Assumption College Week Bazaar

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spent last week in Assumption College San Lorenzo for their College Week bazaar. It was a loooong week, imagine going back there for 5 consecutive days by around 9am, and leaving the place by about 5. Parang nagsschool lang! Nakakatawa coz we can leave our stocks in their SC Room, so dad left me commuting to AC the whole week, na medyo malayo padin pala from Ayala MRT. Ang guards pa for the gates sa San Lorenzo Village and sa mismong campus ay very strict, so specific lang ang pwedeng pasukan --- And yung pinaka malayo pang gate nila ang for visitors (lol).

The stall set-up:

Except for the tables and wire mesh, I pack up EVERYTHING in this booth EVERYDAY. Yan ang buhay tindera!

Your very masipag tindera, hehe:

Another thing that made the week sooo long is that walang outlets anywhere within the reach of my stall, so I didn't bother bringing a laptop with me. So almost a week ng wala (or limited) ang pagbblog and update ng online shop (nakakasira ng ulo, joke). What entertained me: Temple Run, food trip, and the new friends I met: The other stall owners / helpers!

The main source of entertainment (hehe)

The Food Trips:

AC Canteen

The Assumptionista blogger friend: Keigh Jalbuena! :)

Thank you so much for all the hangouts and talks! :)

Meet the friendly (bazaar) neighbors!

Mads of the IZZO Shop!

The super nice Ate and Kuya of the FrancisM Clothing Co.

Beam of ARTWINE! My favorite cases came from this store! :)

The Bini Boshi! :D Cute hats store!

*not in photo: ate from Bedazzle! :)

What I love about the venue of the bazaar was kahit outdoor siya, hindi naman ako nabilad sa araw, and maganda ang ventilation. Also, near siya sa restrooms and sa canteen! A little downside was sa college area lang pala to that the high school and grade school only discovered of our little selling corner nun 3rd day na. Medyo nahassle din ako when it suddenly rained at nabasa talaga yun floors namin:

I got scared for my clothes, kaya ko lang naisip isabit sila sa higher racks aka back ng wire mesh ko hehe

The ates were very prompt though, swept the floors nun tumila na yung ulan:

As a seller for 6 years, and nag babazaar for around 5 years na ata, friends will always ask for my advice or help whenever they want to try out this venture. I realized that although I really really want to help and mag feeling Guru of bazaaring, hirap ako to impart this "knowledge" ... I still have a lot to learn. I realized that you'll never learn unless you go out there and just take the risk.

I really look forward to school bazaars because of my many years of good experiences in some schools (like DLSU!), na whatever the weather (Pasko o hindi!) people still support the stalls. I also have "blacklisted" venues (and unfortunately even schools) na hindi talaga maganda ang sales: Maliban sa mahirap habulin yung price ng pwesto, don't forget that you still have to consider money-out for your gas, food, products puhunan, and other extra expenses. As for my sales in this bazaar, medyo so-so lang sya, and medyo disappointing for me who experienced tiba-tibang bazaar stints in another all-girls school before. Here, around 3 stalls ang nag quit and pulled out their items by Wednesday--One nung first day palang.

Anyway, aside from this, I still felt the love from the Assumptionistas (maliban dun sa kaisa-isang kung maka-make fun sa tusk necklaces ko to her every different friend na kasama niya everytime dumadaan siya sa stall ko :P). The bazaar stint is not a total flop for Anagon Collection, thankful nalang ako for my affordable prices. And of course, this 5-day tindera mode is still memorable just because of the good company: ates and stall owners, we always ride the shuttle going out of the village going to SM together. :) 

Hay buhay tindera! Forever uncertain = Forever Exciting! And with that, like a true blue entrepreneur:
I'll just charge this to experience! :)


  1. aww, beb! na miss ko st. scho and DLSU bazaars natin!! and ay sino naman tohng maka-okray si tusk girl??:| love ko din food trip!!

    1. I miss that too beb! :) Enjoy na enjoy bazaaring natin before! :) Hay kainis lang yung girl, kung makalait! :P May time sinabi ko sa group nya "Gawa ko yan" medyo napahiya sila. Walang manners lang

  2. Award kita friend for being so masipag!! :) And not only that, you love what you do rin naman kaya push lang sa mga ganyang ganaps. I admire you for that!! ♥


  3. ANg cute ng booths nyo ni Beam :) i cant help ogling at those felt animal pouches ---- kagigil sa cuteness!

    I'm just so proud of your hardwork and diligence, Ana. I'm perfectly sure there are others who are doubly, triply or "put-a-number"-ly proud as I am with what you do. So don't think much about those who do not appreciate your work--- they're inevitable people and we need them to give us a good push forward in our craft.

    I will watch your future bazaar stories. I wanna see how you grow in this experience :) Yuck, stalker effect? Di naman.

    1. Thanks Argie! :) Totoo yan :) What is a world all-daisies and rainbows lang, syempre mas maganda yung may good and bad para mas maappreciate pag ayan na si good :)) Thank you again a!

    2. hi ms ana. i'm cat from bedazzle. sayang wasn't able to meet u personally. busy kasi with my shop in la salle since my shop girl belle was my tindera in assumption :) anyway, i read your blog constantly. hope to meet u next time. god bless :)

    3. Hi Ms. Cat! :) I enjoyed having Bedazzle as one of my neighbors! :) Hope I can meet you too soon! :) I am interested in consigning my wire art in your nice store!!! :D

  4. Ang tagal na talaga ng Anagon Collection! Don't mind si ate who doesn't appreciate your work. You make art and mas maraming may love sa works mo :D

  5. Thank you Gellie! :) I really appreciate this! :)


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