Maldita Man Press Conference

Friday, October 07, 2011

The weather is crazy lately! I went out yesterday after lunch ng tirik na tirik ang araw. Nakakahilo! But when I got off the bus in the Magallanes bus stop, biglang umaambon na! :P

I rode the MRT going to Trinoma to attend the Maldita Man press con and unveiling of their new image model in the Mango Tree Bistro. I know it has been a "semi-rule" for me to just choose events where I can relate to the brand or I am super interested in, but I really am curious with how a brand such as Maldita can open a line for men. Sabi ko nga sa tweet ko, baka magka ideas ako in the future for my MANagon Collection! Hehehe.

Bloggers Table with Tracy Ayson, Earth Rullan, and girls from Style Bible.

Pretty girl Tracy Ayson :)

Sarap, anghang!

They showed to us their vast menu of delish Thai dishes!  Some of which I already tried during their Greenbelt event:

Vegetarian Fried Rice...Something to try on my next visit! Feeling suki? Hehe.

Mango and Pomelo Salads: 

A little of everything:

Then, the press con begins!

Presenting, the face of MALDITA MAN:
Dr. Hayden Kho said the lookbook shoot was taken without setups and pegs, it was as if they were playing lang daw!

Another exciting collaboration: Scents by Maldita X Hayden 

Dr. Hayden Kho described his style as "Hip Classic"
Hayden said he doesn't buy local clothes because of the fit and material. Kaya thankful siya for Maldita Man for making clothes that he will actually wear!

"Being a Maldito is being relaxed and comfortable, without even trying," he added.

Dra. Vicky Belo was also there!
The charming Hayden Kho even told the press that he'd love to dress up their whole entourage with all-Maldita clothing! Bongga!

My family's fave blogger ever: Ms. Cecile Zamora-Van Straten aka Chuvaness!

Dra. Vicky Belo on how to keep the spice in their relationship: Life is an adventure and should always be fun. We surprise each other. And we are competitive, so we try out a lot of things.

Hayden Kho, wearing Maldita Man polo and jeans:
.....And Dra. Vicky Belo in a Prada dress. <3

Lovely Lady!
Sana I age with grace like Ms. Vicky: fashionable, beautiful, and witty!

The host asked Dra. Vicky if wearing Maldita Man made Hayden even sexier now?

Dra Vicky: Oh, but he is sexier without clothes on!


Headed to the Maldita store for the unveiling of their in-store billboard:

With Maldita's Gilbert Avendano, Jinkee Pacquiao, Emelda Teng, Eric Teng, and Hayden Kho

Joined everyone inside the store:

Of course I checked out the MALDITA products! The clothes that caught my attention:

Trousers in different colors:

This hippie top for "everyday wear"

They have pretty wedges and clutches too!

Versatile leopard maxi dress:

I also like their oversized bags!

Tracy and Maldita's Betsy!
I was with Tracy the whole time! I love this girl, benta forever! She's one of my little sisters since our Candymag days pa. :) Love that we are still in touch after all these years!

Ara Mina. Naalala ko naging Maldita endorser din sya before!

Tracy wanted to take pictures of fashionable people during the event, so we looked for Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao. Saw her outside the store...Or akala lang pala namin yun!
It was Janet... Ms. Jinkee's twin!

Naduduling na ba ako? :D 
Hayden Kho, between Janet Jamora and Jinkee Pacquiao!


MALDITA MAN has embedded itself in the discerning taste of the populace where only the finer possessions are chosen. The MALDITA MAN is well educated and well travelled making the world his domain. He is upwardly-mobile in this fast paced world, global by nature where he's adaptive senses are always well tuned, constantly connected and updated.

MALDITA MAN is stylish and yet sensible, without pretentions. His individuality stands out and expressed clearly.


  1. May twin pala si Jinkee Pacquiao? :O I didn't know! Bet ko yung MANagon Collection ha. Go for it!!! ;)

  2. Wow bongga! siya na pla new endorser :)

    Fashion Blogger

  3. Grabe, wala akong masabi! Literal na kambal na talaga sila! Haha. I love Maldita talaga. Super ganda ng stuff nila kahit noon pa. As in. :) Favorite collab ko dati e yung Kate Torralba x Maldita. :)

  4. Megann: Gulat din ako, i know may kambal siya but diko akalain ganun ka kamukha! :D
    Hahaha oks ba MANagon?! Yun ang tawag ng barkada ko sa boyfriends ng barkada e hahaha :DDD

    Kaye: Thank you! :)) Yes! Bongga!

    Nariese: Wow oo nga noh, naalala ko naman yung Black Sheep. Very creative team and brand :))


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