Mary Kate Olsen is my Grunge Luxe Peg

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Usapang Grunge Luxe ba?? Few days to go before our "themed event"! :) Actually excited ako than worried kahit na waley padin kech outfitey! :D 

According to Wikipedia (ang reliable ng source ko, noh? haha) 

"Luxe Grunge (also known as boho-chic or "luxe bohemian") is a chicer updated grunge boho collection; an unkempt approach to wardrobe, popularized by celebrities such as the Olsen twins.

...Grunge elements featured strongly in fashion collections in Autumn 2006, including styles referred to "cocktail grunge" and "modern goth".
...Certain celebrities have been sporting this look, most notably Taylor Momsen." *source*

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Looking forward to Wednesday and see what my blogger friends come up for their Grunge Luxe looks! :)))


  1. Grabe sobrang one of my faves talaga sila! :) I love the theme ha. Para maiba! :D Good luck with your outfit hunting.

  2. Naeexcite nako! :D Hihihi bihira kami bigyan ng "challenge" na ganito! :))) Nastress ang bayan! Hehehe!

  3. i love this! :) a friend is attending and ill lend her clothes. thanks for this entry that i have an idea what to lend her :D good luck dear

  4. Try ko nga ding MKA ang peg ko sa birthday ko! Heehee.

  5. oh, i read a post like this kay ate ava. it's cool how you both interpreted it in a different way. it really shows your individuality. :)


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