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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From pa-corporate ...

To PFW-ready!

LBD + Sheer Top
Black bag c/o Lapdance
Clogs c/o Manels / Australian black flats with DIY studs
White Slither with Tassel - Anagon Collection

New skulls bracelets from Anagon Collection!

Grabe, I'm a fan of ''transition-ready'' outfits. From commuter-friendly - lakas maka manang look, to bonggay ready to partey! Haha. Alam yan ng mga kasama ko, ako na ang palaging malaki ang bag!

The past days had been very busy, parang parte na ang headache sa everyday life ko (katabi ko na ang Katinko sa bed, haha). Parang normal na siya. And alam kong ''intro'' palang to, patikim ba sa busier days ahead! Wala pang bazaars to! Lots of pre Bloggers United meetings with sponsors, blog events here and there, tapos making Anagon Collection orders and for-bazaar stocks din. Anyway, basta habang kaya, larga gow lang! Para masaya sa Pasko! ;D

Photos from past Bloggers United meetings / post meetings:

At Treston, our venue!

Dinner treat ni Mich after our meeting! Heaven and Eggs!!!

Thank youuuu Mich!

TOSH lunch in between sponsors meetings

Super productive days! Though I realized, I haven't attended a single PFW show, haha. :S So di ko din nairampa yang second look ko, sigh. Hopefully I can catch a show pa! :) But for now, I am just thankful for the turnouts of all the bloggers bazaar and events planning. :) Thank You Lord Thank You Lord! :)

OH! We also have a winner na for the SURVEY thingie I made to help out some DLSU students on their thesis! We already reached the required number of respondents... And so I drew one lucky girl via got Megann Jabola's name! YEY! Congrats!!! :)

Thanks to everyone who joined / answered the survey! Lahat tayo dumadaan sa thesis, and alam nating hindi siya easy. Naalala ko yun panahon na halos magka war na sa circle of friends ko dahil jan sa thesis na yan, hahaha. It's the least I can do to pay-forward all the goodness and help I got from random people while I was still in my senior year in college. :)

Good luck Jenny and your group!


  1. i miss Heaven 'n Eggs! saan pa meron? the one at Eastwood closed, i think. :(

    anyway, good luck w/ all the meetings for BU2! it's going to be worth it in the end, i'm sure. :)

    boat ride through the sky

  2. Come December all hard work will be pay off :)

    Fashion Blogger

  3. Hello Anagon! It's my first time to visit your blog and when I read the first-two sentences, natatawa talaga ako! :))
    Oooh, I can really relate. I'm from Cebu and I hate dressing up when riding a jeep because I have to think about snatchers and hold-uppers that's why I have to dress SAFE. Hahah! Im looking forward in reading your posts.

  4. Gela: Excited nako! Lalo na at part ka na! Alamonaman super idol kita!! ;) H&E Glorietta 4 lang yan! :))

    Kaye: Thank you! Hoping for the best! :))

    Angeli: WOW thank you so much, so cool to meet a cebuana blogger here in the www :)) Enjoy the ride!!

  5. Thank you Ana! :) Kita kits sa Global Pinoy ah! And I'm sure all the hard work will pay off. I'm really looking forward to Bloggers United! Nasa planner ko na yan. ;)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  6. Yey! Ill bbm you megann kung kelan tayo magkikita uli! :)) See youuu!


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