Hang Ten: Bloggers X Readers Event I

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wore something very-Hang Ten in last Sunday's affair by going for sailor-like vibes. Red and Blue, Stripes and Polka, Big Chains and Rope Necklaces.
Sailor Moon! Joks.

Red Headband - Landmark
Blue Stripes Tee c/o Penshoppe (men's sec!)
Gray Skirt - Thrifted
Rope Necklace, Red Tassel Necklace, Anchor Connector Ring, Gold Chain Bracelet - Anagon
Bag - Cheers101
Polka Flats - HANG TEN! :)

The event was for the bloggers AND their readers...

Through THIS POST, I was a able to choose a reader who will go with me...and I picked Giezelle! :)

She is also a Thomasian, and she told me she saw me in UST na nung first year palang siya (ok, age na ang usapan? Hehe). Gie also mentioned my being part of the Candy Council of Cool in her entry, and reading that--I knew I got my girl! Thank you for supporting my "writing career" all throughout these years! Nuks.

Also, Giezelle came to the event wearing this necklace:
Alam na! She also bought na from Anagon Collection! <3

And other than that, we talked about our love affair with flats...Na although heels are pretty... We will always be the flats kids, especially since we are both fashionista commuters! :) (kaya we love Hang Ten's fashionable AND comfy clothes eh! ;) Yown!)

Thanks for the grand time, Gie! Ang saya kasi mahilig ka din tumawa at mag kalokohan lang! ;-)
Till the next events! :-)


  1. love your flats here pretty!!! Got my package dear!!!! i was so so so happy.. thanks thanks ^___^

  2. love both of your outfits. bet na bet ko ang sailor vibes. Got my headband na pala last Friday. I really love it. :D

    <3 Maria

  3. Rhain: Yahoo glad you liked it sis!!! :) <3 Thank YOU!

    Nadine: Thank you so much! Pagurl! Hehehe!

    Maria: Yehye thank you so much for lovin it! ;) Enjoy girl! ;)

  4. cute ng outfit mo ana! with the glasses pa, really love it! =)

  5. Natuwa naman ako masyado sa "YOWN" comment mo! :)) By the way, the other shoes are from Satchi store, my sister's own brand new brand (redundant? haha). Kindly check out her FB page:


  6. Ghoent: Salamat! Dahil sa pagtitipid sa pagbili ng contacts, naging fashionable pa pala glasses ko heheheh

    Ana Maria: Yehey! :)) Salamat! Natuwa ako suot nya and nagbuy na siya sakin! :)

    Aylin: YEY! Apir!!! :) Flats Kids Member #3 ka na, hehehe

  7. Nadine: Naku thank youuu flattered me, hehe :) <3

    Sir Kyle! :) Hahahaha YOWN na YOWN! ;) Hehehe thank you so much sir for this grand event :) we all had one, one of my faves, definitely! And yeyyy thanks for the link! :D

    Maria: Sobra ka naman baka maniwala na akey, hehehe ;p Thank youuu! :) <3

    Brie: Ukay is OK! Hehehe! Thank youuu! :)

  8. Ana!
    Oo nga noh. Bongga mo teh. Hang Ten themed outfit nga! Nautical! You looked cute that day. Loved seeing you girls! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. Love both of your outfits! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  10. rovie: thanks so much! :))

    melai: naka theme talaga e noh! ;) next time kada event dapat naka theme sa brand, haha :D

    kaye: thanks so much! :) o diba cute ng flats we chose nun launching? ;)


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