This is the story of a girl,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who cried a river and drowned the whole world!

And while she looked so sad in photographs,

I absolutely love her,

When she smiles... 

How many days in a year? She woke up with hope but she only found tears.
And I can be so insincere, Making her promises never for real!

As long as she stands there waiting,
Wearing the holes in the soles of her shoes!
How many days disappear?
When you look in the mirror so how do you choose?

Your clothes never wear as well the next day,
And your hair never falls in quite the same way-
But you never seem to run out of things to say... 

This is the story of a girl; Her pretty face she hid from the world!

And while she looks so sad and lonely there,

I absolutely love her, 

When she smiles...

When she smiles..

When she smiles!

Photos from the SEBAGOX65 event I attended with my Fashion Compass girl Krissy! :) We finally "worked" with our *naks* official photographer Frank (Krissy's officemate) for this event. We were also with the adorb Mich, also Krissy's officemate. I had fun talking with them during this auction-for-a-cause (habang kain ng finger foods na sa amin unang nadadaanan, yey! Haha). Watch out for Krissy's post about this artista-infested event to be posted in our joint-blog! :) Thank you Ed for having us again!

Lines above are lyrics from the Nine Days song Story Of A Girl. I know it's an old song, and can even be passé na to some, but I still love it. :) Feel na feel ko siya! Hahaha!

Sorry for the multiple posts today! So weird being home on a weekend, but what else can I do? know, blame the bagyo. Haha.


  1. napakanta ako Ana, hahaha! =P ang dami nmang gwapo sa post na to! at ang sayown niyo ni Krissy! :D

  2. ANg cute ng photos na may lyrics ng song. Pwedeng pang music video. :-)

  3. Okay, gusto ko lang mag-comment bago ko basahin yun buong post kasi na-excite ako! Absolutely (Story of a Girl) is one of my secret favorite songs ever ever ever EVER!!!!!! :))

    Okay balik na ko sa top to read :D

  4. Isa lang masasabi ko...super hate na hindi ko nakasama si enchong dee!! ouch heartbroken!! pero, i guess better na rin..baka hindi ko kinerrybells ang gwapo nya!:))

    Love the song,beb! have it on my ipod!:D

  5. Blame the bagyo, love it haha!

    The post should've been posted kanina pa, but ang tagal mag-edit ng photos ngayon ughhh XD

    Love this post sis! Napaka-creative! Talk show! Haha ;D

  6. Ghoent: hahaha! :D yun ang goal, mapakanta kayo!!! :D

    Michelle: thank you thank youuu photo courtesy of Frank, krissy's friend! :D hihi!

    Krissy: hahahahah benta ka!!! Ay ako din secret song ko yan ;) hahaha!! :)

    Beb awww ang cute mo! :D wah! :) <3 Gwapo pala yun, ang kinis lang, hahaha!

  7. ampogi ni enchong dee!

    i'm a new follower sis! looking forward to see more posts from your blog! more power

  8. Haha muntik nakong mag-drool sa computer dahil sa picture niyo ni Enchong Dee. He *kind of* looks like Lee Min Ho sa pic. :))

  9. Kikaysimaria: Hahaha funny super ang pogi lang noh, parang Barbie, hahaha! :D Thank you so much for being a new friend here in my blog, I super appreciate it! Enjoy the ride!!! :) ;)

    Claire: Hahahaha kinis lang, kainiz. Hahaha :D sana akech din may flawlezzz iskin ;) Hehehe!


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