Raffles Design Institute: Conversations on Fashion and Design

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Asia-Pacific's largest design school opens Manila campus! With 38 colleges in 35 cities across 14 countries. Located in the trendy Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. A brand new campus rolling out four programmes for a start this July: Two-year, full-time, advanced diploma courses in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Graphic Design, and Interior Design. 


Last Thursday, I was fortunate to go to their media event featuring a mini-talk series by Raffles' international academic team. Here was the sched and the topics:

One of my favorite lectures was with Ms. Nela San Jose for Fashion Marketing and Management: 

The topic was on Fashion Trends: The Past Inspiring the Future:

Alam na! My favorite era:

I love that I am part of the year 2000: No distinct look, just go with what you feel and what you want!

People love to ukay-shop, DIY, and reconstruct their existing clothes! <3

Hello Collezione! Hehe!

Everyone's into self-preservation! I agree!

After this talk, we went on a lunch break. Tweet kaagad akech, parang sosyal na "recess" lang! I miss going to school!

First time to request for a vegetarian meal in an event, I am so happy that served me these:
 Katouch lang, hehe! I have my own salad! :-)

Lunchmates! :)

With my dear friends: Tracy Ayson from way back my Candymag days, and blogger BEB Ava Te! :)

Tracy wearing her "classic"/old school Anagon Collection piece! A Golden Slumber ring <3 Natouch ako! :D

 After eating, we had time to go around the campus. I love the feel of Raffles Design Institute--ang linis! Very conducive for learning. They're located in the 18th and 19th floor of the Accralaw Tower, 2nd Ave and 30th St. in Bonifacio Global City...

Picturean: The bloggers wouldn't leave without their photos taken, and we wouldn't think it's vain, haha:

A Little School Tour:

Cool meeting rooms, for group projects and plannings:

Interior Design Studio:

Si Raleene naaalala ko e, hehe:

Cool to have a lounge in your school :D

Fashion Design Drafting Studio

Fashion Design Sewing Workshop (Interested to learn how to sew my own clothes!)

Another cool place: a Mac Lab! Wala kaming ganito sa school hehe! 

A library that I'll probably hangout in for hours....

They even have magazines! Kalurkey!

Elements of Design, naks! Haha!

The "Classmates"!!! :)
 Pretty Trace, Kisty, Ava, and Keigh! :) <3 
I love my fashionable friends!

 Back to our lecture room for the Visual Communication Workshop!

Our lecturer Sir Buz Walker-Teach: (Really cool name, noh?)

I love this class, I actually missed drawing while slides and slides of sketches were shown to us. There's a deep meaning in this art. I hope I can get myself to drawing again. :)

Last one for the day was with Dr. Janet Emmanuel on How to Translate Filipino Products to Global Market:

Our Tribe was set as a perfect example of a local brand with locally produced products:

It was a fun workshop, and for a short talk, I actually learned a lot already for my own little online shop.  What more if I actually enroll in the school! Wah! *Have to start earning again if I really want to go back to school*

The day ended with awarding of certificates, and a raffle (in Raffles! hehe) where they gave away phones, Apple products, etcetera. Isa nalang, akech na! Huhu! :P

Just happy to have attended this affair, sobrang inspiring. I love art schools! Check out RAFFLES WEBSITE for more info, RDIM is currently accepting enrollees for its July 2011 intake! :)

Outfit pictures:

Madramang pagbabalik eskwela lang, hehehe. 
Oversized White Polo - The Landmark
Shades - i2i
Jeans - HerBench
Nude Flats - Australian
Cuff - Anagon Collection
Bag - Bangkok

Ang peg, still from Olsens Anonymous site:

 I love going back-to-school with these girls! Super fun to be with! :)

Please Lord, umulan sana ng pera so I can study here!!! :D
Reasons for wanting to enroll here: The facilities, the awesome lecturers, and the fact that the Fashion Marketing Management covers not only the business side of fashion, but a mix a the business and creative aspects.

Students are trained in buying and merchandising practices, as well as in conceptualizing and developing brand management strategies. The creative side includes sewing, pattern-making, and styling among others, while the business side focuses on management principles, marketing, advertising, and accounting. I want! :P

Thank you Raffles Design Institute Manila for having us! :)
Learn more about this cool new school here.

Thank you Ava and Tracy for outfitey and some of the group photos! :)


  1. Soooo cool! I regret I missed this :( I wanna go back to school din!

  2. Ma'am Anashley! hehe :D Sana nga umulan ng pera noh?? I wanna study visual communications there!!

  3. Krissy: Ako din! :P Kelangan mag ipon na! :)

    Ava: Hahaha Maam ang peg hehehe... Ako naman yun Fashion Marketing Management trip ko talaga :P Business and Creative side!!! Wah!

  4. ang ganda ng worktables nilaaaa (sa dinami-dami ng papansinin, yung mesa talaga eh noh? hahaha) XD

  5. looks like fun! :)parang I want to take up interior design. hehe. and the Mac lab! sosyal! :)

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