I have a confession.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am sooo nervous.

Nakakatawa kasi, as if I haven't been doing this for the last 5 years!
Anyway *hinga ng malalim*......Finally! My little comeback collection is up!

As blogged yesterday, I will call my new NECKLACES, HIPPIE BANDS, and EARRINGS Collections "RECONSTRUCT" -- Since I made each piece from materials I already have at home--mostly from past collections.

Seriously, I don't know how to go about with online selling again (haha!)...Should I bring back meet ups kahit LARGA kung LARGA ang pagod na inabot ko from that delivery option? Should I open my items to Paypal mode of payment /ship abroad? Gaaah...There really is so much to learn pa! Reconstructing the business, based on current demands of consumers, and new offers of the great technology!

Right now, though, I am just happy to have produced around 50 pieces of new accessories to display in my bare online shop...Nangangalahati na ang taon na wala siyang halos laman! :P Can't believe inspiration can run dry, especially for someone like me who believed she's free-spirited and all! I guess people have their days. I am just thankful to all of you who've been so encouraging, who never lost their faith in me, in my craft, in my business. I wouldn't forget the words of my dear blog friend Pax: "Ang tagal ka na naming hinihintay!"

Now that I've said my piece, I realized where I got this inspiration to finally RECONSTRUCT my life again. Hey! It came from YOU. :)

So, although eggstreeemly embarrassing, hahaha...I'd like to share my ANC Shoptalk guesting. It wasn't really for me, so forgive my awkward face and stammering (hehehe), especially at the beginning of the interview (Di talaga ako pang showbiz, pwedeng written nalang? Hahaha)...This feature is for Anagon Collection = My dreams, and my drive to wake up and go on with life everyday.

Cheers to new beginnings and unlimited chances the world gave to us every single time we wake up!

Photoshoot Details:(Blogged about this shoot HERE)
Photographer: Kisty Mea
Shoot assisted by my dear friend: Chai Muncal
Good job, team! :) Love the turnout of this shoot!
Please do visit ! :) <3


  1. One word lang for this blog post---- SHUSHAAAALLLL!!!

    Welcome back Anagon!!!! :D

  2. Congrats on the interview Ana!^^

  3. Honey: Thank you thank youuu!!! :) Hindi din masyado hahahaha! ;D Ang soshal yun bumabackyard outfit post na, walking distance pa ang beach! OHA! Hahahaha!!!

    Ann: Thank you so much!!! :) <3

  4. BONGGA!! Love it, beb!! just went to your multiply!:) Congrats!!

  5. welcome back anagon! woots! goodluck sis:))

  6. Your collections are really beautiful and I especially love the huge ring collections from this post! I'll definitely drop by your shop. I wish all the best in your endeavors! - Mar

  7. Congrats, Ana! Ganda ng photos! Pang-Candy mag. :)

  8. Welcome baaaaack! :D ang ganda ng shots ah. at yes naman, ANC! :D

  9. Love you sis, welcome back! So happy for you! ♥

  10. I'm excited for your "reconstruct" collection! And it's really cool that you got featured on Shop Talk! :)

  11. Thank you sooo much guyyyys for the warm welcome! :) I really pray na magtuloy tuloy nato! :) FIGHT! :)

  12. You know I've always loved your work from the start palang Ana! Always here to support :) Bonding ulit next time!! <3


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