New Headers! =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Since Anagon Collection made its big move from Multiply to Face Book, I will now use my Multiply page as a "collective site" for my online shop, blog, and for my upcoming other online shop. 

House of Anagon is the umbrella brand for:

1) Anagon Collection, your favorite accessories shop online since 2005! :)

2) ANAGON, an upcoming high-end accessories store you should all watch out for!

And of course (hehe),
3) The Fashionista Commuter, my blog! :)

Thank you to Francesca for helping me with my new headers! =) 
Do bookmark all these sites, guys, and thank you so much for all the support! :)


  1. I'm loving the new headers! congrats anagon! :D

  2. These are pretty headers for your sites!

    Ana! I missed seeing you, Ava and Krissy during the bloggers closet :( i went home real late na so i wasnt able to drop by :( and to think sa village lang namin yung bazaar...

    super inggit sa bloggers' closet event photos :( i wanted to be there? kelan part 2??? :D yun ba yung sa 26? or iba yun? LOL

  3. love the new header! airplane na! :) so chic! :)

  4. i love it, beb!:) super amazing headers!

  5. Smarla: thank you so much! Hoping for the best for all these "projects" hihi! :))

    Argie!!! Sayang!!! I didnt know youre also from T and C, sayang hahahah! :)) Iba pa the 26th, but hope to see you there!! :))

    Irene thank you so much! :)) Sabi ng friend ko dapat jeep hahaha so classy pag plane heheh ;))

    Ava thank you Beb!!! :))) Ok noh? :)) Hihihih I am so excited for these projects! :) <3

  6. BONGGGGAAAA!!!!! Love it! :)

  7. Thank you Honey! :)) Ikaw na 4rd manager/consultant ko after my mom and my friend and Cea, hahahaha!!!

  8. I love everything! Congratulations sis!!!! ♥♥♥

  9. Thank you Krissy!!! :))
    They are commissioned headers, but I'll surely miss my header that you made for me!!!

  10. so girly.. i love it! =) where did you get them?! so creative !

  11. Hahahah thank you Aie! Chos lang hahaha :)))

    Mary Dianne! Had them made to a young artist -- Francesca :) Check out her link, I cited her in this entry :)))

  12. Wee! I'm glad you liked them all! Thank you so much for citing me ate ana! ^_^

  13. No prob Francesca! :) I love your headers :)) Thank you too!!! :)))


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