Food Trip

Monday, September 05, 2011

Went to the "pang umagang Mercato" last Saturday. Geo took me there since I slept over their place in Greenbelt. Plan namin talaga we bond over another round of good breakfast! :) And I wasn't disappointed!

First: I got the regular lumpia, na super bigat!

Yummy! Loaded with tofu, and ok na kahit walang kanin!

Ordered the huge mango shake, for only P55!

I was full na pero I can't help but order from this Vegan store...Ang daming vegan selections ng "pang umagang Mercato", aylavet!

Vegan Shawarma for only P85!


For dinner, went out with Ana and headed to Dilingers for some chill night...

Ana's steak:

My yummy hashbrown and three-cheese omelette na worth P155 lang! :D 

Nom nom nom! 
Yun lang! That's all folks! Sarap lang mang gutom ng ganitong oras ng gabi! Hehehe!


  1. Wow! been wanting to go there for weeks na? san banda sa BCG nkalocate? thanks! :)

    Kaye (

  2. Super yummy!!! :D Im craving now! HAhahah!


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