My biggest fans!

Remember this?

They also placed smaller versions inside the campus...

And the funny thing is, the parentals went to St. Scho a few days ago, without my consent, just to take photos with the mural! :D

Dad emailed me their photo ops last night, Awwww...
Hahahaha! Now I know my biggest fans! ;D
I love my parents! <3


  1. aww! so sweet :D

  2. aww. ang sweeeet ng parents mo! cute nila. hahaha nakakatuwa! >:D<

  3. Ang sweet nga ng parents mo! Wow Ana, ikaw na talaga! Idol!! We're so proud of you! :)

  4. Ayiiiiii!!!! Of course noh!!! They're proud of you!!! Grabe, pa-autograph ah pag nagkita tayo.. Haha!!

  5. oh wow, ang sweet ng parents mo! ikaw na talaga!

  6. OMG!! must see this when i go back to school!! amazing!! waah anag you're famous!

  7. Your parents are the sweetest! :)

  8. ahw so sweet!!! :-)

    I'm now following your blog xoxo

  9. Thanks guys! :) The parentals are always the best :) Wouldnt be "there" without their love and support :) <3


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