Happy List (7-14-2011)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

1) Rummaged through my dusty cabinets last night, and finally able to see these again! So many Harry Potter Memorabilia from way back high school! Kumirot puso ko!

2) Getting a text from Krissy last Tuesday night that she'll bring me to the Harry Potter Premiere in Glorietta 4!!! Out of sooo many people, I was her "Chosen One"! Natouch ako when she told me it is because alam niyang fan talaga ako! <3 
The tickets, Krissy's Harry Potter book, and my "Harry Glasses" token/thank you gift to Krissy!!!

3) After reading tweets of cancelled screenings in Glorietta 4, sobrang kinabahan kami ni Krissy! But when we finally got them...Hindi ko na kinaya! For real nato! (Thank you Dewi sooo much for these tickets!!!!)

4) Finally able to look through the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book, thanks to Krissy's copy! I love it, and kelangan ko makabili nito!

5) Being able to watch the film!!!! The finale! My final date with Harry Potter! Thank you Krissy for this EPIC experience!

6) Got home at around 11ish, when I opened my mail, I got this:

A sweet sweet love letter from Lee, a Pinoy blogger who now resides in China. :)

Hi Lee! Thank you so much for appreciating my blog! This note meant so much to me, as you've said, you seldom write personal emails to people! I super appreciate this, and the fact that I've always been true to my blog entries--every single one of them kahit napaka-emo and bv na--all came from my heart. And having some one like you to take notice my stories and my accessories creations, nakakataba lang ng puso at nakakainspire to push forward. Sometimes, feel ko I've lost my "mojo" or "magic" nadin. But I guess all it takes are BIGGER dreams para mag move forward ka sa position mo. Konting pahinga helps, like ako ngayon hehe. ;) Thank you for your kind words! I really look up to you for being such a strong and independent girl, living in another country. You are amazing, Lee! :)
Guys! Visit Lee's super cool blog! :)

Still can't get over Harry Potter. To end this post, here's my recent Facebook status!

Ana Gonzales
Cea: Kamusta Harry Potter?
Me: Naiyak ako, the whole time.
Cea: The whole time!??!!!
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More Harry Potter kwentos tomorrow! Thank you Lord for all the blessings today! :) <3


  1. aww cheers to HP childhood and sweet email!

  2. I'm gonna watch it palang tomorrow! :D
    really excited! :D

  3. Ana! I'm a HUGE HP Fan too and I also have that Vanity Fair Magazine from grade school pa. I remember when the first movie went out, sobrang daming memorabilia for kids ;) Anyway, good for you for being able to watch the premiere :)

  4. Waahh. I love HP too. I've started reading the first book when I was in 6th grade. Wala pang HP craze nun pero I know that it'll become a big hit! It's sad that the saga has ended but Harry will always be a big part of my chilhood (and adulthood na nga rin hehe).

    I love your blog btw, followed you!!! :))

  5. Harry Potter! Childhood daw siya ng ibang friends ko, pero nadiscover ko lang siya 5 years ago :))


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