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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Few days ago, I got an e-invitation to this event:
Interested in hair removal and waxing, I said yes to STRIP: MINISTRY OF WAXING right away! :)

Since it was super early (10 am is early for someone who usually wakes up at 12, harhar)...I decided na sumabay sa car with the working Gonzaleses (dad, ate, and Cea). I was in Makati already at around 8:30am, so I had some time to spare for a round of fancy coffee break:

 I will blog about the whole event soonest, but for now, just a sneak peek:
A trip to Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig!

...Of me and a sleeping monkey named Jenny...

Of the boy of Boys Night Out with a monkey and 2 ladies in sexy outfits...

Some YUMMY wax! (Strawberry and Chocolate! :D)

And the coolest company! :))

Honey and I left the event with lighter hearts...Parang kids uli kami! :) We laughed the whole time sa cab while looking back on the awesome and sobrang bentang happenings during the event! To think we also had a little heart-to-heart talk on life updates earlier that day. We ended up having a great time when the program started. Good job to the STRIP TEAM! :) Awesomesauce of an event!

For now, I really love looking back on that cab ride when Honey and I laughed. Wow, it has been a while. :) Thank you loves for the HAPPY day. You made me cry ng dahil malunkot at masaya, hahaha! Baliwag Lechon Manok, in short! ;) Hahaha! I really value our friendship, and I will really miss you...

Outfit photos, thanks to Honey!!! :)

 SM Bowler Hat
Stripes Shirt courtesy of Penshoppe 
Human Black Shorts
Toms Gold Shoes
SM Black Bag
Anagon Collection Necklace

After the event, I went to UST to meet my giveaway winner Yanna! :) She's really nice, cute, and super cool coz she said she'll give me a token/ gift the next time we meet! Love her na! Hehe! Sayang wasn't able to take a photo of her with her prizes, nahiya ako! :P

I also had my 4pm lunch (haha) because the UST Yoga Club peeps weren't in their club room...

Turns out, namove ang Org registration to next week! I went back in their TYC office after eating just to check if may tao na, and good decision because I was able to meet na the new yoga club president and VP! :) No official registration forms yet, so they asked me to go back pa next week. But they're nice guys! :) Sabi ko "Sure na ha, kasali na ako! Bibili na uli ako ng yoga mat!"

I'm Home. :)
 When I left the room, John and Axxel chorused: "Welcome back po!" :) <3

I realized that, wow, another God's perfect timing! Just as my Project EAT comes to a conclusion, enters the Project PRAY in my life. Let's see what will happen next. :)

LRT-MRT Fiasco: Tried to take a pic of Metro Manila's train station during RUSH HOUR ...But I think nablock ng ulo yun camera phone ko haha:

Realized I got this from the poking wires I was carrying with me, which I got for my wedding client :( I hate blood!

Back in Makati to join the "Working Gonzaleses" in going home...

Thank you Lord for another happy day. :) <3


  1. yiii :) glad to hear you had a super happy day, ana :) see you soon!


  2. For the nth time, I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH YOU!!!! THANK YOOOUUU!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! ;D

  3. Reg thank you so much twin hahaha :D See you soon belo beautiful! :)))

    Honey I HAD FUN TOO and sobrang I VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP!!!! Cant wait to see you and chika and wit eraser badvibes with your kalokohans!!! :D <3 Love yaaa!!!!

  4. B0ys night out DJs right? hehe love them!
    Join my giveaway pls :D

  5. Yes! :D BNO DJs! :D Thanks for visiting amz88 :))

  6. Ang funny talaga ng event na yan!! =))

  7. U look like Reg talaga! =) nice to see you're having so much fun!


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