Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bloggers United 2???!

Went out last Monday to a "meeting" (YEAH!) with my blog friends Pax and Melai. We went, thanks to dear Charles, to the GMA Kapuso Foundation to form ties with their team in the next Bloggers United (coming S-O-O-N!). Excited ba kayo? :) Kasi ako excited! Haha!

Found really cool (and discounted!) Melissa boots donations in the office! :P *Drools*

It was a very productive meeting. Both parties had their say, and in the end, it's all about what we can do to reach out to others. I really hope that's the image Bloggers United will be remembered for in the end...To organize all top Manila fashion and beauty bloggers to use their influence and power in the WWW to unite people for a good cause.

Excited for this venture!
A little something about the Kapuso Foundation Development Project (KSD):

The KSD Project is a school-based program which aims to foster integral education by providing students of underserved public schools, both primary and secondary, the ff:
1) Decent functional classrooms which are conducive for learning.
2) Water distribution and sanitation facilities
3) Environmental awareness through a symposium and tree-planting activities around the school premises.

Learned all these during the meeting, that the GMA Kapuso Foundation is all about transforming a kid's life by providing classrooms. I like the thought that they do not only help a single family, but a whole classroom of children and their families.

Went to Trinoma for further BU meeting:

Tumataba na ako! Hahaha! 
Kung dati hindi ko ma-take in ang food ko, ngayon SOBRANG food intake naman, hehehehe!

CR pic! Haha! After the loooong meeting na may chikahan in between! ;)

Outfit pic:

I love Charles! :)

My outfitey:
Ako na ang ready to sleep, hehehe!

Hat and Necklace - SM
Black Shirt - Bench
Floral Jumpsuit worn as wide-legged pants - my mom's
Sandals and Watch - Tomato
Fringe Bag - Hongkong Market

I love that day. Other than the motivation to go with another BU, I had a short talk with Pax when we rode the MRT going home (fumafashionista commuters! hehe!)...which sparked something in me to work again. I am not denying the burnout I experienced not only with my business but with life in general. I lost my "muchness", and I tell you it's not fun at all. I am not proud of this, but rather, I accept this reality of what happened to me because I really want to get out of this rabbit hole. I find grace and the will to start again through all the words I get from people I open up with (including YOU my reader friends!)...In fact, I started making accessories again since Monday night! :)

Coming Soon! Thinking of calling this collection RECONSTRUCT, or something. Reconstructing accessories from old collections...And also can mean reconstructing the business, the passion, and my life. :)

To HOPE and starting all over again, with more enthusiasm with LIFE! :)
Thanks for all the prayers. =)


  1. will watchout for yer RECONSTRUCT collection!

  2. I'm excited for the next Bloggers United! I am saving up for that for sure! :-) I am also excited for your new collection! Good luck! :D

  3. Ooh! How can we get a stall/booth for the next bazaar? :D

  4. I love how you used your Mom's Jumpsuit, I though it was a pants seriously hehe :))

  5. Good luck to BU2! :) And of course, with your upcoming collection :D

  6. Yayyy!! Super exciting naman! May BU2! :D

  7. I love the RECONSTRUCT term! we can doe this! xox
    labshuo too :))

  8. great idea! reconstruct. saktong double meaning, haha! good luck on reconstructing literally and figuratively Ana! =) and lots of good luck for BU2! =)

  9. Nina: yey!! thank you thank you!!! help me plug if you can! :) <3 Thank you!!!

    Eunice: thank you so much for the nice words! nakakaencourage to gow gow gow with all these activities! :) yey!

    Arianne: I can bring you up sa next meetings! A Plus B super fan here!!! :)) <3

    Little J: Yey! So I guess even though I looked like I was wearing pajamas, the "styling" part isnt all that fail noh? :) I love using clothing what it isnt meant for, haha :P

  10. Number Two Lover: Thank you for the support!! :) <3

    Michelle: Hope to see you there na!! :))

    Charles: Yehey thank you so much! :) I was thinking of another term of same meaning, but if the RECONSTRUCT is ok na, gow gow gow na! :) And I love you too! :))

    Ghoent: Hahahaha feeling poetic ba! :) Thank you Ghoent! I really appreciate you being here for me through your replies to my entries!!! :) <3 Through thick and thin! :)

  11. I'm happy for you Ana!! you deserve a break too. but, i'm glad you're coming around & accepting life's challenges. i'm just here for you. mwah! :) see u soon girl! :)

  12. Hi Jen! :) How was SM? :) Thank you so much! Still get the anxiety attacks, but I always remember yun mga sinabi mo sa akin nung ating Max's date: I stop myself and think na matatapos din to..And syempre, pray! :) <3

  13. I'm excited for BU part 2! Missed the first one so this time I won't MISS IT!! Hahaha good luck, good luck Ana!! :))

  14. Miss you sis! Excited for both BU part 2 and the rebirth of Anagon Collection! ♥

  15. i've been feeling burnt out too lately :( anyway, does charles work for gma? how do i get a booth sa bu2? :)

  16. Hi Anagon, some days we all feel that way, I sometimes find myself uninspired, but I just try to pick myself up knowing that everyday is a new beginning. Wow, super excited naman ako for the Bloggers United, this will also be a good chance to met other bloggers finally! Are the booths expensive ba? - Mar


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