A 60s Afternoon in the RCBC Plaza this August!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flower children unite this August 14!

Join us in a very retro afternoon with SWEET CHARITY, a Classic Broadway Musical set in the 60's!

DATE: August 14, 2011 (Sunday)
TIME: 4:00 pm
VENUE: Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City

Ticket prices are as follows:
- Orchestra Center: P1,600
- Orchestra Side: P1,300
- Loge: P1,400
- Loge Back Row: P1,100
- Balcony: P800

To view the seat plan, kindly click this link: 
You may text or call any of these numbers for seat reservations:

GEO-ANN: 0920-9046762 or 0917-8221287 
FRED: 0920-9384212 or 02-5852458

Sweet Charity tells the story of an optimistic young woman, Charity Hope Valentine, who not only wears her heart on her sleeve, she's had it tattooed to her arm.

As the play begins, Charity finds herself dumped by the married man on whom she had pinned all her hopes and dreams, and she vows never again to be taken advantage of by a man. But Charity is too trusting and soon finds herself involved with an Italian movie star. The actor, however, is no better than the other men Charity has dated, and once again she finds herself jilted and alone. The next night, however, as fate would have it, she finds herself trapped in an elevator with a claustrophobic tax accountant who soon sweeps Charity off her feet.

The musical follows the misadventures of love encountered by the gullible and guileless Charity, who always gives her heart and her dreams to the wrong man. Through trials and tribulations, sweet Charity continues searching for love, wide-eyed and hopeful.

Will it be a tie-dye night???

Or round Lennon-like "smoke glass"? :)

Wear your hippie bands...

For a night of groovy tunes and dance moves! :)
Support my friend! :)) Let's watch this all together!

2 full body pics were taken by raleene. :)


  1. Parang ang saya, I wanna watch! Kaka-miss manood ng mga ganito. We used to watch stuff like this all the time nun college para sa Critical Writing and Dramatics classes eh ;D

  2. Ana you look gorgeous in that tie-dye maxi! =)

  3. Thanks ghoent! :) old photo na siya :))
    krissy ako din miss ko na nood plays, hehehe ;) dati parang normal siya noh!? :) ngayon bihira thing na siyang gawin!

  4. i love your tie-dye dress!!! :D

  5. Bago ko pa mabasa ang prev comments, loooooove ko din ang toe-dye dress mo ha! you look so gorgeous! parang ang attitude ng dating! basta ang ganda! :P

  6. The tie-dyed maxi looks really pretty on you :) Sana mas trippy 'yong colors but it is soooooo hippy <3

    x sPam of frou-frou

  7. WANT to go! Sana nga lang may budget! :-/ LOL

  8. Hazel, Den, Pam, : Thanks gals!!! :D <3 From Dorothy Perkins from the rob event, but hindi ko siya binili...Magsisi ba dapa ako? Hahahah!

    Michelle: awww :)) maybe next time! hirap ng money ngayon, i can relate!!!


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