Give Me A New Song

Monday, May 09, 2011

I guess the best way to go ...for anyone who is all confused and experiencing bipolar emotions... is to believe in something. Really believe in something. And with the help of a real friend, I realized (Or maybe re-realized?) that the best mindset now is to not forget that when things are all deep-down, I have to be ready ...for anytime soon I have nowhere to go but shoot straight UP!

Oh sorry awkward photo. I am looking for a recent artsy solo picture of myself, but unfortunately, I am not good with solo pics, hehe.

I remember the quote that goes something like how hard life is compared to movies...Because in life you don't have a background music, so you don't know how you're supposed to feel. The past few days were loomed on a dome of Goo Goo Dolls, Coldplay, and even the Red Jumpsuit guys...So my goal now is to change the disc that has been spinning, dominating my player for quite a few days already. I need a new song, guys. Pray for me, mwah.

Suggestions are open, too. ;) Tell me what song you want me to be, or what song you think I am--but I don't just realize that it's "me". Be my guest disc jockey...I'd love to have a new song. <3

Random photos. Everything from Reg, except the awkward 2nd to the last. :) <3


  1. The weather is perfect for emotions like this, no sis? Hmm, the way I see it naman, it's healthy to be sad sometimes. Just don't let loneliness win. It's okay to be sad, as long as you know it won't last and you have more reasons to be happy about :)

    I have the perfect song for you. Look for This is Not a Test by Zooey Deschanel's band She&Him. I've been listening to it all morning :) Here: may lyrics sa description :)

    Love you sis! See you on Wednesday! :)

  2. Wow nasingit ako sa blog post na ito.. Bwahahaha!!

    Whatever it is you're going through, isipin mo nalang that the world will keep spinning at hindi ka hhintayin na maging happy ulit bago umikot ulit.. Pag nadedepress ako, palagi ako pinag sasabihan to look around me and realize just how blessed I am.. Mas madami nga naman tao na mas malaki ang problema kesa saken.. I guess in times like these, the best thing to do is pray.. Pray for strength and guidance. Ang kanta ko for you? Bob Marley's THREE LITTLE BIRDS.. :D

    Miss you!!!

  3. Thanks Krissy I love the song... Parang it tells me na it's my choice kung anong gusto kong itake. I'll fuckin take happiness! :) Mwah! :) Thank you so much for being there for me palagi..And yey for Wednesday! :)

    Honey: Omg Youtubed...Gusto ko nun song na yun and I forgot about it na...Gusto ko siya :) <3 Thank you...And yes, there is more to life. Hinga ng malalim. ;)

  4. listen to badass song when you feel a bit gloomy.

    danny elfman's The Little things, from Wanted. so badass you'll be able to do anything, even curve a bullet.

  5. ana! naalala ko sa post mo: "new soul by yael naim" walalang :) but nung tinignan ko ung lyrics, ah eh, basta new soul! haha! i'll just share with you my feel better song when i'm low: All At Once by The Fray - sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same ;) and feel better quote: the higher fall, the higher the bounce ;) love love! i hope you feel better soon! don't forget there's a lot of people for you here and Him up there <3

  6. Hi, Ana! :) Natuwa naman ako na nagpapa-suggest ka ng songs. Try listening to Shout by Donora. After that, listen to their whole album na. Super feel good. :)

    And try listening to these bands as well:
    Florence and The Machine
    Kid Cudi
    The Murmurs
    Uh Huh Her


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