Weekend Surprises :)

Monday, November 07, 2011

I was caught in the frenzy of simultaneous bazaars last weekend that I didn't even know of the "Revilla SONA" which happened early yesterday, hehe. Aside from my BB, my iTouch had served its purpose of being a handy lifesaver (from boredom), but once the gadget shuts down, I can't think of any nakakagising-activity other than EAT EAT AND EAT. Tati Buendia, owner of Bubbles, witnessed how I can't stop munching just to get by the whole day of being stuck in your stall. Hehe. It was a fun and inspiring weekend, though.

Aside from the bazaars, here are two reasons that made my week extraextra memorable:

Globe Tattoo Billboard with fellow bloggers
Photo from this page.
Watch LED billboard here.

Car scene with Mom, Dad, and Cea:
Me to Cea: Tignan mo o.. (showing this picture from my phone)
Cea: Ano yan, bold billboard?
Dad: Porn movie?
Me: Ano baaaa...
Mom: Parang Avatar!

My dearest Beb Ava Te even took a photo of the "real" billboard in EDSA:
Cea: Parang internet app lang a! Yun kanwari asa billboard ka!

My dear friends Kim and Tameme tagged me last Friday in this picture from Philippine Star:
Freeway X Manansala event

The whole page pic is from Keigh Jalbuena, she's also included in the feature! :)

In all honesty, I don't really know how to react or feel when I saw these, I never even checked out the St. Scho mini billboard I had before. I don't want to appear mayabang or vain. Hahaha. But I really am veryvery thankful --Especially to Him! Because these are all His works--not even included in my bucket list or wildest dreams! It's not posting just to have something to brag about, but more of, just documenting them here in my blog kasi feel ko when I am old na and have kids, "Story to Tell" nanaman to. Akalain niyo diba! 

Other than that, they are nice once-in-a-lifetime personal moments worth remembering (for me). :)

That's it! I miss blogging and my online shop! :)
Have a great week, guys!


  1. ayun naman Ana! saktong seductive lang ang partially parted lips! haha pretty! =) bongga with all the features, congrats! =)

  2. Hahahah hindi ko talaga mode ang fierce fierce-an :D Effort! :D Thank you Ghoent! God bless! :)

  3. Sosyal naman... may billboard ka na talaga, Anna. I'm so happy for you. :) Tuloy-tuloy na ang pagsikat mo. Hehe!

  4. Congratulations, Ana!! ♥ Deserve niyo lahat to be there. Super fierce ng photos! Truly blessed. :">


  5. Congratulations Ana!!! Ang ganda ganda ng billboard niyo nila Ava, Pax, and others. :D More power to you!!! More billboards to come. ;D


  6. hi ana! congrats on your billboard! :) galing!


  7. Ang posh lang Ms. Ana! Not the usual bungingis you pero achieve na achieve ang fierce fierce-an! :D It's actually very refreshing to see you na ganyan ang pose. Congratulations! :)

  8. Congrats Ana! so proud of you! :)


  9. Cool! Congrats, Big Sis! :D
    Saan sa EDSA yung billboard mo? Gusto ko rin makita. Tee hee. :))

  10. Congratulations Ana! You look so pretty in your billboard! :)


  11. Salamat ng madami sa mga congrats guys!!! :) God is good!!! :)) All for HIM! :)

  12. hahaha natawa ako dun sa app!:)) sabi ko nga kay gersh para ngang mukhang phinotoshop ko lang para kunwari billboard! chos!:))


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