Me-Time Appreciation

Saturday, June 04, 2011

I am just happy that I am starting to love blog stalking again (haha). I think this is one of the commendable first steps I am taking in my goal of being "happy with solitude" (Along with "Project Eat"). Hindi na ako (masyadong) naiinip, or uneasy. I know there are lots of things and places to explore, people to meet and "tame" (Little Prince meaning), and things to look forward to. In short, life is too exciting to go drama queen all over again. 

Parang ang dali daling isipin till I am left off-guard, like early in the morning when I just woke up (mabuti pa sa gabi sa sobrang pagod bagsak kaagad sa kama, hehe). I have to keep myself busy, 'less I want loneliness to creep in again. But there will be days when I am just tired with making myself busy--the conscious effort to do this is just exhausting. I just want to be with my friends and laugh and have fun and talk about whats really going on inside my human head. As usual, here I go again depending my happiness to others. Sigh.

I am sure it will take time for me to "burn" all these, but I know it will come. It's a little disheartening to think all these are ONLY possible if I do this on my own. No help from others. Just me, myself, and I. It's just how life goes, I guess. Ang sarap nung may palagi kang pwedeng kwentuhan, but of course the others, even the people closest to me, have lives of their own. I can't bug them 24/7.

As I've said in my old Multiply blog entry, I searched far and wide for that someone who will save me, only to find out that I am only looking for myself. A better, stronger, independent version of myself. 

Ok, I know I've been such a brat the past days, I tend to forget to thank God for the blessings He keeps on showering me despite my gloomy disposition with life. I want to be more thankful because a grateful heart is light and truly at peace. And so thank you Lord for this feature in a mainstream magazine. Thank you Patty Mendoza for making this possible!

Ang cute lang, saan kaya yung "Thrifted" na store, hehehe.

I want more "activities" and I'd love to hear your suggestions! Any recommendations on what activities to take (makeover? spa?), classes to join, clubs/orgs to take part of, or even places to visit ng kahit mag isa ka--safe and sulit? :) Beach, nature, historical, post away so I know recommended nyo siya! :)

PS: I just moved my blog to "Personal" category in! Nahiya naman ako sa fashion bloggers that I always post emo entries, hehehe. ;) Thank you my friends for reading though, love you guys. I can't thank you enough for the heartwarming comments. Remember, we are not "followers-blogger", we are friends. :)

PPS: I just read this article linked by my college friend Jam on being a solo traveler. I think ok na conclusion iteych sa Project: Eat Pray Love ko...Go to a destination I am not familiar with (basta naeeroplano hehe), kahit isang week or weekend lang. Grabe bigla akong naexcite at nabuhayan! :D

PPPS: On to exciting news! I have a new segment in this blog I'll call the commenter of the month! :) For June, you can win this:



  1. When I saw your post in FB... I thought ang taray "san nya kaya nahanap yung Maybelline Hello Kitty Edition mascara"... pero tumbling ako teh nung mabasa ko tong post mo... SUPER TARAY!!! Kaw na ang nasa magazine. Before noted as 'stylist'... now STYLE ICON na! I love you Ana, though super every blue moon lang tayo kung magkita but I am so happy sa success mo. Just dont forget kapag super ala Miranda Priestly ka na ha. mwah. God Bless!

  2. This is totally awesome! :) Congratulations for the feature, Ana! You deserve it! :) Awww, don't be too sad :) You are loved by many! No doubt on that! :) More powers to you and to your blog!



  3. Bianca: Hahahah thank you so much a! :) Super cute nyan but it's better na ipang giveaway :) And of course walang kalimutan! :) Mwah!

    Nikki: Thank you!!! :) I can feel the love, but I have to learn to love myself din :) Thank you for making this easier for me :) <3

  4. ATE ANA!!! Ganda nung dress na suot mo sa Meg! :)

  5. Sabi nga ni pareng Henry David Thoreau,
    "I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude"

  6. Thank you Imee!!! :D Ukay is definitely Okay! :D Hehehe! ;)))

    Den: shet panalo!!! :D Yan ang goal ko! :) <3 Thank you Den!!!! :))) <3

  7. ana! i was really looking forward to meeting you when i was in manila. i even asked paxie to text you eh. did you get the memo? anyway i'll be back soon. missed reading your blog!


