Who wants to go to a Hang Ten event with me? :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ok, so during the Hang Ten Flagship store launch, we were told about a really cool follow up event for HANG TEN...Which will actually include YOU! :)

Here's the "itinerary" of what we are going to do:

I am super excited! Share ko lang na I think the first blog-related event na naattendan ko was actually for a department store in Manila... Na I was able to go to as a reader! :) 

I won pretty Raleene's contest!

This time, I am looking forward to meet one of you for this cool day of contests, freebies, and hangout with other bloggers and their readers! :)

Will you accompany me? :)

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your complete name, email address, and your blog url (if you have one, but hindi required)...Plus state why I should choose you! :)
Keri kung short lang, or if gusto mo nobela--gow! :))

Oh, and don't forget to like HANG TEN on Facebook!
Will check all entries before the 9th, and let you know the winner via email and my blog!

Can't wait to meet you!!! :) <3

BTS: Billboard Shoot!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Melai Entuna's time to shine!

Me having my hair and makeup done with the cool Allen and Allan! :)

Cutie Lloyda! Whenever I see her, di ko mapigilan sabihin out-loud "GANDA MO!" Haha!

Lauren Dado's turn!

Photographer: Cyrus Panganiban!
He is super galing in giving directions! And ang bilis! Pak pak, tapos!
Excited to see the results! :)

My pretty ladies! With Aisa Ipac and Ava Te :)

With Paul Jaytana! 
The best conversation and "shuttlemate" during the long ride to and from the studio!

Yellow Cab Pizzzaaaaa! 
I want more. =p Love that they ordered CHEESE!!! Sinful!
Hindi ko na nabilang ilang slices kinain ko, haha!

The cute mirror with bulbs + My Beb Ava! :)
Girls in shorts! Casual cool lang, hehe! :D Shorts Forever! Shorts Revolution! Haha!

Ava, Paul, and Melai!

From Pax's Instagram: With Pax, Lloyda Lim, Ava Te, Lauren Dado, Bestie Konisis, and Paul Jaytana!

Niche Dumlao and Paul Jaytana!

A "photo of my photo" from Melai's cam! Hehe!
Kung maka-emote! Hahaha!

Yesterday was epic. 

I can't express how thankful and still hindi makapaniwala ako with the opportunity that landed to me, which I learned about just a few days ago. Some of my blogger friends and I had a photo shoot last night in Cyrus Panganiban's studio in QC, where we also met other bloggers from diff fields. I am not sure if it's ok to divulge details na, but since wala pang nagpopost about this, might as well not mention muna what this is for...Although may mga nakatext / tweet nadin ako tunkol dito. Hahaha. Blabber mouth. ;p

Anyway, I went out earlier than usual yesterday (maaga na ang past 1pm sakin haha) because I was told na wala daw makeup artist for the shoot. At dahil cheapo mode ako--kinapalan ko na ang shy-face ko hahaha. I entered two makeup stores (SM's Body Shop and Revlon) for their "free makeover", pero umuurong lang tyan ko to inquire. I almost used my atm card and just go to a salon, pero I tried my luck one last time in Glorietta's Body Shop (the one na malapit sa Landmark). After I shuffled through the racks of lipsticks and powder, si ateng na mismo nag ask how she can help me. 

Eto sinabi ng lakas maka-mahiyain na si ako :P - "Ate, umm kelangan po ba may umm purchase umm para maavail po yun ano free makeover niyo po? Umm, or dapat may bilhin noh!?" Hay what is awkward. :P

Anyway, to make my long story short, nakalibreng pa-mukap ako! Comedy!!! The best si Ate and their head makeup artist: Kudos to The Body Shop Glorietta for being so accommodating. They even gave me tips, love them! In the end though, nahiya lang din ako and I still looked for something to buy in their store. I purchased their classic lip and cheek tint worth P800, pero keri na...Magagamit ko naman yun sa future! :)

Another highlight for me is my conversations with Paul. We spent the whole afternoon talking and talking...Sa Starbucks 6750 which is the pick up point for the shuttle, and sa ride mismo going to the venue, and the shuttle-ride after the shoot. What an insightful person, I love his business tips, stories on OS Accessories, and his honest take on blogging. Very inspiring, nakakabilib!

