More Anagon Girls, and then some...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

 Bestie wearing Anagon Floral Wreath

 Krissy wearing Anagon Cross Necklace

 Pau wearing Anagon XL Studded Cuff

 Ef wearing Anagon Butterfly Bib

 Arianne wearing Anagon Roses Headband

 And last but not the least, Melai wearing Anagon Body Chains. =)

I realized, after my last post, that there are loads more of girlies in Anagon Collection here in the vast and beautiful World Wide Web. :) I have to admit, natouch ako! :) Thank you for supporting my accessories line! I am so poor in time management, I haven't uploaded my new collections...Plus, I've stopped on my 7th piece for ANAGON (high-end). :P Let's see if I can still manage my time when I join the Animo Bazaar next next week, plus, teach 2 classes on basic wire art. Something to look forward to, though! :)

Speaking of my sistah Melai, don't forget to mark the 7th of this month as this will be the date she'll be releasing her fab new pieces for her online shop F-Stop! :) If you love Melai's style (check out that vibrant yellow top!), her Hyper Collection will satisfy your color-cravings! "If one of your fashion resolutions is injecting color to your wardrobe, then this collection might have something for you. Expect the usual client favorites like blazers, tunics, dresses. You're guaranteed this season's hottest: floral prints, laces and sheer!"

Watch out! :))

Last night, I went home lugging around these:

Plies, Plies, and Plies! :P

I tell you, after that day I wished I have a car, if not--sana may condo nalang ako sa Makati, or Fort...Or kahit san wag lang dito sa aking faraway home. :P Anyhooo...These are for the DLSU's LEAP next next week. Aside from the plies, I also carried with me wires, beads, chains, and other raw materials for the accessories workshop. Ang sakit ng likod ko pagising ko kanina. =/

Good thing I went home with these foodies on our table:

Hindi kami Chinese, but my mom wanted us to celebrate the Lunar New Year together, hahaha. Para bang the same way she wanted us to celebrate the coming Valentimes Day together. The whole family. Naisip niya siguro baka last Vday na ng mga anak niya as single ladies, HAHAHAHA, just kiddin'. :) Ok gotta run! :)) Off to Red Mango event with the bloggers! =)) <3

Aruy. Hahaha.


  1. Love and other Drugs---taob tlg ako nung unang boob exposure wehehe. ^^

    Anyhoo--may I ask if do u sell like a set of those pliers (plus basic wires, etc...)din? Hehe.Kakainspire mag DIY girl, ^^

  2. YEY! Ang saya haha nakakaexcite naman magLEAP. :) See you next next week Ana! At sorry sa stress and hassle nung pagdala ng supplies. :s

    Ang cute ng necklace ni Ef and Krissy. <3 :)

  3. The plies! Nung grade school, nagdala din ako ng plies sa school for an art project(jewelry making din yata). Then sabi ng mga classmates ko para daw akong electrician/karpintero. Amaze na amaze. Parang 1st time makakita ng plies. LOL.

  4. wooow that's one heavy box of pliers for sure! iba na tlaga ang malakas :D

  5. love your accessories. inspiring! :)

  6. I like the butterfly and cross necklace. (sana puwede i-combine, haha!) naiyak din ako dun sa Love and Other drugs. i like that it didn't sugar coat the harsh reality of having parkinson's just because it's a romantic movie.

  7. Thanks for the comments guys!!! <3

    Ann: diko din cinarry, diko inexpect yun hahahah ::D ill try to hold a workshop outside a school org malay mo bloggers thing siya hehehe! :)) let's see!!!

    megann walang problema noh! :)) thank you for having me, ang saya nun :))

    nadine i know right! ako rin ganyan akala mo kakaiba, siguro weird lang pag girl may hawak? hahahah =D

    smarla: super duper bigat 2 days ata ako nanakit ang likod heheheh...and pahid nalang ng liniment hehehe

    jen thanks so much <3 i appreciate that! :))

    skysenshi: that's actually a cute idea a...and truefax...hindi siya over over kasukang sweetness. :P Heheheh. Nakakahurts nga e hehe.. ;))

  8. Aww I just saw this now! So nice of you to put me in this post! :"> I love naman talaga kasi your accessories. There all so pretty! :)

  9. Awww thank you pau!!! Balik dlsu ako next weeeeek!!! :))) Animo bazaar naman! :))


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