  8. Ana,
    I hope you find in yourself what you've been looking for and I hope you find your happiness :)
    Uy nasa meg! Bongga! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. I agree on the travel alone part!! I'm actually planning to go to Hong Kong alone after I pass my board exams. My mom insists I shouldn't (she's paranoid like that) but I told her that traveling alone is a fulfillment so she can't stop me.

    Congrats on the magazine feature! :D

  10. Now I have two reasons to buy Meg's latest issue(pero Candy girl pa rin. HAHA).

    Ate, saan pong UK 'yan? :))

  11. Eden: !!! She told me the night itself na,sayang! :/ Was really hoping to meet you in person! I miss your blog nadin, grabe what a daredevil, I envy your hair! :D

    Melai: Thank you :) Soul searching ang tema of my 2011 :) <3

    Claire: Wow! Can't wait for your own adventure, I have my plans too...I want to share it but baka mas hindi matuloy, as they say it hehe :) Share ka if natuloy ka a! :))

    Nadine: Of corzzz!!! Candy girl forever din ako heehee! Sa malapit sa amin sis dito sa Muntinlupa, in Metropolis Ukay siyang aircon :))

  12. Hi, I just followed your blog recently and Kudos to you.. well, I try to write some interesting stuff on my blog too but due to time constraints (since recently I just officially declared myself a single mom)..and due to lack of gadget (yes, I don't have computer at home now..hehe) well, I don't have much time online but I must say whenever I go online I check your blog.. your articles are very interesting and light to read.. I mean, there are smlieys and giggles everywhere...

    Anyway, more power and hope to read from your blog more.always count your blessings and remember there are so many people who love & adore =)

  13. Ana. I always find your entries, your accessories and of course YOU, beautiful. Ang Bubbly mo kaya. :) Im a loyal customer way way back college days. Anyways, I hope you achieve whatever goals you have in life right now. I've been through sad moments too before and you know rainbow always comes after that. Congrats on your magazine feature. Naks naman, before accessories mo lang, you yourself na talaga. Haha Be happy and Goodluck!

  14. Bachuchay: Thank you so much for the sweet comment...I really appreciate what you shared, and I hope you get to write more as it's really a great outlet :) thank you so much too for appreciating my entries. :) I'll try to be more thankful too with other things He has been giving me..Thank you for the reminder :)

  15. Stargirl: I love your name! :D I really want to reread that book and relearn my "old ways" coz feeling ko before ako si stargirl...carefree and gives her love freely :) wow and thanks for keeping in touch from my online shop to my blog now..sobrang nakakatouch :) Thank you and see you online! :)) <3

  16. Congrats to you being featured in a magazine! Hey, I used to live down south also. I actually miss it. Really miss it!

  17. Congrats on the Meg feature! :)

    Last month, lahat ng horoscope predictions ko (mahilig kasi ako dun haha!) puro lovelife, e wala namang dumating. Then naisip ko baka it's within myself, acceptance and yung being whole kahit single ka :) Of course, nirelate ko sya with love, but it does apply with friends.

    Tulad minsan, may mga tao (including me) na hindi sasama sa isang event kasi wala doon yung kakilala nila. It's understandable, but to do it ALL the time because you depend on other people to have fun is sad. (And it's something I'm trying to improve on. Heh.)

    Anyway, you can:
    1) Go to PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center in Katipunan cor Aurora Ave to volunteer 8 hours each month.
    2) Mag-swimming sa crater ng Pinatubo.
    3) Go to Binondo to eat Chinese food (masarap sa Dong Bei at Wai Ying!)
    4) Hotel + spa somewhere in Antipolo, overlooking the metro.
    5) Bangkok-Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam
    6) Take up dance classes, kahit once and walk-in lang. (Try Groove Central.)

    (Actually, iba dito nasa bucket list ko hahaha share lang :) At ang dami ko sinabi, sorry! Haha)

  18. Mrs. Kolca: Thank you! :) Love it here, super casual and comfy and laidback, although too far from "civilization" heehee ;)

  19. Thank you Weyn! :) Totoo yun, minsan binabase ko din kung pupunta si ganto ganyan, ayoko pa naman ng ganun pag inaask ako ng friend ko "sino pupunta?" so ibig sabihin pag di punta si ganto di ka na punta? :P Hehe! try ko din baguhin yan...Siguro pag naisip ko, ay di ko kaya manuod ng concert or movie or mag mall mag isa...mas gagawin ko pa! :) hehe!

    Thank you sa tips gagawin ko yan in a way, kahit ibang venue! :) <3 Super naaappreciate ko! :) Thank you Weyn! :)


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