BTS: Billboard Shoot!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Melai Entuna's time to shine!

Me having my hair and makeup done with the cool Allen and Allan! :)

Cutie Lloyda! Whenever I see her, di ko mapigilan sabihin out-loud "GANDA MO!" Haha!

Lauren Dado's turn!

Photographer: Cyrus Panganiban!
He is super galing in giving directions! And ang bilis! Pak pak, tapos!
Excited to see the results! :)

My pretty ladies! With Aisa Ipac and Ava Te :)

With Paul Jaytana! 
The best conversation and "shuttlemate" during the long ride to and from the studio!

Yellow Cab Pizzzaaaaa! 
I want more. =p Love that they ordered CHEESE!!! Sinful!
Hindi ko na nabilang ilang slices kinain ko, haha!

The cute mirror with bulbs + My Beb Ava! :)
Girls in shorts! Casual cool lang, hehe! :D Shorts Forever! Shorts Revolution! Haha!

Ava, Paul, and Melai!

From Pax's Instagram: With Pax, Lloyda Lim, Ava Te, Lauren Dado, Bestie Konisis, and Paul Jaytana!

Niche Dumlao and Paul Jaytana!

A "photo of my photo" from Melai's cam! Hehe!
Kung maka-emote! Hahaha!

Yesterday was epic. 

I can't express how thankful and still hindi makapaniwala ako with the opportunity that landed to me, which I learned about just a few days ago. Some of my blogger friends and I had a photo shoot last night in Cyrus Panganiban's studio in QC, where we also met other bloggers from diff fields. I am not sure if it's ok to divulge details na, but since wala pang nagpopost about this, might as well not mention muna what this is for...Although may mga nakatext / tweet nadin ako tunkol dito. Hahaha. Blabber mouth. ;p

Anyway, I went out earlier than usual yesterday (maaga na ang past 1pm sakin haha) because I was told na wala daw makeup artist for the shoot. At dahil cheapo mode ako--kinapalan ko na ang shy-face ko hahaha. I entered two makeup stores (SM's Body Shop and Revlon) for their "free makeover", pero umuurong lang tyan ko to inquire. I almost used my atm card and just go to a salon, pero I tried my luck one last time in Glorietta's Body Shop (the one na malapit sa Landmark). After I shuffled through the racks of lipsticks and powder, si ateng na mismo nag ask how she can help me. 

Eto sinabi ng lakas maka-mahiyain na si ako :P - "Ate, umm kelangan po ba may umm purchase umm para maavail po yun ano free makeover niyo po? Umm, or dapat may bilhin noh!?" Hay what is awkward. :P

Anyway, to make my long story short, nakalibreng pa-mukap ako! Comedy!!! The best si Ate and their head makeup artist: Kudos to The Body Shop Glorietta for being so accommodating. They even gave me tips, love them! In the end though, nahiya lang din ako and I still looked for something to buy in their store. I purchased their classic lip and cheek tint worth P800, pero keri na...Magagamit ko naman yun sa future! :)

Another highlight for me is my conversations with Paul. We spent the whole afternoon talking and talking...Sa Starbucks 6750 which is the pick up point for the shuttle, and sa ride mismo going to the venue, and the shuttle-ride after the shoot. What an insightful person, I love his business tips, stories on OS Accessories, and his honest take on blogging. Very inspiring, nakakabilib!

 Paul Jatayna 
 I love talking to you the whole time:) seriously<3

Again, I still can't believe that I'll be seeing my face sa main road (walang babato ng kamatis a haha)... The idea didn't even crossed my wildest dreams...Magka book pa siguro or tumalon from airplane, but ma-billboard? Hahahaha! Natatawa ako isipin at hindi ako mashowbiz (madaldal lang sa sulat hehe)! I am excited though, sabi ko nga sa FB and to my closest friends: Hindi naman palaging mapapasama ako sa ganito.... Story to tell din to pag may mga apo nako at walang magawa sa family reunion! Hehehehe. ;)

Lola Anagon: "O diba mga apo, fashionista commuter na fashionista commuter! ;)"

That in all things, God may be Glorified!


  1. I know what that shoot is for! So proud of you and the rest of the bloggers involved. :) Sana ako din the future, chos! :p

    And yes, I think Paul is really inspiring. I want to someday sit down and listen to him and his wisdom. :)


  2. Natawa naman ako sa Lola Anagon! Anagon pa rin talaga! :)) Hahaha congratulations everyone. I'll be looking forward to seeing your faces along some road very soon! :)

    And grabe, nabasa ko what Paul Jatayna wrote (I read it actually on Abbie Almasco's blog). Grabe, he's a genius! Sobrang ganda talaga ng mga ideas niya and sobrang tumpak! :)

  3. Kisty: hahahaha im sure youll go places to ;)) goodluck wd your sg stint!:) and yeah, i love Paul... One of the most real blogger i met :))

  4. Megann: hahaha oo nga noh, mali pala to according sa the secret book hahaha... Lola Anafort nalang, pede? Hehehehe!
    Havent read abbie's entry! But mustread din new post ni paul about style :))

  5. wow! congrats Ana on whatever this is! Can't wait to know more about it, super astig! =)

  6. Ghoent: super happy!:) thankyou so much ha for sharing happiness wd me!!!:)

    Uy balita ko nanuod si papa chris tiu mo ng westlife a?;-) hehehehe!!!

  7. hahaha talagaaaaa? Naku di na ako updated kay papa Chris, infer di ko akalaing Westlife is on his list! pareho pala kaming naenjoy ng bonnga ang boyband era. love those days! =P 1st album ng westlife = naging favorite ko din! hahaha!

  8. Hehehehe!! Nabasa ko lang tweet nya! :D di ko nga akalain hehehe!:D ako naman mas maka hansons and meffets (moffats) hahaha sayang di ako naging westlife fan sila pala yung matibay na ganyan noh!:)

  9. Bigatin, ate! Congrats! :)

  10. Wow bongga nito! can't wait!

    xx Kaye

  11. Kaye and Nix: Thank youuu! :) <3

    Ayessa: Hahahah hindi din! Mabigat, pwede pa! ;) Hehehe! :) Thanks sis! :D

  12. Thank you so much Glenn! :) <3 I appreciate it! :)

  13. Bonggang you deserve it, Ms. Ana!!! ☺ Excited nako to see that billboard!


  14. Ohmygosh ngayon ko lang to nakitaaaaa!!!!! WHAT IS WALANG LAPTOP tugsh! Congrats sis! And sa inyong lahat! Ang galeng! :) <333

  15. Arnie and Krissy: sobrang salamat guys!!:) all thanks to Him for the sweet life surprises :)

  16. Starbucks 6750 is where I work :) Saw you guys on this day!

  17. nax congrats gia! :D goodjob! and si cyrus ang photog ah! he was my batchmate sa UST AB!

  18. JAMIE! Ikaw ba yung nag hows your day sakin!????

    Rose: Wow thomasian palas sya!!! Sayang hindi ko nalaman at nang marami akong nabring up kanya hehehe!


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