Who wants to go to a Hang Ten event with me? :)

Ok, so during the Hang Ten Flagship store launch, we were told about a really cool follow up event for HANG TEN...Which will actually include YOU! :)

Here's the "itinerary" of what we are going to do:

I am super excited! Share ko lang na I think the first blog-related event na naattendan ko was actually for a department store in Manila... Na I was able to go to as a reader! :) 

I won pretty Raleene's contest!

This time, I am looking forward to meet one of you for this cool day of contests, freebies, and hangout with other bloggers and their readers! :)

Will you accompany me? :)

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your complete name, email address, and your blog url (if you have one, but hindi required)...Plus state why I should choose you! :)
Keri kung short lang, or if gusto mo nobela--gow! :))

Oh, and don't forget to like HANG TEN on Facebook!
Will check all entries before the 9th, and let you know the winner via email and my blog!

Can't wait to meet you!!! :) <3


  1. Me! I'd love to! My mom and I regularly buy from this store since I was a kid. Plus, I want to blog about it din :D

    San Juan, MM

  2. i wish i wish... disadvantage of being a cyber friend.

  3. Jessa Roque

    I should be chosen because I know that this event will amp up my fashion skills. I know little about fashion so you and hang ten could give me a little update! :)

  4. Kalokah. Ang haba na ng nilagay ko na comment tapos nung pinindot ko yung post comment, nawala. Wow. Anyare.

    Hahaha take 2!!

    Me, me!! :) Bilang ikaw ang subject ng thesis ko. Chos. Hahahaha!!

    Uuumm ako dapat ang iyong piliin sapagkat gusto kong magkaroon ng pagkakataong makapag-ayos (style?) ng tao!! Kasi plain jane lang naman talaga ako eh, (#alammoyan) so gusto ko ng chance para maexperience yung pageexperiment sa fashion katulad ng ginagawa mo at ng ibang bloggers. Kasi alam ko I'll never be fashionable enough w/ my shirts and pants. Hahaha. Boo.

    Anyway highway. Meeting pala tayo next next week ok lang? :D

    Las Pinas

  5. Pano yan sis, e friends tayo. Baka sabihin may bias pag sumali ako. Chos! :p Grabe talaga, I'm really astonished by all you've experienced so far...I wish alam ko rin gawin lahat yang fashionista blues mo! Clap clap :) Kung sino man manalo sa readers mo, I'm sure mag eenjoy kayo sa event :)

  6. Anaaaaa! I wanna go with you! I'm your super fan, haha! I love your style and the fact that you commute to go to places. My gosh! Same tayo, commuter gals XD

    Plus we never got the chance to really really hang out. And I have your keysss! I won't return if you won't pick me, hahaha!

    Erika Rodica

  7. May I just start by saying na it's really inspiring to know that you started out as a reader din? I just started blogging a couple of months ago and although I have been blessed enough to meet some of you super-bloggers in events here and there, mukhang wishful thinking lang talaga na ma-reach ko ang heights niyo in the blogging world one day. Haha.

    In all seriousness, though, I really do hope you choose me, so I can pick your brains on tips on how to succeed in this world. Plus, I'm not just a loyal reader. I'm a buyer of Anagon Collection, too. Fan na fan ba ang dating? :p

    Angeline Rodriguez

  8. Alyanna Dela Cruz

    Hello Ms. Ana! If ever you choose me, this would be my first experience to style. I know that I'm still learning and I'm still finding my own style, but through this experience I know that I would be able to learn more and talk to Fashion Bloggers and Professionals like you. :D Plus, I want to hang-out with you para masaya :D Hehe. I hope I have a chance. :D

  9. Vera Liane Rea D. Lugtu


    Hi Miss amazing Ana! Well for one a major fan of how you totally are fashionably chic as a commuter plus you make amazing accessories :D I hope you pick me out because I think this would be a chance for me to meet you plus a great jump-start/revival of my dear fashion blog (havent been able to blog because Ive been so busy with school lately). What more does one need? Meeting the Ms. Ana definitely something I'd like to do before the end of 2011 :)

  10. Meeeeee!!!

    Daphne Huang

    This would help me open up and be more sociable. Plus I'll be more than happy to accompany you and I promise not to be boring! Hahahahaha. :)

  11. Ma. Anna Fillado

    I'm not totally the most fashionable person to help you out but I hope you can give me a chance to experience "styling" they way you, fashion bloggers, do. It's really gonna be an oppotunity for me to get to know you better too. I've seen you only at the Glam Camp but I never had the courage to say Hi even if you were just right in front of me. I really hope I can get this. :)