 Paul Jatayna 
 I love talking to you the whole time:) seriously<3

Again, I still can't believe that I'll be seeing my face sa main road (walang babato ng kamatis a haha)... The idea didn't even crossed my wildest dreams...Magka book pa siguro or tumalon from airplane, but ma-billboard? Hahahaha! Natatawa ako isipin at hindi ako mashowbiz (madaldal lang sa sulat hehe)! I am excited though, sabi ko nga sa FB and to my closest friends: Hindi naman palaging mapapasama ako sa ganito.... Story to tell din to pag may mga apo nako at walang magawa sa family reunion! Hehehehe. ;)

Lola Anagon: "O diba mga apo, fashionista commuter na fashionista commuter! ;)"

That in all things, God may be Glorified!

Yabang Pinoy: Bloggers' Night!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It was a pleasure for me to get invited to a Yabang Pinoy event. I've known this proud-Pinoy organization for a long time already, and maybe medyo unconsciously I even wished na maging involved sa kanilang projects. Kung Pinoy Pride lang, sobrang malaking bagay to sa akin (school spirit nga oa nako e, hahaha).

It was super mabagyo last night that when I went out of our house, wala pang 5 minutes basa nako. :P My mom even asked me to go home kaagad pag cancelled daw ang event. Told her na imposible ata yun, di naman kami students, hehe.

I got in Bo's Coffee in Glorietta 5, and was greeted by these Yabang Pinoy goodies!

Early birds? With neighbor Megann Jabola! :)

I immediately wore my Yabang Pinoy abaka band!
The bracelet came with a numbered card with the question: "Ano ang maipagyayabang mo bilang isang Pilipino?"
The band also serves as a reminder that we Filipinos are tough, resilient,and exceptional! :)

Had a short chat with Vern while they served food and coffee (salap!), but she had to leave right away! =/

It was cool to catch up with her, though! Bitin lang! :) See you again soon!

Bloggers Represent! Me, Aisa Ipac, Vern Enciso, and Megann Jabola with the Yabang Pinoy advocates! :)
Yup! That's me and Vern doing the "pogi pose", hehe! ;P

After awhile, the program started! We were basically introduced to Yabang Pinoy and all its interesting projects that aim to change the mindset of our countrymen: para from "closet Pinoy", maging mas proud tayong isigaw and identity natin! Kung sino tayo, at kung gaano kaganda ng Inang Bayan natin! ;)

Ms. Maricris Sarino hosted the program:

One of Yabang Pinoy's exciting projects: Wikang May Yabang

In this part, may awe-jens participation! Go Pax! :D

Meg's turn to read words from the screen:

The biggest Yabang Pinoy project that goes once a year: The Global Pinoy Bazaar!
Bet ko to, mga bazaar-bazaar, alamnyoyan! :)
This bazaar, which is on it's 6th year, features businesses with 100% Filipino Love and Pride, showcasing products and services made by Filipino crafters and artists. Kung Facebook page to...Like! :D More on the Global Pinoy Bazaar HERE! :)

After the interesting talk, Yabang Pinoy's Marielle Baun capped the night with a fun-fun trivia game! Nakaka-competitive enebeyen

Pax won! :) She got a cute sabong magnet! :D

I also won this sticker! :) Woot!
I forgot my pang-Ms. Universe question (hehe), but I remembered it has something to do with kung anong day of the week ang nagiisang Filipino talaga... Linggo! :D Dahil everything else ay in Espanol! Naalala ko lang nahirapan ako sa Spanish class na Domingo ang Linggo, haha! I miss UST! :P

After the prepared program, we chatted some more with Yabang Pinoy's Geri Dela Cruz! :) Thank you for inviting us!
I also found out na she bought from Anagon Collection nadin daw long time ago! :) Coolio, sistah!

