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Monday, September 19, 2011

The weekend was spent with my blog sisters as we joined forces for this year's Port88 Bazaar. Hatian-booth with Pax's Archive Clothing, Melai's F-Stop Shop, and Aie Corpuz! :)

Saturday morning set-upan
Ang ingress ang pinaka stressballs sa lahat. Di niyo ako makakausap pag ayusan ng set-up, hehehe.

I had our pictures printed out, para cute, hehehe:
Keep Calm and Go Shopping
Pang attract / mantra / hypnotize sa mga bazaar goers! Hehehe!

Ang mahiwagang tent + signages

At our pasosyal "counter"!
I love my kasosyos (haha!)...Kasi kahit sila "market" ko!

Aie keeping track of her earnings...Nuks!
Tapos sabay "pagpag" uli sa paninda, kahit hindi na buena mano! 
Naniniwala ako dyan!

Family Love:
Pax's sister and Melai's mom helped them man the stall for the two days! :)

Anagon Collection's Super Sale!
P100 Rings:

Fringe necklaces and floral wreaths at P180, and all other accessories like long necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and shades were all sold at P100 only!

Crowd Favorite:
My on-the-spot customized wire necklaces, connector rings, and key chains never failed me in my bazaar stints. :) <3

We love Aie's turbans! I will resell them in Anagon Collection, so watch out! :)

Kept me up during the looong day! :D I love Teo.Ology Caramel Milk Tea. :P Pamatay!

The girls of Vintage House: Pax, yours truly, Aie, and Melai! :)

Some of the people I met:

Maye Mariano of Fasyonista!

My sister in St.Scho Days With The Lord: Katrina Racpan! :D She co-owns Le Plume Shop! :)

Online suki, Giezelle Uy!

Giezelle's sister and Erika her cousin! :)
I love Giezelle and company! Super kulet! They went ng mga pagabi na ng Sunday night, and sobrang haggard mode nako pero they were perfect ice breaker! :D Picturean and chikahan and kulitan!

Vern Enciso of A Shoe Tale also dropped by the bazaar! :) Ganda niya lang! ;)

Straight from Revlon event! My beb Ava also dropped by our booth! :) I love all the support I get from my blog friends. <3 She stayed till closing time, love you beb!!!

Pack-up Chaos!!!

Aie taking a break and had puto-kutsinta hybrid kakanin! Hahaha! :D

Irolyo na ang madungis na flying carpet! Thanks Pax!

Tupiin na ang mga tarpaulin....
That's all for this year's Vintage House Port88 Bazaar stint. :)

I can't express my gratitude for all the blessings and love I received during the 2-day bazaaring. I didn't hide anything from you on how much I felt tired with selling during the early part of 2011. And then when I tried reviving my online shop midyear, I felt na nawala na ang powers ko and it was so hard to make a comeback. 

At the first day of the Port88 bazaar, my ate manned my panindas since I also attended the Blogapalooza event at the Fort. When I got back to the Megatents Venue at around 7pm, I learned from Ate na parang oonti ng kinita ko. I had doubts na laos na ba talaga ako? 

Thank God I've been reading self-help books these days-- like The Secret, at ngayon naman The Power, hehe---And so like a bipolar, I shoved off the bad vibes, fought all the negativity, at biglang enthusiastic and excited na uli ako. I prayed and hoped and BELIEVED there is a better Day2. I arrived Sunday morning and decided to rearrange the display of my accessories...

In an instant: Sunday went by so much differently! I was there the whole day, and I accepted customized wire orders pa! My sales racketed ng more than 2X from Day1! I felt so relieved na hindi pa pala nawawala ang powers ng Anagon Collection! 


Mag Ooscars Speech lang ako before ending this post (hehehe)...because these people deserve some credit: Thank you to everyone who dropped by my stall and bought items from Anagon Collection! Thank you also to the online people I finally met...mga katwitter ko lang and katambay sa blog ko! :) Ang saya na makipag chikahan and picturean and kulitan ng "live" noh? :) I hope you also had fun with us!

My girls Pax, Aie, and Melai: Thank you for being such awesome stall-partners. Never a dull moment when I'm with them...Ako lang talaga ang tahimik! ;) Thank you Mom, Dad and Ate for helping me with ingress and egress! And of course, thank You to the one who never failed to cheer me on even during the darkest hours: to my God, the Master Mind of all these. :) 

Ending this post with these 2 photos from last year's Port88 Bazaar, where we first met! :)

photos from Pax


The most successful people in the world are those who have failed the most. 


  1. i love the last line Ana! I am so a believer of that line! :)

  2. Thank you Denise! :) Grasping this line and incorporating it na with my life! :) We are meant to be GREAT, sistah! :) <3 All the best to our businesses! :)

  3. congratulations sis for the successful business .

  4. wow Ana congrats on having a greater better 2nd day! =) and like Denise, i really believe in that last too! experience = best teacher. failure = best pusher hahaha what! :D

  5. yay! may picture kami haha! :))
    congrats sa successful bazaar :D I will blog about the wire ring soon.

    and it was nice meeting you! <3

  6. What a successful event! sa December Port88 mag sell din kyo?

    xx Kaye

  7. I love your floral outfit on the last pic! :) And i love your quote on the last part of your blog. Hihi! So inspiring! :) I'm your previous buyer nga pala. I don't know if you still remember me. Hihi! Hope to buy from you again soon! :D

  8. Hello Ana, can I ask something? If pwede ako magorder ng collection mo? I love the rings and specially the fringe necklace. Thank you.

  9. Congrats Anagon! More blessings for you :)

  10. love supporting you, beb! and most of all I love supporting you!!:) Cheers for reviving anagon and to your next bazaars!!

  11. Kamy: Thank you so much suki! Looking forward to see you on one of my bazaars next time :))

    Ghoent: BEST PUSHER! Hahahah! True! Motivation in disguise, nuks! Whut din! Hahahah! :D

    Erika: YEY! Thank you! Thank you sa inyo medyo nawala ang antok ko! :) We were there the whole day! :D

  12. Kaye: Not yet sure! :) Where siya ihohold? :))

    Monique: WOW! Kaya pala your name sounds familiar! I think hindi ka lang one time nag order??? :) Thank you for dropping by my blog a! Yung outfitey ko sa last pic from last yr yan..Dare sakin yan ng friend ko na isuot lahat ng floral pieces ko hahaha--ok naman kinalabasan diba! ;)

  13. Lin: yehey!!! Sure you can still order! :D Here's my online shop: :) Thank you so much! Ill update palang din yan pala! :))

    I am certified: thankyou so much, and may God bless you too! :))

    Ava: Thank you beb! :) Basta fight fight mode nako ngayon! ;) Kung GORA lang ang labanan, GOGORA nako! ;D Hahahah :D Thanks for everything a, I appreciate them talaga :)

  14. Ok I'll visit na lang your multiply site. Gusto ko yung bow ring na red. Available pa ba? Kanina ko pa antay answer mo. Yihiee. Excited umoder :D

  15. Oh my! is it finished? I mean the bazaar? I'd love to buy those rings @ 100.

  16. Ana, basta pa-update sa multiply ang fb mo. Na-addict ata ako kakatingin ng collection mo, lol. I'm wishing to have my own store too at maka-sosyo ka :D


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