Happy 420, Happy What??? :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I noticed some of my friends and contacts posting "Happy 420!!! :D" in their Face Book and Twitter pages today, arousing intrigues to people like me na walang kaalam-alam (sorry naman, painosente ba), hahaha. So, curious and geekazoid as always, I Googled what is behind the number 420:

I got these from ABC News Online:
- Has someone wished you a Happy 420 today? It's probably not because he or she is celebrating Hitler's birthday, although he was born on April 20, or 4/20. More likely they're marking the counterculture holiday unofficially known as National Weed Day.

Over the years, theories about the meaning of 420 have pointed to California's penal code section for marijuana use, the police radio code for smoking pot, and the best day to plant cannabis, according to Snopes.

From CBS NEWS Online: 420, 4:20 or 4/20, is a number used by many to denote smoking marijuana and pot smokers from Denver to Durango are gathering today, April 20, to say "Happy 420" and call for the drug's legalization. 

Sooooo, yun pala yun! :D Haha!

Anywaaaaaay, on another news (hehe), last night, my Barx went out again to continue CELEBRATING just because ABI IS HERE! :) We went to Mona's house, had a few drinks and delicious Japanese foods. Sirang sira na talaga ang bora-body plans! :D Hahaha!

Abi, also a dog lover! :)

I love Mona's house! :D

Bullies tumatambay sa kalye, hehehe.

Ang kulet ni Mitch!!!

Cute dog with cutest name: Bailey! :D

Leme-Leme! :D

Sana kaya natin kahit every weekend ganito. :) <3 Thank God for balikbayans! Hehe! :)

Ang wholesome ng 420 namin noh? Hahaha! Will be going out again with the girls tonight! 
Walang kapaguran at kasawaan 'to! :) 



  1. Happy Barx agaiN! Shux, I miss having pictures like these with my barkada and blog barkada!! yiii..senti :( hahaha! At ayun pala ibig sabihin ng 420! thanks! haha nakikita ko din yan pero dko gets!

  2. Thank you Ava! Barx high nga :D hehehe! :) Miss you na, at YEHEY hindi ako NAG IISA! Hahaha! Akala ko ako lang hindi alam yun hehehe pawholesome lang ;)

  3. ahh, yun pala yun.
    ngayon ko lang din nalaman, thanks for sharing!

  4. so cute miss ana! happy 420 din thanks sa info! :))

  5. Okay, ang random pero ang cute ng top mo dito :)

  6. so that's the 420 thing in fb...thanks.

  7. Wahahaha Happy 420 guyz!! :D Hehehe and thank you Michelle, ang comfy pa nyang top na yan hehehe :D


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