for making me feel LOVE--which is actually enough to last me through this year's dragging, kainis-ang-daming-sad, Valentine's Day. 

I am spreading my love to you, you, and YOU. Don't feel sad, love is everywhere. Hope you know that I love you! <3

PS: Hold me close is a line from Power of Love, a religious song I heard when I went to mass today. God's love "surrounds me" all day everyday, a reason enough to celebrate the day of hearts. Happy ValenTIMES Day my blog friends!


  1. I love you Ana!!! Happy balentayms!!! <3

  2. Although wala akong jowa (LOL), I loooove Valentine's day. Happy Valentine's Day and good luck with the bazaar tomorrow! :)

  3. I love you too Queen Bee Hons! :))) <3

  4. Ishna: Someday! ;) Hehehe! :) Just gotta love LOVE! :) Thanks for the wellwishes, I'll need that! Fight!! :D Haha!

  5. Oohhh... I didn't know that about Muntinlupa. That's so cool! :)

    Advanced Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  6. Hahaha so cool noh! :) Happy vday to you too michelle! :))

  7. oonga sana brown paper bags narin any groceries in the philippines.. ala US! haha :P and i like the last photo!! :) Happy vday ana :)

  8. Parang gusto ko ng mustache necklace! Happy Valentine's Day Ana! :D

    Lee [Oh Yeah, Coffee!]

  9. Hazel: That will be cool noh? :) Save the earth! Hehehe! Mas effective pag oblige..minsan nakakalimot din ako mag no sa supot :P Happy Vday to you too Hazel! :))

    Hahahah thank you Lee! :)) Cute yun -- syempre prinomote ang sariling gawa hahaha :D Happy Vday to you too!!!

  10. I didn't know Muntinlupa does that. Sana other cities here in the Philippines and all over the world are like that, too. :)

  11. Happy Balentayms! Pag may 'jowa' ka malamang iiwas ka ding gumaya sa mga magse-celebrate ng V Day! Kagaya ko! :)) Maiisip mo, parang ang corny kasi. Pero kanya-kanyang trip lang yan. Hehe.

    Sana pwede rin tayong sumali sa giveaway ni Bestie. But noooo! Sayang ang Gold Dot GCs!

  12. OMG, how convenient!! I've been thinking about stealing cherry blossoms from the Rustan's kiosks three days ago pa, hahaha! Getting one when you finish! <3

  13. Happy Valentine's Day, Ate!
    Ang ganda kaya ng "Power of Love". Lagi namin kinakanta/sinasayaw 'yan nung grade school sa mga intermission numbers sa service or programs. :)

  14. HAPPY VDAY ANA! :) I'll see you sa Animo Bazaar. & thanks for holding LEAP. :) Sorry sorry for the hassle! Good luck sa bazaar.

    Ps. TAGA MUNTI RIN AKO! ;) Natuloy na pala yun. No wonder my mom brought my groceries in a paperbag when she went to the dorm. Haha cool! :D

  15. RED: Sana nga noh! Kahit step by cite at a time. I'm sure malaking tulong yun!

    Hahaha Nariese! Ako na ang pinaka cheesecake! :D Hahahah! :D True gusto ko din manalo!!! Ng sponsor ka din sa kaniya??? :)) Anong brand mo??? :)))

    Nadine! Hahaha naiisip ko din Gradeschool/HS pag Power of Love...Walang kupas! :))

    Thank you a Smarla! I need that! Low energy nako ngayon kaya fight fight lang! :))

    Thank you rin Megann! No sweat noh, I had fun din :) It's nice to teach kahit paminsan, thank you for the opportunity. At hahaha benta the best tayong mga taga Munti! :D Hah! :)

  16. Chai: Yahooo!!! I have one sure buyer! At hahaha...parang pumipitas lang e noh heheeh :D

  17. Hello Ana :) I'm from Los Banos Laguna and we've been practicing that "hindi ako plastic" aka plastic-bag free shopping for more than 2 years now. It's nice to know how other cities are noticing the importance of decreasing the usage of plastic. :)
    ANG GANDA NUNG BAGONG WREATH :-/ sayang I just ordered! hehe pero i love my order too ;)

  18. Ang cool nating south people a! :)) I didnt know about LB...but buti some cities are starting na with this environment friendly campaign! :))


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