Yabang Pinoy: Bloggers' Night!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It was a pleasure for me to get invited to a Yabang Pinoy event. I've known this proud-Pinoy organization for a long time already, and maybe medyo unconsciously I even wished na maging involved sa kanilang projects. Kung Pinoy Pride lang, sobrang malaking bagay to sa akin (school spirit nga oa nako e, hahaha).

It was super mabagyo last night that when I went out of our house, wala pang 5 minutes basa nako. :P My mom even asked me to go home kaagad pag cancelled daw ang event. Told her na imposible ata yun, di naman kami students, hehe.

I got in Bo's Coffee in Glorietta 5, and was greeted by these Yabang Pinoy goodies!

Early birds? With neighbor Megann Jabola! :)

I immediately wore my Yabang Pinoy abaka band!
The bracelet came with a numbered card with the question: "Ano ang maipagyayabang mo bilang isang Pilipino?"
The band also serves as a reminder that we Filipinos are tough, resilient,and exceptional! :)

Had a short chat with Vern while they served food and coffee (salap!), but she had to leave right away! =/

It was cool to catch up with her, though! Bitin lang! :) See you again soon!

Bloggers Represent! Me, Aisa Ipac, Vern Enciso, and Megann Jabola with the Yabang Pinoy advocates! :)
Yup! That's me and Vern doing the "pogi pose", hehe! ;P

After awhile, the program started! We were basically introduced to Yabang Pinoy and all its interesting projects that aim to change the mindset of our countrymen: para from "closet Pinoy", maging mas proud tayong isigaw and identity natin! Kung sino tayo, at kung gaano kaganda ng Inang Bayan natin! ;)

Ms. Maricris Sarino hosted the program:

One of Yabang Pinoy's exciting projects: Wikang May Yabang

In this part, may awe-jens participation! Go Pax! :D

Meg's turn to read words from the screen:

The biggest Yabang Pinoy project that goes once a year: The Global Pinoy Bazaar!
Bet ko to, mga bazaar-bazaar, alamnyoyan! :)
This bazaar, which is on it's 6th year, features businesses with 100% Filipino Love and Pride, showcasing products and services made by Filipino crafters and artists. Kung Facebook page to...Like! :D More on the Global Pinoy Bazaar HERE! :)

After the interesting talk, Yabang Pinoy's Marielle Baun capped the night with a fun-fun trivia game! Nakaka-competitive enebeyen

Pax won! :) She got a cute sabong magnet! :D

I also won this sticker! :) Woot!
I forgot my pang-Ms. Universe question (hehe), but I remembered it has something to do with kung anong day of the week ang nagiisang Filipino talaga... Linggo! :D Dahil everything else ay in Espanol! Naalala ko lang nahirapan ako sa Spanish class na Domingo ang Linggo, haha! I miss UST! :P

After the prepared program, we chatted some more with Yabang Pinoy's Geri Dela Cruz! :) Thank you for inviting us!
I also found out na she bought from Anagon Collection nadin daw long time ago! :) Coolio, sistah!

Group picture before leaving! :)

Outfit photos! 
Thank you Pax for taking them! :))

Tourista-peg ang tema for the night! Haha! 
Makakasuot uli ng jacket because of the rain!
Bowler Hat, Belt, Tassels Necklace - Anagon
Abaca Band - Yabang Pinoy
Biker Jacket - Landmark
Dress - Thrifted
Watch courtesy of SM
Shoes - Australian

Wore 2 DIYs that night:

My DIY studded / skulls black flats:

And #2: Pag walang masuot, ilabas ang gunting! :)
Instant Scalloped Dress! :)

Joined the girls and their "groupies" (hehe) in Glorietta's Food Choices for more chikahan and kainan!
Awoooo! Ghost na may bangs aka Pax! :D

Showing off our Yabang Pinoy bands! Haha! :D

What a fun night! Sobrang sulit ang paglabas kahit na may Bagyong Pedring! I really love learning more about this group with a powerful cause. As an online shop and someone who sells my own crafts, may impact sakin yung Yabang Pinoy's advocacy of supporting Filipino products. The event also reminded me to be more conscious whenever I shop and try as much as possible to go for locally produced items. Love your own, ika nga nila! ;) Other than that, ang sarap rin na mag "Wow Philippines", and support our local tourism. There are so many ways to express our Pinoy Pride--step-by-step, Yabang Pinoy believes that this will eventually lead to nation-building.

It was great to hangout with Pax and Megann too! Super kulit lang and enjoy makichikahan with them! See you soon, girls!

I will also be giving away free passes to the upcoming grand Global Pinoy Bazaar this November 5-6! Perfect sa pag Christmas shopping! Anagon Collection buyers will also instantly get 2 tickets when I ship your orders...worth P100 each when you buy them sa bazaar entrance! :) Will think of other giveaway mechanics for this soon....Watch out!

Learn more about this movement by visiting
Like them on Facebook and follow their Twitter!
Definitely will also be blogging more about Yabang Pinoy projects in the future! :-)


  1. Uyyy nakakaexcite yung bazaar!! LIKE!! Pupunta ako fo sho!! :) (kailangan lang mayayaya si bufra.)

    Ang galing ng ginawa mo dun sa dress mo, i love it! Hindi halatang ginupit lang. Award!!

  2. Jenny: Exciting noh!!! Bet ko nga din sumali sa bazaar nalilito nako sa dami ng bzazaars though hehehe!!!:D and thankyouuu! O diba nag mukang topshop pa yang ukay dress ko hehehehe!;p

  3. winner yan.. ako din i love pinoy-made na kahit ano..
    balita ko nga maganda daw yung anagon ha ha..
    at gumagawa na din daw ng scalloped dress si miss ana.. Achieved! he he..

    at natawa ko sa "ghost na may bangs!" hi po miss pax! loka kasi tong si ana.. he he, kulit !

  4. HAHAHAHA! Ang cute cute cute nyo sa pogi post! You guy should do it often :D


  5. Excited ako sa bazaar! will blog about it next month! :)

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  6. panalo naman ang diy flats and dress! instant unique talaga ang diy-ed stuff, love! =)


    Pinoy pride forever!! <3

  7. Belle: hahahaha nakakaloka ka!!! :D ang mahalaga balita ko super nice pa nun owner nun e HAHAHAHAHA!!! kakaloka si pax noh haha sakit daw nya yan e palaging blur sa pics hahahaha!!!:D

    Brie: hahahaha wag ka ganyan baka totohanin ko hahahahaha outfit posts na naka pogi pose na hahaha

  8. Claire(: thankyouuu! Labor of love and wapakels sa damit kahit masira hahaha ;))

    Kaye yey partner blogger also!:) excites nadin ako!:)

  9. Kaye *excited

    Ghoent: narealize ko patok talaga pag diy noh?:)) hope i can do this more often :)))

  10. See you sa bazaar! Balitaan mo ako kung jojoin ka ha. Makiki-epal muli sa iyong booth ;) Hahaha

  11. Hi Ana!

    Next time kakausapin ko na kayo ng bongga (kung may next time pa ako :D) Best in shy ako. Pero see you sa bazaar! :)

    xoxo Xta

  12. Megann: Yehey!!! Sana makadami akong bazaars nga this year! :) See you sooon!

    Xta: Sayang!! Kung alam ko lang blogger kadin!!! :) Hope to see you sa future events a! :) <3


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