The friends I meet through my "job" :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Was supposed to keep my Friday as rest day, to fully recover from my flu, although more on dry cough nalang siya today, I wanted to be in my tip-top shape since I expected my Saturday to be super busy, plus I went on a fun run for my Sunday morning. :P

Enjoyed looong sleep and then net time kahit home alone (sarap lang ang lamig)...But how can I say no when a long time buyer-turned-friend from Davao texted me that she's here in Manila for a short vacation?!! Plus, sa Festival Mall pa siya pupunta--just a tricycle-jeep ride away lang from my house! Wala ng excuse! Ligo-bihis-takbo kaagad akech to meet her!

Short eat-talkies at Molokai Grill in Festival Mall:

Imagine taga Alabang ako, and at least asa Festi ako once a week...Pero NEVER ako nakatapak dito sa "section" nato ng Festi! Inuman/Partey Place ang theme! ;P

I missed Shine! :) I met her through a common-common friend na mala "Friendster connection" ka-complicated iexplain, basta in short naging regular buyer ko siya back in 2008/2009. When I went to Davao in 2009 with my high school friend Geo, hindi pwedeng hindi kami mag meet ni Shine!

Shine and her other friend here in Manila: Reese! :)

It was my first time to meet Reese, and I had fun talking with her. She's a cool girl for being a PETA advocate, and Reese has (interestingly) this heart for in meron na siyang 20+ cats sa house, lahat pusakal. Naaawa daw siya everytime may makita siyang cats sa streets kaya inaampon niya! <3

Went straight home right after fetching Shine (Sundo o Hatid? :P Haha!) to the bus terminal going back to Manila (she's staying in Cubao, till tomorrow nalang!). Still home alone, umoutfitey post nalang muna ako, hehe:

Thrifted stripes dress <3 (Comfy for this weather :))
Toms Gold Shoes
Liz Claiborne Small Black Body Bag
SM Accessories Watch
Thrifted Snitch Key Chain
DIY Gold Chains Bracelet

Lapit na ng Harry Potter finale!!! :P =(

I think it was a cool day <3 :)

Ending this post with photos of my Davao trip in 2009, where Shine entertained me to the max by touring me to the diff coffee shops (adik talaga ako sa kape hehe), watched a movie in their SM, and even went on a Samal beach trip! :) Returning there soonest!!!

PS: In a few days or weeks...Magiging ninang na uli ako! :) AT ng baby of a diff buyer-turned-friend ko rin! :) Nakakatuwa lang. <3 The relationships I establish from my online shop. I'll try my best talaga to recover Anagon Collection soonest. :)


  1. It's cool how you can make friends in the weirdest of places. :-)

  2. Hahaha! :D I know! :D Benta nga e, but pretty cool too to think na possible siya! :) <3

  3. meeting you was my pleasure. Soon dear, Davao attaaaaaack!! hahaha! :)



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