Happy List 7.24.2011

1) Bonding with my high school kabarkada Marj last Thursday in her Makati condo, because di daw uuwi roommate niya.

For our dinner, we ordered (for take out) her recommended tofu dish and cream cheese brownies in Max's SM Makati, bought breads and eggs and mayo in the grocery, and then reheated some left-over rice...

Table setting kuno:

Ang sarap!!!
 Marj: "Ayan a may naituro nanaman ako sayo!"

Egg sandwich....right after mag kanin!!!
 Marj: "Lahat ng nagiging bisita ko, binubusog ko talaga!"

After that, we watched sangkaterbang reality shows...
And chikahan na ng magdamag. :) 

I love Marj. She keeps me grounded. I know doktora will be my friend forever. Thank you for all the talks. :)

2) Starbucks' Cake Pops:

3) Saturday morning Me-Time, lunch at French Baker Landmark--because I wanted to try Chatime (which is right next to this resto) - 

Soup of the Day:

Vegetarian Lasagna:

Verdict: Carry lang. Haha! I love Serenitea talaga!

4) Mary Grace GRILLED Ensaymada. <3

5) Seeing Geo's siblings again when she brought me to her Greenbelt condo last Saturday:

Caught a bit of the PBA-NBA game! Wasn't able to watch though, we had dinner reservations...

6) ...At the Sala Bistro
Unli bread kung unli bread, haha.

With my high school kabarkada Geo! :) I missed this girl, super busy sa politics work life niya, hehe!

Geo with Fred, her boyfriend:

Geo's Uncle Allan from Australia, and Cathz, Geo's college friend:

I love that they have a separate Vegetarian menu, ang special :) <3

Enjoyed the meal with two different bottles of white wine, ang sarap! 

What a fancy night, I really enjoyed it kahit hindi ako prepared at napaka under-dressed lang haha! :D 

It was also like a reunion with the "Coron Group". We were all connected because of Geo--and went on a spontaneous Coron adventure in 2008...
Syempre naka wine parin kami non! :D

7) Sunday grocery trip with the Ate and Cea:

Because the parents are away for 37 days for their Europe trip, we did our own grocery shopping today...

Look what we got, mom, hehehehe:
Magastos pala mag grocery! We spent around P1500, eto palang! ;P

8) Attended mass and The Feast after...
...Where I learned a very important lesson: God destroys what damages you, God destroys what distracts you. These are not just bad things, but things that are seemingly good. God prunes our lives, and it may hurt when He cuts certain branches from our tree, but allowing Him to prune us--we bear abundance of fruits in the end. I trust God, and surrender everything to His plan.

9) Azkals X NBA-PBA/NBA-GILAS weekend! I love rooting for a team! I am super happy watching these big sporting events. Go Philippines! And thank you MVP for this experience--nag enjoy ang mga Pinoy! Kobe! And syempre naman..Ababou, benta ka padin sa akin! ;D

Last but not the least....10) For keeping my parents and relatives safe. They are currently staying in my relatives' house in Norway...So imagine how I felt when I heard the news about the bombings in Norway....

naku bad news, my terrorist attack dito oslo city. more than 30 minutes ago...but we're okey here...medyo narinig lang namin ng konti yung explosion from kuya's place...nasa news na
Friday at 10:16pm ·  · 

My Tita Leng's FB status. Thank God for keeping my family away from harm. May they continue to enjoy this experience!

As for being parents-less for less than a week palang, what a disaster! First night palang na wala sila, lumipad bigla yung kabibili ko palang na ilaw for my room. Nag spark talaga, and natakot ako na masusunog room ko pagland niya sa floor! Nawala rin lights sa buong 2nd floor namin, buti nalang we have a Macgyver of a neighbor, haha! Texted mom that night kaagad, had her worried..But told her wala lang yun! I still text and FB message her pag may event ako or mag oovernight sa friend's house, hehe. :)

Ending this post with pictures of my parents, enjoy na enjoy kayo a! :)

Kalurkey lang si dad, hahaha:


Harry Potter!!!
Naka Tarsier shirt pa si dad, hahaha!!!

Have fun, the parentals!!! :) <3

PS: Happy for a longer "Happy List" :)

PPS: Happy List #11:

OMG lang. Gusto ko i-like lahat ng pictures mo! Hahahaha.


  1. your parents are so cute! :)

  2. Puro foooood! Food trip din kami sa Tagaytay kagabi, love it :D

    And oh wow, I'm glad and thankful your parents are safe sis! Grabe, napaka-lungkot ng nangyari sa Norway, may youth camp din na pinagbabaril mga bata :( Tsk tsk.