Group picture before leaving! :)

Outfit photos! 
Thank you Pax for taking them! :))

Tourista-peg ang tema for the night! Haha! 
Makakasuot uli ng jacket because of the rain!
Bowler Hat, Belt, Tassels Necklace - Anagon
Abaca Band - Yabang Pinoy
Biker Jacket - Landmark
Dress - Thrifted
Watch courtesy of SM
Shoes - Australian

Wore 2 DIYs that night:

My DIY studded / skulls black flats:

And #2: Pag walang masuot, ilabas ang gunting! :)
Instant Scalloped Dress! :)

Joined the girls and their "groupies" (hehe) in Glorietta's Food Choices for more chikahan and kainan!
Awoooo! Ghost na may bangs aka Pax! :D

Showing off our Yabang Pinoy bands! Haha! :D

What a fun night! Sobrang sulit ang paglabas kahit na may Bagyong Pedring! I really love learning more about this group with a powerful cause. As an online shop and someone who sells my own crafts, may impact sakin yung Yabang Pinoy's advocacy of supporting Filipino products. The event also reminded me to be more conscious whenever I shop and try as much as possible to go for locally produced items. Love your own, ika nga nila! ;) Other than that, ang sarap rin na mag "Wow Philippines", and support our local tourism. There are so many ways to express our Pinoy Pride--step-by-step, Yabang Pinoy believes that this will eventually lead to nation-building.

It was great to hangout with Pax and Megann too! Super kulit lang and enjoy makichikahan with them! See you soon, girls!

I will also be giving away free passes to the upcoming grand Global Pinoy Bazaar this November 5-6! Perfect sa pag Christmas shopping! Anagon Collection buyers will also instantly get 2 tickets when I ship your orders...worth P100 each when you buy them sa bazaar entrance! :) Will think of other giveaway mechanics for this soon....Watch out!

Learn more about this movement by visiting
Like them on Facebook and follow their Twitter!
Definitely will also be blogging more about Yabang Pinoy projects in the future! :-)

Exclusive HANGTEN Flagship Store Launch

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rampahan nanaman last Friday afternoon when I headed to attend Hang Ten's flagship store launch in SM Mall of Asia.

Excited ako sa magaganap that afternoon, kasi kilala na natin diba ever since ang Hang Ten, pero parang wala ako masyadong alam about the brand. Since1960s pa pala siya, and remember nung panahon ng plain tees-90s, madami akong Hang Ten non--almost in all colors nakikipag unahan siya with Giordano collection ko haha--yung mga oversized shirts na may dalawang maliit na paa na logo sa side! Tapos these days parang medyo nag lie-low na sila in terms of marketing and product development (o ako lang yun?)...Kaya I can't wait kung anong eksena ang papasabugin nila sa event na yun!

Hosts for that night's fancy affair: 
I love Denise Laurel's colors! :D And her shoes!

Naalala ko lang ang sinabi ni Denise about her research on Hang Ten, and nalaman niya na ang ibig sabihin pala ng twin footprints logo ay to hang ten toes over the nose of a surfboard. It was first a surf and beach wear brand...And then eventually became a full lifestyle brand. Hindi lang pala "hang loose!" ang expression sa surfing, pati "Hang ten!" 

...Cool! Feeling surfer pa naman ako! Hahaha!

A speech from Hang Ten's Creative Director Sir Kyle De leon:
Memorable words from Sir Kyle goes something like: "How do we keep the brand's cult classic feel, at the same time, take an offensive step to a more modern market? This is Hang Ten taking a bold step to reacquaint the younger generations with the brand's nostalgic legacy....Today, Hang Ten's little feet takes you a step forward in fashion.


Honorable guests graced the event:

And balcony guests are ever present (of course! ;D) 

And then...Finally, let the fashion show begin! :)

They opened the black velvet curtains, revealing Hang Ten's store makeover - Lovet!

...Then suddenly, the mannequins just WALKED!
Wait, models pala yun!!! :D Ang cool!

Baron Geisler:

Frank Garcia:

Ahron Villena:

Oh yeah, it's my girl Phoebe Rutaquio
Omg, super proud to see her strut and werk the runway! :) Big time ka na gurl! :D

I think she's a Thomasian! :) Pretty Therlyn Alcuitas. :)

Grabe, bet ko tong charming boys nato...Ang preppy na ang-dali-kong-malaglag style! Haha! :D
Prepster / Geeky / Ang-Linis-Tignan look from Hang Ten = <3

Clark Kent! Is that you?
...Or you? Or you? Hahaha! Tatlo talong Superman! :D

Ay ngumiti pa si koya, eeee!!! <3 Adorbs!

Eksenadora ang mga suspenders! I love the polka dots theme = Very now! :)

I love the look! Neutral tones forever! :) 

And ang mukap, super ganda! :D Siyemple si Anton Patdu ang MUA for the show! :) Galing talaga!

