100% Guilt Free Shopper

Thursday, March 10, 2011

WFTO Asia will launch its new regional consumer brand & logo with the tagline, “Shopping with a Conscience.” In connection, WFTO Asia will introduce its 2011 consumer campaign called “100% Guilt Free Shopper.”

The campaign aims to inform everyone, especially the consumers, what Fair Trade is and the 10 principles it represents. It aims to empower the consumers that by switching to Fair Trade by either:

1) buying (certified WFTO Asia Fair Trade products and/or the organization’s advocacy merchandise)

or 2) supporting the organization (Sponsoring/Donating/Fundraising, becoming a volunteer intern, and or participating in the organization’s events).

They have the power to eradicate poverty, stop child and forced labor, advocate for gender equality, support sustainability and capacity building, safeguard the environment, promote equality in trade, and open opportunities for health and education.

“This campaign targets 1,000,000 switchers by the end of the year. 1,000,000 people in Asia who realized that thoughtless buying isn't enough. 1,000,000 people who believes that they can use the power of their purchase to change the lives of millions of disadvantaged communities all over the world,” says Toni Zuniga, Business Development and Brand Officer of WFTO Asia

The ‘100% Guilt Free Shopper’ campaign will officially begin on April with the launch of WFTO Asia’s Regional 100% Guilt Free Shopping Ambassadors. These people will follow the footsteps of WFTO’s Global Ambassador Emma Watson in promoting WFTO and Fair Trade.

From WFTO Asia. Let us support this noble endeavor. Visit to learn more about World Fair Trade Organization-Asia. Or link them on Facebook, and them on Twitter. :)


  1. This is such an awesome thing they're launching! And it's so cool that Emma Watson's involved!

  2. Michelle and Melai: I think so too! :) I hope the cause will be more successful...I think it's something that we can all relate to and do something about! :)))


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