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Friday, April 22, 2011

I didn't expect mom would say yes to me when I had to go out again last night for another round of Barx bonding. Pag lumabas pa naman ako, for sure hindi na ako makakauwi sa laaaayo ng house, so sure overnight na. I guess the power of the words "high school friends" and "balikbayan" worked when I asked permission to go to Rue Bourbon on a Holy Wednesday night. Sobrang "baby" ko pa noh, nagpapaalam padin! Hehehe.

I also discovered a second love in my beer drinking life (hehe). After ordering Red Horse since college because I can't appreciate San Mig Light na usual order ng barkada, Ana and I discovered Draft--na masarap kahit walang yelo (hindi na kailangan hingi ng hingi ng ice). The others like Abi had wine. Laugh trip, people watching, nonsense but benta jokes, and danced and sang the night away. :)  Can't wait for our Bora vacation!!! 

Today till Saturday will be spent with the family. :) Awhile ago the Crazy Gonzales went on a Visita Iglesia --a family tradition we've been practicing since I was a kid. I always feel good after this, it wasn't enough time to reflect, but it was enough to make me feel what this holiday is all about. 

That's it! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BEB Ava! :) I'm sure your day was a blast. I miss you and I can't wait to hangout with you again soon! :) All the best in your future career, school, blogging, artsy activities, family life, etc! You deserve all the blessings, mwah!



  1. omg what's draft? gusto ko din tuloy malaman kung ano lasa. hahaha missyou ana!

  2. Yun green yung bote Tatie!!! :) Miss you too! Kamusta naman ang internship? :))

  3. i don't know how to drink. =)) Yun ata ang definition ng baby. =))

    Ang kulit ng photos! :))

  4. Ang saya naman ng pictures! The words "highschool friends" also works for me. Haha! I guess there's trust there since they also know those people. ;)

  5. Naks, party girl ka pala ah! Hehe! Nakakamiss dumaan sa blog mo! :D

  6. Michelle: It doesn't matter naman, basta you know how to hang loose and have fun from time to time, oks na oks na yun!!! :) <3 Thank youuu!!!

    Megann: True!!! Super miss ko na sila kagad ngayon , hahaha! Thanks!!! :))

    Pau: Hindi din ako party girl, ako yun last one seated hahahah :D It's embarrassing narin paminsan, pero wala e, di ako into club dancing, iiinom ko nalang hahahah :D


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