Bang Bang Shoot Shoot!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yesterday went by as if it was a week! Hahahaha, in short, parang ang tagaaal tagaaaal ng araw! Mom woke me up at around 6am, akala niya makakasabay pa ako ng car, but I thought of just commuting kasi masyado pang maaga for our 11am call time in the DLSU area's Starbucks. Anyway, I got there 11 sharp, and thought no one's there pa so I had these (dahil takot ako magutom, haha):

Then the girls were there na, first was Jessa and Dianne...two of the three models for an Anagon Collection shoot. It wasn't hard to get along with them, sobrang kulit nila and easy to talk with. :) 

Then our other model Jesrhel arrived, then my partner for the day Chai...tapos larga na kami!

FX ride, dahil ang hirap pumara ng cab sa Taft, hoho :(

After several stops and stopovers, we finally reached Petron near LGV, where our MUA Grace lives. We had yet another lunch in Sicilian while waiting for our photographer and photoshoot organizer Kisty:

Haggardness lang ang look ko nito, hahaha, parang hindi pa start ang shoot, napagod na ang South kid dahil sa travel time lang going to North! :P 

Anyway, we cancelled our planned UP Diliman shoot dahil bumababa na ang araw. We started with the shoot proper mga 5pm na! So we decided to just go with everything sa LGV na. :)

BB Babies! Dianne's phone and minee! :)

Peg ni Kisty!

Kainan while the models took turns sa pag muk-ap!

We met this cutie baby!!!

Na favorite si Jessa, hehehe!

Chai taking BTS pics!



Jessa going through the magic wand of our Make up Artist Grace :)

And then ... Photoshoot naaaa!!

Looking for nice spots to take photos...

Pretty girls :)

In between takes, with Chai :)

Joined by Dianne this time :)

Grace fixing my "Kalaughtrip" Jessa!

Benta samin ang "Dog Village" hahaha, hindi ko mapigilan ang tawa!!!

They're so CUTE!!!

"Class Pic"!!!!
MUA Grace, Photog Kisty, Models Jesrhel, Jessa and Dianne, Accessories by ME!!, and our "P.A" and BTS Photog Chai! :)

What a tiring day, I ended up tweet-ranting while riding the trains going back south. Pagoda Cold Wave!!! But later on, I realized that I have nothing to complain about, that day was actually a blessing....
1) A first step to going back on track for Anagon Collection.
and 2) I am blessed to have met new cool people who are sooo passionate about their craft.

Also, I have to special mention Jessa, hahaha, because just when I thought I wouldn't laugh that way again--there I was, in the middle of "working", in a place that I am not familiar with, and with someone I just met--I laughed like a hyena! Thank you! :)

And to the whole team: Dianne, Jessa, Chai, Jesrhel, Kisty and Grace, thank you for everything, and you guys are great! Hope we can work again soon! :)

Can't wait for the final pictures!!!



    Di ko matake!! Natatawa parin ako ngayon!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love you forever, Ana!! =)) I hope I can work with you again! :) >:D< Thank you so much for everything!!! :)

    Dog village! *sad/angry face ng dog*

    HAHAHAHAHA =)) =)) =))

  2. It was nice working with you Ana!! :):):)

  3. Jessa: Hahahaha benta forever, love ya too Jessa!!! Thank you sa tawanan session, yun ang mga enjoy ako mga kalokoha hahahaha ;D

    Dianne: Hope I can work with you uli next time!!!!! :) Thank you sooo much too dianne!!! :))

  4. love your gold toms.. :) i read on one of your post that you have one,, and im assuming this is the one.. hi hi.. love love love it.. what's your size? 6? we can share.. (kidding)

  5. Ana! I had so much fun <3 and super ganda talaga ng mga accessories mo :) 'til next shoot!

  6. Belle: hahaha!!! i am size 10 akk! big foot represent hehehe! thank you so much for the comment! :)) <3

    Je: thank you so much for appreciating them!!! :) <3 and really nice to work with you again...and finally meet you! :) till next!!!


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