Penshoppe: "The Filipinos Deserve Better"

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Went to the Penshoppe Luncheon yesterday at Dusit Hotel's Tosca...

It was such a fancy place, I super love it!

The first ones in the blogkada to arrive!
Me, with: Himalang-di-late Reg (hehe), pretty Ms. Status Vern (Check out the new ish, she's there!), and In-love-lang Honey! :)

When Vern and I decided we're hungry already (hehe, I lovet when I learn that slim girls do eat!).. off we went for the fooood!!! :)

The others ordered their main course...

Big, juicy steak:

Or Salmon! :D
Such a treat! :D

I decided to raid the "appetizers and desserts" area, haha! :D 

So many foods, you don't have to pity the vegetarian! :D Hahaha! ;)))

My plateS!!

After chitchats and kainan, the program started!

Models and Penshoppe ambassadors Akihiro and Bea, with Brand Director Alex Mendoza

"The Filipino people deserve better...This summer collection is inspired by the Filipino lifestyle. When they go abroad or on a beach trip, they will still look sophisticated."

Screens flash the grand Summer Penshoppe photo shoot / look book in the beautiful Misibis Bay

"We are continuing to level up. We're giving you bigger dosage of fashion at very affordable prices. Unlike other brands, we make more effort in giving a sophisticated feel in our clothes."

"Bea and Akihiro best represents what we want to communicate to people. They are stylish, not intimidating, and still very approachable."

Friends from the media:

When we got back to our tables, they served us our desserts: Tiramisu!
It's too creamy...But I actually finished the whole thing. Haha.

They also gave away Penshoppe GCs and GE Cameras on a Q&A game...Melai won a digital camera!
She was already near the mic, haha, and Pax threw to her the answer to the quessie: Who was the photographer in  Penshoppe's summer lookbook? Good job guys! 

Of course naman, had to take a photo with Akihiro! He's actually super nice and accommodating :)

Thank you Sir Azrael and Ms. Lace for inviting us to your event! :) <3

...And I really really love this group photo! :) Heeh!

Quirky girl Reg, my kalurks sister Pax, "the Zee bloopers" Ava, sosy pero super friendly Vern (love her!), winner and super makwento Melai, benta-jokes-ko-sa-kaniya Honey, and... Meee! :)
photo from sir azrael coladilla

It was also a great lunch bonding with the gang. :) 

There's so much to be proud of the "Philippine Fashion Scene". I love that even the brands that we grew up with are now putting so much effort just to be at par with the many other fashion brands around the world. I remember that I always rely on brands such as Penshoppe when I needed a pa-cool outfit on our annual high school dance / concert, haha! And now, years later (few years lang naman, hehe)... they already have their perfume line, 3D shirts (I got one from the gift card they gave to us!:)), swim wears, blazers, maxi dresses, accessories, bags, and even shoes! I know there's so much to look forward to for our local brands. Penshoppe:  Proudly Pinoy! :)



  1. The 'blogkada' pictures are so cute especially yung favorite mo. :D When I first saw the look book of Penshoppe for this season, super nainlove ako! Ang ganda-ganda talaga! LOL and Penshoppe was my go-to also for 'pa-cool' outfits para sa events. :))

  2. Ang cute cute naten lahat sa group pics!!! Kung pwede ko lang gawin profile pic lahat.. Hahaha!! Ana, I want to feature you on my blog!!!! :D

  3. Hahahah Megann thank you!!! :D Super ganda nga ng pics nun lookbook nila ngayon! :D Namiss ko lang mga high school dance hahaha :D

    Honey wahhh game ako jan!!! :D I love your features!!!

  4. you guys make such a stylish bunch! cute pictures :)

  5. i love our group! and i love how penshoppe really evolved now like oxygen!:)

  6. I love how I get to read about the event in different points of view because I follow most you guys. =)))

  7. hihi! i love it! i love how penshoppe is leveling up pero affordable pa rin :) see you again soon anagonnnnnn!!!!:)


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