Everything's gonna be alright..

Monday, May 09, 2011

Guys, is it really raining?!!!

Wow. I can't help but feel that there's a big explanation on this whole phenomenon. After torturing and sizzling hot days that I just want to live in our freezer, and my kumot is just a useless piece of cloth on my bed...There goes the downpour! The sudden shift of the tides; a grand turnaround of things and events. I'd like to think that this drastic CHANGE in our weather is a sign of what is actually a drastic (and hopefully GOOD!) change that is about to happen in my life. I know it's all unscientific and impossible, but it's nice to think that the rain is a sign of "hope" coming from the Almighty, promising better days.

Weekend talk...Last Friday, Ana and I watched Scream 4, which is quite an entertaining film. I know people would say "kalokohan" lang siya, but this film that I grew up with (panahon ko to!) didn't fail to entertain me once again! Laughtrip and gulatan at its finest!

Then last Saturday, went back to Greenbelt with Tamems and Ana hoping to catch Fast5, but since sold out na, we opted for Water for Elephants...Which is also a nice film. I love circus set and theme for being so unreal and hypnotic ...But there's something lacking in this movie. And I figured out it might be a nice soundtrack. I still love the story, and Reese Witherspoon! Sayang lang yun concept.

Dinner afterwards at Krokodile...Classic choice lang for affordable and sulit dinner--na kanin!  

I am always happy and comfortable when I am with this 2. <3

Shared rice with Tamems (gusto ko na uli mag diet, haha)...And had a bowl of Kare Kareng Gulay (all to myself, hahaha!)

Tamems and Ana had the baked tahong...

And sisig!

I love Kare Kare! :) <3 Who agrees with me??? :)

Funny kechup doodles by Tamems, before she ate her baked tahong, haha!

Coffee break at Seattle's Best after the great dinner. Had a nice heart-to-heart talk with friends. It was also cool that Tamems saw Chickie and Jopo walking around, waiting for their movie sched. So they sat with us muna---tuloy ang ligaya! matagal tagal na usapan to! :)

I love my girls. I seriously don't know what I'll do without them.

Next day (Sunday), I woke up and checked my Twitter--which is already flooded with Pacman-Mosley updates in between "Wala ka sa nanay ko" tweets! Exciting! So I opened Ana's TV to watch the spectacle...Only to realize dapat may bayad ang pay-per-view. I had to rely on GMA7's broadcast, na uber delayed lang naman. Thank God for technology, Twitter palang, alam ko na na bumagsak sa Mosley ng 3rd round, and na-push si Pacquiao ng Round 10, at P7Million worth ang hikaw ni Jinkee! Hahaha!

Tulog padin si Ana. 
Me: "Ana, gising, nanalo na si Pacman!" 

Late afternoon, we went back to Greenbelt to have the top she bought for her mom exchanged for a smaller size. Then we wasted time while waiting for my parentals--long talks and good laughs in CBTL. :) 

Coffee, dessert, then eventually, dinner. Thanks to the unexpected shower, ang sarap na uli tumambay sa labas! :) <3

After awhile, I let Ana go ahead so she can go to her own mom at home, while I still waited for my parents who were in a wedding na nadelay na ang sched. I was able to have my own time, best spent hearing the mass...But mostly, hearing God whom I sorely missed. I hope I can feel His embrace, but the cold air and the sticky rain can suffice. Thank you Lord for the sign of HOPE. The weather is still unpredictable, but I can feel You're taking charge once again.

But she'd be a whole lot prettier
if she smiled once in a while
`cause even her smile
looks like a frown
she's seen her share of devils
in this angel town

But, everything's gonna be all right
rockabye, rockabye

-Lullabye, Shawn Mullins


  1. ang sarap naman, nagutom ako sa post mo! hahaha
    ang weird nga ng weather. :(

  2. nagutom ako sa post na to!! haha!

  3. Tatie and Nina: Thank you! :) Idaan sa good food! :)) Cheers! Hahaha!

  4. you seeing the parallelism between the weather turnaround and your [hopefully good] life change/s is really sweet, very personal and intimate. galing lang ng perspective, its all between the two of you. =) goodluck on new ventures ana! naglaway ako sa baked tahong. =))

  5. There's so much love and support in the internet, thank you for reading, Ghoent! :) <3 Grabe ako lang ata di nag eat baked tahong, hahaha! :)

  6. Hi! I'm a recent follower of yours.
    Let me just say I loved it when you said this ...

    "I know it's all unscientific and impossible, but it's nice to think that the rain is a sign of "hope" coming from the Almighty, promising better days."

    Like u said, Everything's gonna be alright! :)

  7. Thank you Nariz! :) Thank you my lovely readers, you guys made me smile tonight! :) <3

  8. Aww I really love it when you post things like this Ana, parang Multiply days lang! =)

    And yummmm baked tahong!

  9. Love your posts. They're very entertaining and enjoyable to read! Following you now! Drop by my blog too and follow! :) I know I cant believe its actually raining! :)

    Gwyneth :)

  10. My God Krissy you know me so well :) <3 Scary! Hahaha! Undergoing same emotional state from my Multiply days, kaya ganito uli ang entries, thank you for appreciating this side of me :) <3

    Gwyneth, thank you so much for following and for finding my entries entertaining :) Going to your blog now :) <3


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