    More power to you and your endeavors. :)

  12. Sayang I'm missing this out! will be at Vietnam. Se you next time Ana! :)

    xx Kaye

  13. This is so cool! Parang mahihirapan ka pumili sis! Not joining na ah :)

  14. Exzel Marie Rivera

    Because Can't wait to meet you!!! :D

  15. sounds like fun! thinking of joining pero sige, chance to others nalang :P

  16. Giezelle Uy

    why should you choose me??hmm..y not??y not me??:))hahaha

    bukod sa hilig ko tlga magshopping,sumali sa contests, tumanggap ng freebies(ok cno nga nmn ndi?!?!:))) at mag hangout..gusto ko tlga pra nmn makilala ko na kayo ng bongga!!noong frst yr plng ako sa UST nakkta ko na kayo lalo na sa paligid ngmain..naalala ko nun nkkta kta sa CANDY mag coc.at nainspire ako teh sa story mo sa isang mga issue.so mamemeet ko na kayo at new experience pa!!nakakaexcite!! at lumaki ako sa hangten.lht ng damit ko cguro noon hangten na polo kac ayaw ko tlga naksleeveless gsto ko damit panglalaki.ok tama na bka nobela na ang aking entry!:)) sana po mapili nyo ako!!:))

  17. This is a very nice opportunity to get to know your readers ; )


  18. Ana! Super nahihiya ako pero, gowww, ill join! hahaha!

    ang naisip ko lang, baka magkahiyaan tayo (if you pick me), kasi, pareho tayong medyo shy type in real life (haha buti walang makakakontra dito! =P)! Pero at least bongga ang concentration natin sa styling. Hohoho!

    Srsly though, im sure nahihirapan ka na to decide. so to make things easier, pick me. =) lolwhat! goodluck sa styling stint na ito! :D

  19. Hi ana!!! :D

    ako rin nahihiya pero sige pakapalan na ng fez! :))

    I'd really love to have an opportunity to get to know you more (parang manliligaw lang haha!) and attend a bloggers event with you. Super bongga lang and fun yun for sure kasi I'll be with you.*first event ko na aattendan as a blogger if piliin mo ko :D* Lalo na yung styling part! I commute rin kasi as in everyday :o I'd love to learn on how you stay stylish even when commuting :) Plus, I love Hang Ten. I rarely wear jeans pero one of my favorite skinny jeans are from Hang Ten! sobrang kahiya man sabihin, pero mahigit 5 years old na ata yung paborito kong jeans *at may butas na siya somewhere* pero di ko talaga ma let go. haha! asa akin parin.

    anyhoo, I hope you choose me, but if not, I'll be waiting for your post about the event. parang stalker lang. haha!

    Erika Lim

  20. Dear Ana,

    Pag pinili mo ko, ililibre kita ng kape buong araw. Okay na ba sa'yo ang limang venti-sized na coffee? Hahaha. Seriously though, you have to choose me kasi for the longest time, super gusto kitang mameet at maka-bond. :) Di kita binobola pero you really are one of my favorite bloggers. :)

    I used to buy polo shirts from Hang Ten when I was in high school kasi it's really comfy and not that expensive. :)

    Ana, choose me! Parang Pokemon lang. Hahaha.

    Nariese Giangan

  21. Ruth dela Cruz

    I want to join you because I am a fashionista commuter too! ;) Hang Ten used to dominate my closet back in HS and college, until I started in a corporate world. It would be nice to know Hang Ten once again, and play the role of a fashion designer. ;)

  22. corrine emata

    well just starting my blogging experience this would be a great exposure for me.Bow!!

  23. Krystle Marie G. Pingol

    I want to see how Hangten evolved for the past years..

    I hope you'll consider me..

  24. pahabooool..


    gsto ko po tlga kac sunday un.
    after ng finals at thesis defense ko itong week gsto ko po magsaya the next day!!
    gsto ko tlga makasama kau at may mngyaring bago at masaya nmn after ng hell week na itoo....aruy..bolera na ba sobra?!?!:))

  25. michelle estranero, hushbaby22@yahoo.com http://rockstarmomma.blogspot.com

    I would love to accompany you at the blogger's event and I sure hope you will choose me because I'd love to try styling and learn more about fashion. I love your sense of style and fashion and you seem like a cool chick that I can normally talk to. I think the world is too fixated on fashion trends that people tend to forget who they are and what they like.. and I'm hoping you and Hang Ten can help me break free, to help me create my own style, be my own person, and most importantly see and experience Hang Ten fashion in a whole different light. :)


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