Last Date with Harry Potter

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ana Gonzales
Gotta goooo.... this is it, my last date with Harry Potter

Night of the 12th, I got a text from Krissy na tuloy na tuloy na tuloy na kami sa Harry Potter premiere the next day, sa Glorietta 4! So Tuesday night, nag treasure hunt ako sa big cabinets ko of memorabilia looking for these:

HP printed pictures, magazines, newspaper clips of movie posters, cards, articles, etcetera.

A "stamp" I made for an Art subject in high school, na Harry Potter themed parin:

Jejemon pa ako noon, haha:

I could have written this poem, obsessed, haha:


Even my hand sanitizer before may Harry Potter design, haha:

I was talking to Krissy how she chose me to go with her, kasi gusto daw niya fan padin ang makakasama niya for the premiere. I suddenly questioned if "FAN" talaga ako...Kasi kung cocompare sa kanya or sa ibang kakilala ko, hindi ako magaling sa HP trivia. Ni hindi ko nga maalala lahat ng spells or yun code para makapasok sa House of Gryffindor. Also, I wasn't able to reread all the books and rewatch all the films in preparation for 7.2...

But when I saw these things, I realized na, hey, I was and still am a big fan! I wouldn't have printed pictures in our school library, or use up my baon to buy this:

Circa 2001

Movie Day: Met up with Krissy at around 4pm in Ortigas so we can claim our tickets in her friend Dewi's office. Thank you so much girls!

Had early dinner in Glorietta Food Choices...

...And had a little "show and share"! :) Krissy brought with her her Film Wizardry (a must-have! hay...pera come to me!)

I brought my high school scrapbook and Vanity Fair:

When we went up to the cinemas, line was already formed! Kinabahan kami!

We were able to get good seats though, and when we were finally settled in the 3D theater, nagstart nalang bigla yung film. I wouldn't spoil anything, but I did cried the whole time, haha. Nasesenti ako, guys! :P Good thing we were wearing 3D glasses or super obvious na luha ko haha.

I was with good company. Thank you Krissy for letting me experience a Harry Potter premiere night! It was THE BEST last date with Harry I can ever have. 

Harry Potter Glasses and Thick Cuff - Anagon Collection
Hogwarts shirt - Gifted by one of my high school best friends
Gray Tank - Wisebuy (Robinsons Dept Store) - Because I outgrew the shirt na
Shorts - Herbench
Watch - SM
Gold Toms

I had this shirt since high school, my good friend and sister Camille gave it to me as present. Not sure if for my birthday or for Christmas, but I never threw it away kahit napaglakihan ko na. Decided to wear it again kahit hindi na ako nagbe-baby tee, just to get the "feel" of the night. When I checked myself in the mirror before leaving the house, I actually got sentimental and saw my 3rd year high school self again, the girl who wished she had Harry Potter as her promdate (haha). I saw the young Anagon who mixed her school reading materials with the JK Rowling magical series...Kahit brownout pa, kasi sabi ni Cea "Maganda yan! About school!" How time flies nga naman. *sigh*

How was your Harry Potter 7.2 experience? Did you get all sentimental like me? Did the sight of Hogwarts, old characters who are now so grown up, gave you the chills? Did these former-kids you grew up with made you sooo proud when they stood up for what they believed in? Are the fight scenes and highlights on the trio's friendship worth buckets of your tears? 

It might have been the last, but as JK Rowling said: So whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Thank you, Harry Potter, for the magical experience. But most of all, thank you for teaching me the value of family-love, true friendship, and being brave no matter how small you are. Ending this post with these high school photos. :,) 

To the boy who lived. <3


  1. OMG! I can't wait to watch this. Feeling ko maiiyak akoooo~

  2. Kinikilabutan ako hanggang ngayon! :,) Yanna! Galing kakaemail ko lang sayo!!! :))

  3. I haven't seen one single Harry Potter film coz i am not fan of fantasy-mystery (di ko alam tawag!! haha) Pero i'm glad to know na ang dami talagang fans na natouch ni Harry ang lives like both of you guys. Hehe Di man ako fan cute cute ng little harry!!!

    "Jejemon pa ako noon, haha:"

    hanggang ngayon yata madame :P

    time management skillz?

    Nyahahaha! peace ana :P

  4. Ang cute niya noh? :)))
    Nyahahahaha deeeeen!!!! Oo nga, jologs/jeje parin! ;D Lumaki nakong paurong! Hahaha!

  5. Iyak ako nang iyak during the Battle at Hogwarts. To think only two Potter movies made me cry... this and Goblet of Fire. When the movie finished we suddenly felt empty. Parang wala nang ilu-look forward to next year noh? Waaahhhh, now I want to do a marathon of the past 7 movies tuloy for nostalgia.

  6. I wanna watch all the HP movies again! Naiiyak na ko kahit tignan ko lang sila na ang laki-laki na nilang lahat. Sana lang din super fan ako ng Harry Potter kagaya niyo. :)

  7. Ohmygosh what a wonderful trip down memory lane! Ang galing galing sis! <333

  8. I so want that Film Wizardry Book, so I'll be going on a hunt later for that!! I also wanted to read everything all over again, book 1 - 7!! Hahaha. Too bad nawala ko na mga collections ko ng HP Merchandise :( Anyway, I feel the same way that you do Ana! As in naiiyak pa din ako at tapos na ang movies. Wala ng aabangan next year! :( Pero I'm sure, downloadable na lahat ng movies by next month! Haha.

  9. Rose: So many favorite scenes noh!!! Ako naman yun umpisa palang crayola nako, kahit yun dragona scene cry cry na hehehe :/ I'll miss this!!!

    Nariese: Gusto ko din mag marathon! And i guess walang standards ang true HP fan. :) <3

  10. Krissy: Coming from the heart, hehehe... thank you! And thanks again for the coolest experience ever!!!!!

    Anna: Hahahahaha I'm sure din! Ang dami na din sa youtube mga dedicated sa trio na mala music vid hehehe, so much love and memories...I'll miss din this, yung craze and yung may inaabangan! :)

  11. I am also a HP fan. nakakapangliit ang collections mo cause i dont have any, but i do love the books. the movies, and i dream of the characters as if they do belong in my life. :)

    you truly are a HP fan sis,
    walang duda.
    i know there are lots who surely would beat us in terms of memorabilia. but one thing, we all love the story. we all wish we can go to Hogwarts. we love to belong to the Weasley Family. i'd really love to hug Hagrid and be his friend, eat his bread, drink his tea. and share stories of dragons with him, though i surely wont get it. But i love HP. I am from Hogwarts i hope. :)

    If one day, there'll be a Hogwarts, one day when all HP fans dream together (if ever that can be possible), one thing sis, "I'll meet u at platform 9 and 3/4. I'll be seeing you there!"

    (senti mode)

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  13. Belle: I really wish Hogwarts is real too! I even took online quizzes before kung "which house you belong to" hehe :) I will miss harry potter, and I do love it na parang may "ownership" for us fans when it comes to this story :) <3 Thank you for your comment! :)

    Fashion Cousense: thank you so much! :) checking out your giveaway, im sure it's cool :)


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