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Friday, February 24, 2012

I love the timing of these blog events, as if they really planned all these "reminders" to warn me about my (napapabayaang) weight (hehe). I remembered having the weight-loss drink event late last year, a few weeks before Christmas season, which kind-of sent me the PING! warning that I have to lose the extra pounds na at malapit na uli ang panahon ng kainan! :P This time, ngayong pa-summer na, Nestle Fitnesse, with it's perfect timing, held a ZUMBA event yesterday in Top of the Citi Makati:

Went with Krissy of!

Upon registration, nagulat nalang ako that they gave us these iPod Shuffles containing mga Zumba songs!!! :D Naexcite na ako kaagad!

We started with, of course, Fitnesse breakfast!!! 

I remembered around a month ago, while manning my Assumption Bazaar stall, I decided to buy a box of Fitnesse in the nearby Landmark grocery para medyo diet-mode ako even when in a bazaar (dahil I'm at my most matakaw pag nag titinda, hehe). I ate the cereals chichiria style, and finished a box ng hindi man lang nattry ng may milk. In this event, I not only tried the other Nestle Fitness variants (available in Low Fat Whole Wheat, Honey & Almond and FITNESSE & Fruit) ... May Nestle Low Fat Milk pa AND assorted healthy nuts and fruit toppings!

High in volume and with low-calorie density, whole grains make you feel fuller longer. It contains fiber and is also high in calcium, iron and folic acid.

With Krissy, who, kahit payat na, wants a healthier lifestyle! :) 

After our healthy (and grain-filled!) breakfast, Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez hosted the program. Super quirky, nakakagising kahit ang aga!

To kickstart a healthier lifestyle, NESTLЀ FITNESSE introduced the 14-day program. It is a 14-day meal plan that lets you enjoy the crispy-brown sweetness of the NESTLЀ FITNESSE cereal in replacement of your usual breakfast and dinner.

The Top of the Citi boys, shaking the FITNESSE boxes! Kulet!

I like what Ms. Tessa said about diets, na she doesn't believe in it, but more of just learn how to choose healthier food options. Nakailang on and off diet narin ako, and I would say they really don't work. Pumayat man ako that time, it wouldn't be long-term, and mas high ang risks like bounce-back of old weight.

An interview with Nestle Fitnesse team:

Aside from right food choices, combine this with an energetic workout like the latest exercise craze, Zumba® Fitness --inspired by Latin dance that lets participants sweat it out without getting bored thanks to the fusion of samba, salsa, chacha, and even Bollywood and hip-hop moves, all set to funky Latin and other modern music! 

We tried out the ZUMBA moves, thanks to the great ZUMBA instructors!

Easy-to-follow, Zumba® Fitness works out all areas of the body for a maximum calorie-burning experience! Actually, it wasn't THAT easy to follow, pero keber nalang! ;D They told us that the important thing is to KEEP ON MOVING! Ang saya!

We also used the Zumba Sticks in one part of the session! :D Shake et!

After almost an hour of dancing, idaan sa kendeng, side-steps, and kanwari gets ko ang move projection... I actually ended up super pawis na pawis! Buti they provided us with water sprays and towels! Ang sarap ng feeling!
 I'm sure maganda din ito sa skin! :)

With Ms. Jill, one of the Zumba Instructors! Ang galing niya, and peg ko lang ang abs ha! :D

And yes, Ms. Tessa danced with us! There was a time na katabi ko sya! :D Kaaliw, lalo her Zumba outfit! :D

She Zumba-d with these heeled shoes! :D

After the whole-body workout, it was time for LUNCH! :D

 All prepared by Chef Jessie Sincioco, our meals consist of Nestle Fitnesse-incorporated in our salad, main course, and dessert. They all tasted sooo good!

Krissy and I shared this plate: sa kanya chicken, akin yung garnish, este, gulay! :)

A delish cheese cake with Nestle Fitness crust! So creative!

Ms. Tessa interviewed Krissy about the food, and nasabi niya na I am a vegetarian. Parehas pala kami ni Ms. Tessa! :) Had a short talk with her on veg restaurants post-event. :)

Our fun company:

 Krissy and I went home with boxes of Nestle Fitnesse cereals! Naku kelangan ko na talaga nito lalo na at swimsuit season na! :D

Krissy tweeted me that night na she's dancing to the tunes in our new iPod. Sabi ko, namemorize mo na ang Zumba moves?

Krissy: Hindi, kahit ano lang! Baliw-baliwan lang ang peg!

Take a chance to experience the NESTLЀ FITNESSE Way, by attending the NESTLÉ FITNESSE SHAPE UP NIGHT! Featuring Zumba® fitness party. The biggest Zumba® Fitness event in the country will be held on March 31, 6pm at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Expect to strut, spin, shimmy, and shake with the help of Manila’s top Zumba® Fitness instructors and enjoy nutritious servings of NESTLЀ FITNESSE cereals.

To gain free access to the event, guests just need to present a proof of purchase of any NESTLЀ FITNESSE variant and present it at the entrance or you could opt to purchase at the event.

Let us all welcome the NESTLÉ FITNESSE way to shape up our lifestyle this summer!


  1. Hahaha gosh andyan pa talaga yun sinabi ko hahaha :D

    Super fun! Ang saya talaga ng interactive events! :D

  2. For two months, Nestle Fitnesse cereals lang ang kinakain ko (whole day) because I went through a strict diet. Super okay naman, di nakakagutom masyado! :) Kaaliw tong event niyo, Ana! :) Work out galore! ♥


  3. Nice ang event! Actually dati I managed to eat up a box kasi crunchy siya and okay naman ang lasa XD Creative nga ang cheesecake!

    Almira :)

  4. I do Zumba too but sa bahay lang, I downloaded videos hehe. Zumba's really fun!

    x Roan

  5. wow, sossy, may ipod shuffle! sarap namn ng breakfast with nestle!!

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed your first Zumba experience! Hope to see you and your friends on March 31! PEACE. LOVE. ZUMBA. ♥

  7. Hi girls thank you for your comments! :) So who tried the zumba na here? :)


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