I love everything! Even the bag! 

I also love this brown bucket bag!

My gosh, so cute and dainty: Lovin this button-down top's Peter Pan collar and the salmon color! Lakas maka-pagirl!

Isa pang Hang Ten top na I've set my eyes on:
Cutie floral top, with stylish diff-colored collar :D  

Denim Jackey:
Ganda ng bagsak! :)

I wonder if they also sell the shades...I love the round pair! :D

OMG lang. Si Superman uli!
Ka-TL abs, este, sunglasses with straps.

Nice denim tops for both the ladies and the gents:

Congrats to the Designers!


make-up: anton patdu
hair: mycke arcano
styling: argie salango


photography: dookie ducay
make-up: anton patdu and gery penaso
hair: mycke arcano and diane lorenzana
styling: argie salango and waldo jalandoni
logistics: Tin Umali and Katie Pineda
shot at edifice studio, thanks to raffy Tesoro
supervised by Kyle De Leon, Creative Director and Kirk De Leon

(Thank you Anton Patdu for the details! :))

We were entertained by song numbers...Favorite ko yun One Last Cry, muntik nako ma-tears waterfalls on-the-spot, hahahaha! ;D

Ribbon cutting...

Then, finaloo, nakapasok na kami sa new-and-improved HANG TEN store! :) Gandara Park!
A cross between an industrial warehouse and an afterhours coffee shop, the new store sports oversized display racks, wooden panel accents, and warm, earthy color schemes...Ang at-home ng peg!

Still in love with their basics...Bumabalik ang pagka teenager ko hahaha: 

Closet staple: Denims! Ang cute nun baby jeans display, hihi:

Loving the sneakers and bags! :D

Neat dressing rooms! :) And syemrpe, opportunity nadin to outfit pic:
Just got out of bed look, haha!
Big white polo - Landmark
Blue Tassels Necklace - Anagon Collection
Black Shorts - Human
Nude Flats - Australian
Bag from Penshoppe
Watch from SM

People I met during the event:

The stylist extraordinaire: Argie Salango! 

One of the models during the fashion show, celeb Frank Garcia:

Pretty model Therlyn Alcuitas:

My pambato model forever: Phoebe Rutaquio! :)

Fellow bloggers, Gondo Girls' Valerie Chua and Marj Sia! :) Ang gondo nila! :)

With Rachelle Lim! :) Thank you for inviting us! :)

And of course, event was a blast because of this girl:
Finally met Kaye of The Style Flux! :) I was worrying I won't know anyone in the event, buti tinuro siya sakin ng girl from the registration booth! I had fun exchanging stories and fashion show comments with this girl! :) It was as if magkakilala na kami before pa...Then I realized na hey we just met! Medyo nahiya ako kay Kaye at parang ang komportable ko na sa kaniya mashado, hehehe! :D Thanks Kaye!!!

We had dinner after the show, love the desserts area of the buffet:
Ang cool pa is si Kaye din pala ay isang vegeterien! :D Been awhile since I was with the company of a fellow vegetarian...Ang sarap pala ng may karamay! Had long discussion din with Kaye on this extreme life "choice", ang saya. :) <3

We were given this baby surf board coupon:
Which is convertible pala to ANY item from the store! To be claimed that day nadin! So parang nag shopping-cram kami ni Kaye...Super fun to check out the colorful racks of Hang Ten! Learned also that their campaign is "San Diego Originals". :) Suweeet!

Btw, today I wore the Hang Ten gift I picked:

Super CUTE polka dots flats! :) <3 And they had it in my napaka-rare-lang size! :D Yehey! Perfect!

Thank you so much Hang Ten for the sweet treat! I had fun during the event, and I can't wait for your future collections as well! A classic will always be a classic...Kudos HANG TEN! Ending with another quote from Hang Ten Philippines' Creative Director, Kyle De Leon:

"We're proud to claim that Hang Ten's twin footprints remain one of the world's most recognizable logos. And we want the younger and future generations to be just as aware of this rich and colorful legacy--the same way that their parents embraced and literally lived it."

Long live Hang Ten and the cool surfer kids! ;) A south kid like me will definitely drop by your stores more often to satisfy my laid back style! :)

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