Joey Gets A Makeover

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Our favorite mafia-themed pizzeria gets a face lift! 

After years of serving the same (but still great!) menu in their dark mysterious interiors, Joey Pepperoni decided to lighten things a bit for a change. Now leaning to a more casual dining experience, the restaurant look becomes more welcoming! Much like being in an auth. pizzeria in Italy or something. Not that I've been there, feeling ko lang, hehe.

Along with the new look for their interiors, Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria takes its kitchen game plan a notch higher as they introduce variants of pizza, appetizers, and lunch meal in their new and improved menu. In a Joey Pepperoni Bloggers' Taste Test yesterday afternoon in their Pioneer branch (also JP's first branch!), I was able to try out their new offerings along with blog-sis Krissy and with some food bloggers! :)

The taste test was at around 3pm, pero nakuha ko pang mag lunch, na bad idea pala, haha. We were served with the following: 

(note: do not proceed if you're super hungry unless malapit ka sa isang Joey Pep branch)

For starters, we had the Shrimp Fresh Salad:
I wasn't confident in attending food taste tests because I might look maarte when they find out I'm a vegetarian, na palagi kong iniiwasan. That's why super natuwa ako na una palang na sinerve, good shot na! :)

This new salad is a healthy meal on its own, a plate filled with fresh romaine lettuce, shrimps, croutons, parmesan cheese, and tossed with honey mustard dressing. 

I LOVE potatoes! That's why when they served the Baked Cheesy Fries, kinilig ako! Haha!

In between bites, Ms. Carla of Joey Pepperoni talked about the resto:

They now have the all-time Filipino favorite and staple food: rice meal! I'm sure you'll love their Barbecue Chicken Wings:

For our first pizza (we're talking about FOUR different pizzas here, haha!), we had the 3-Cheese and Mushroom: 
A succulent combination of three-cheese namely, mozzarella, white cheese, and cheddar, mixed with Bechamel, anchovies, mushroom, and caramelized onion

A closer look (hehehe, nagpapatakam lang ;)):

From our conversations over these delicious dishes, I learned that even though Joey Pepperoni constantly changes its menu, they will always stick to thin crust. They will only vary with the flavors and toppings, but the pizza will always taste GREAT because the secret, as the JP people said, is in the dough.

More pizzas!

Beefy Mushroom:
A bed of mushroom pizza with mozzarella, cheddar, toasted bacon bits, and white onion

The interesting Taco Pizza:
Mexican-inspired, with an awesome jumble of taco seasoned pizza overloaded with mozzarella, beef toppings, tomatoes, white onion, and cheddar cheese

And the Mushroom Alfredo:
Smothered with bechamel sauce, topped with mozzarella, ham, garlic, mushroom, red onions, and toasted bacon bits

The last 3 pizzas are actually part of Joey Pepperoni's Double Tops pizza series! These are overloaded pizzas with the freshly baked (everyday!) thin crust to satisfy the taste buds of their customers. More toppings and more cheese ang tema!

There's always room for dessert:

...And more desserts! :D

For the "finale", we first had the Pizza Cookie Dough, which I'll say is my favorite! I love the cookie dough--ang sarap kasi may chocolate chips! But what sent me to full gastronomical pleasure is their CHOCOLATE Gelato! I did not even choose that cup at first--because the pistachio and oreo cheesecake sound more interesting. Pero iba ang chocolate nila mga teh! Haha! Yummy!

Gelato Price List:
They make even their own gelato and desserts!

They still have this promo:
I think what I love best about Joey Pepperoni is that they offer premium contemporary Italian-American cuisine at non-premium cost. Super sulit!

With my partner in crime, Krissy! Busog kung busog! Haha!
Thanks for the talks. :) <3 I really appreciate our friendship! :)

Went out with Krissy to take outfit photos, haha, hindi naman bongga ang suot ko that day. Decided to wear my t-shirt para ready sa piyesta, hehe!
Black Fedora - SM
Tee courtesy of Oxygen
Flares - Herbench, owned since college or high school pa nga ata
Peep-toe Clogs courtesy of Manels
Watch courtesy of SM
All other accessories - Anagon Collection

Don't you love Kettle Korn??? Sister pala siya ni Joey Pepperoni! :D
...And they now have a new 3D corn snack: Kornado! Available in barbecue, cheese, and original flavors.

Thank you Joey Pepperoni, Full Circle, my college friend Mel, and of course to the new (cool food) bloggers I met during the event! :)

...I can't wait to take the Crazy Gonzales to your "all new and improved" resto! :)


  1. Nakakatakam naman ♥ Ma-try nga dito.

    Love the Outfit, Ms. Ana :D

  2. Paanong naging 3D yung kornado? hehehe nagutom ako ana!

  3. Parang gusto ko hugutin yung pagkain mula sa computer screen. :)

  4. like Alyanna says Nakakagutom tignan ang food ng JP :)
    Anna you look like 6'0 feet tall in the whole body picture. Ang tangkad mong tignan :)

  5. interesting, i kinda wana eat there :D

  6. wow! you're right when you placed a beware sign before taking a look at those pizza! parang umikot sikmura ko because of gutom! definitely i won't miss joey pepperoni pag vacation ko! thank you for your very enticing gastronomical post! ^_^

  7. i am hungry and asar that i didn't make it to this :( but super love the pictures! effective advertisement..i'm still hungry up to now!

  8. awww i love JOey Pepperoni. Hindi yan nawawala sa list ko ng kainan every fashion week hehe! Miss you Ana! My niece bought a skull necklace from you she's super happy! =)

  9. Alyanna: Thank you Yanna! :) Yes go and try! :D Super ok and MURA! :)))

    Den hahahaha :D Hindi siya flat! :) Yun na! ;) hehehe!

    Michelle: HAHAHA ang cute! :) Thank you! Hindi pa ako natutuwa sa cam ko nyan a, pano pa kung naka high-tetch camera na akey diba? :) heehee!

  10. Glenn: Weee nakakatouch naman! :D Bagay na ba ako sa basketball player?? :D Nyehehehe!!!

    Amz: try them! super sulit! :) bring your fam or friends! :)

  11. Awww thank you thank you mae for telling me effective yun post hihihi, and not doing pr whatevers here, talagang sulit siya :)) worth trying! :))

    avaaaaaaaaa :P next time beb! i miss youuu!!!

    aie ang cute!!! super thank you kay niece, and super miss na kitaaaaaa!!!


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