Smart Netphone Media Launch

Monday, September 05, 2011

I was looking forward to this day! :) I really wanted to learn more about "that phone that will beat Blackberry", hehe! Nakakacurious since you know I love my BB! Was also hoping to get my own unit to "test drive it" as they said in an email weeks ago, haha, but biglang they said limited na ang mabibigyan bigla, sayang! But maybe next time. ;) Anyhoo... The partey was fun naman so it was a cool night! Siyempre nothing beats being with my blog sisters! Thank you Smart Netphone for the funfun crazy night! :)

Coming from Makati, went to Resorts World Republiq with Krissy and Frank :)

While waiting sa line for registration, saw Paul Jaytana!

Hi Paul! Hehehe!

My sister Cea's college friend, Clang, was also there! She was part of the organizing team daw! :)



Pagkapasok, drinks kaagad! Hehehe!

One of the early birds! With fellow bloggers Krissy and Inna:

We got interviewed, haha! Pero di ko alam for what! ;D

Party poppers and spray thingies!

The bloggers table!

Catch, Pax, Gersh, Ava, Mommy Earth, Krissy, Me!, Inna, and Tracy!

Krissy's cool group :)

Chikahan before the program started:

What to expect from this new Netphone brought to us by Smart:

 The hosts for the night: KC Montero and Andi Manzano:

Hahaha ano kayang balita narinig ko nito? :D Lookatmyface! hahahaha!

Lots of dancing!

 I love this girl so much :)

OM...It's Sam Pinto! :D

 Sir John Herrera, aka Johnnyverse! :)

Of course I asked for a cotton candy, hiih!

Ms. Daryl Chang!

Pretty Raleene!

Tata Garcia and Kirk Long
Finally saw Tata again! :) She modeled for Anagon Collection before! :)

Introducing Smart Netphone's endorsers: The Azkals and Sam Pinto!

Super pretty niya!

They gave away LOTS of prizes that night: Including a trip to US! 

Will you do it? Pero dapat you had to beat these guys sa isang matinding Teach Me How To Dougie! Hahaha!

I think this big guy is part of the Volcanoes?

Michelle Madrigal also joined!

Happy crowd!

Going around or "socializing"? Hahaha!

With Pax and Tracy!

 I love the Bloggers table!!!

Shots with Mama Earth, Reg, and Inna! 

Napasubo ako dito! Hahaha!

Ended the night with good ol McDo with my blogger loves! :)

Before going home (checkout my transformation hahaha)

Thank you Frank Ruaya for most of my pictures here in this entry, I realized sana mahilig na uli ako mag take ng sarili kong pictures, but Frank is spoiling me and Krissy with better photos...Wala nako gana dalhin my bulok digicam, haha. :P But sana next time ganahan uli, iba din when you take your own "memories"..but for now, super thank you Frank for being our cool photographer! :)

Other photos from Reg, Catch, and Ava! And also from my BB, haha, how ironic is that? :P

It was a cool night, I love all the talks and laughs and kagulo with my blog sisters! :) Sayang I also saw other girls like Yanna, Dianne, Vern and Verniece, Mike, and Kisty, but I wasn't able to have a photo with them, boo. :P Anyway! Till next event, loves!


  1. So lucky to be on that event! wish I was there! Heard great stories about the happenings! Sayang you weren't able to "test drive" the phone.

    Kaye (

  2. Hanggang ngayon umaasa pa rin ako sa free phone.. Haha! ;)

  3. Kaye: Sayang nga hihi! But atleast i had fun in the event! :) :) Thank you for dropping by my blog! :))

    Krissy: Hahaha! Ako din! Alam mo yan! First 100, woot! Hahaha!

  4. TRANSFORMATION! Wala nang magka-cat call or tatawag ng "Hi Miss" sa daan when you commute :))

  5. its so nice to see bloggers together! looked like you all had fun :)

  6. Claire: hahahahah!:D Tamuuuh! Dapat itago ang hair kundi lagot sa mga "mama" pag nagcocommute huhu :P

    Eunice: Me tooo!!!

    Roviedear: Thank you for dropping by my blog! Yes it was a fun night indeed :)

  7. Ana! You're wearing heels! :) I love it!

  8. Hahahah thank you Nariese! :))) Sayang ang pinan shopping kung di gagamitin! ;) Heheheh!


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