  3. hahahahaha! natawa ako sa sweet pic ng mom and dad mo, how cute! <3 =) buti safe sila, i read somewhere na 5M lang ang population ng Norway, super konte! buti na lang malayo layo sa family mo. I was affected with the Norway attack, sakit lang sa puso. =(

    i love Max's tofu! perooo, try mo yung sizzling tofu sa Mannang (in megamall), beside Mann Hann. dun ko unang natikman! super sarap! haha! after ko matikman dun puro tofu na hinahanap ko (including max's and sa gerry's). iba ung sa gerry's pero masarap din! =)

    haba ng comment ko haha nagutom sa post eh. =P

  4. Mimi- Hihi thank you!!! :)

    Krissy: Affected din ako sa news na yun, natakot ako to think Norway is like Switzerland, very neutral. And peaceful. :/ Ang sad. What's happening na talaga sa world, hay :(

    Ghoent: WOWOWEE! Gusto ko matry yang Mannang a! :) Mahilig ako sa recommendations!! Salamat! And wow ang konti nga ng population nila, sobrang lucky and blessed and guided by God sila, na wala sila sa vicinity that time. Praying for them always :)
    And thank you nga sa long comment noh! :) Just apt for my looong entry hehehe :D <3 Thank you so much!!!

  5. cute naman ng mom at dad mo, and sarap ng mga food, 12am and you had my stomach grambling.tama ba naman yun? ano kaya meron sa fridge namin? hay...

    and feeling ko they did the HP shot for you noh. napakathoughtful ng parents mo,they always have your interests in their hearts.basta sweet little things. kakatouch!i know they love you soooo much.

    and oh, the grocery thingy.yes mahal talaga maggrocery haha. ang 1000php mo..isa bag lang ng kung ano ano.try mo mamili ng toiletries ng sabay sabay sama mo na din ang mga detergents,toothpaste haha.bongga ang bill mo non..

    stay safe.to u and your siblings and im glad your family's safe too..

  6. Hi Belle! Onga alam mo nakakatouch nga isipin kahit maliit na bagay lang, feel ko naexcite sila magpapic sa harry potter kasi matutuwa ako :) And grabehan ang grocery ngayon!!! Di kasya ang P5k budget, lalo pa kung may toiletries nga for sure yan malulurkey ako! Super bilib nako kay mom sa pagbubudget! :D
    Thank you so much for the well wishes for me and my fam! At yes I love FOOOODDD!! :D Ikain nalang lahat para masaya! ;)

  7. hi ana! just wanted to share na magkatabi lang ang mannang and mann hann dahil sister companies sila, so you can have a seat at mannang and order mann hann food, and vice versa! convenient! <3 sa mannang ang sizzling tofu, but don't forget to order yang chow rice din (from mann hann), goes well together! :D nagutom talaga ako, huhu. midnight snack = instant pancit canton for me na lang. mwahahahaha! =P

    *no need to publish this comment hahahaha! =P*

  8. I'm inspired to make a happy list din! haha :)This weekend, I got to bond with high school friends. When I saw you with your old friends, I can relate to the happy feeling of being with people that you are really close to all this time :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. Ang cute ng parents mo Ana <3 :)

  10. I just felt that on the picture. Their love for you talaga. When they come home. Hug them tight. Tell them I noticed this little thing. They know you'll be happy. You're lucky you have them as parents. Doing things you'd love. Super smile ka sigurado nung makita mo yung pic diba. Just what they wanted.

    Balitaan mo kami sa mga groceries mo ha ha. Weekly blog perhaps. Hi hi
    Riot kayo nyan.
    Heads up sa budgeting diba. Isa sa pinakamahirap gawin ng isang ina. Though I'm not yet one. Ramdam ko lang pag nagggrocery ako ha ha.. Konting chips. soap. facial wash. detergents. Ang bill. :) Bongga
    Nga pala, it surely helps me that I list down all the things I need and I Want.. so pag naggrocery ako, unahin muna ang needs. pag meron pa extra, saka na ang want. Bonding session na din ninyo magkakapatid.

  11. Ghoent: hahaha gusto ko padin publish dahil napaka foodie ako kahit na vegetarian, ako na matakaw na veg hahahaha! I think may manhan sa atc.. Malapitlapit sakin hehehe nagugutom ako just thinking of good tofu dish.... At! Flavored rice! Grabe im a sucker for flavored rice :p

  12. Melai: good to know youre able to catchup with your hs/ old friends!:) and go gawa lang ng happy list! Iba talaga pag appreciative of every blessings! :)

  13. Ana Maria: thankyou so much :)

  14. Belle: infair, masaya din grocery with the sisters, halatang si ate ang dominante at may menu for the week pa sya and all for saming 3, haha! I wonder how my parents look like when thry get home.. Just a week, sabi ni mom nagdry na face nya, tho red haha. Yes i am lucky to have them. :) mom said mgtext lang ako kungay gusto akonv sabihin :)

  15. When I read your blog I always feel good vibes! :) Take care Ms.Ana! :) Miss ko na bumili sa online store mo. HAHA!


  16. Thank you dianne! :) Miss ko nadin mag sell! :) <3 And yey I am happy I send off good vibes :) Sana tuloy tuloy to! :)


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