From Sack Dress to Getting Styled by Aisa Ipac! :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Parang napaka bloated the past days. Jirita mode the whole week every time I try to come up with a decent outfit while manning my DLSU Univ Week bazaar stall--decent, and not even necessarily fashionable na! Wala na ko pakels, taba taba ko :(

Anyhooo... Been a while since I last attended a bloggers event with my girls, I really missed them! Finally went with them to the Robinsons Department Store beauty fair awhile ago, made sure to veer away sa pair of pants -- one week na akong naka pantalon! ;P Haha!

My fat clothes include: A piece of black sack dress:

Black sack dress - ukay
Pearls Headband - DIY
Pearls Necklace c/o The Little Thing She Needs
Pearls Bracelet - Accessorize c/o Summit
Big black watch - Timex c/o SM Privado
Bag - Dooney and Burke
Shoes - Parisian
Audrey Hepburn Stud Earrings - market in SG

Aside from trying to hide the bulges, I also wanted the look to focus on Audrey Hepburn. Kaya ganyan ang kinalabasan: Lakas maka donya, hehe.

Here are some post-event kwentos... After Sarah and I strolled and window-shopped, parang hinihingal na ako kaagad so we decided to dine somewhere...


 Mineee! :)

We ate in Lutong Hinirang, ang sarap ng Malunggay Pesto Pasta ko! :)

It's a neat place where we overstayed and waited for the others, habang nagchichikahan nadin! :) Really enjoy these girls' company! Ang kukulit!

Aisa, Ava, and Sarah!
 Ok ba ako mag photoshop, Pax? ;) Hehehe!

With Angel and Aie! :) I missed them, long time no see a! :D
Guys totoo na yun glasses ni Angel, HAHAHA!

Ava also had meet ups with her blog giveaway winners, one of which turned out to be my Love Diva little sister Frances! :)

Resumed chikahan in Coffee Bean, naka 3 coffee pala ako today :P

And lastly, I thought it would be fun to be dressed up by my stylist and blog girlfriend Pax! With the P1500 budget, she chose clothes for me in Robinsons Department Store! 

Pax: Nachallenge ako!
Me: Wag ka mapressure!

After a few minutes of going around, circling the assorted and wide variety of clothes in the Robinsons Department Store, ang galing galing lang na ang bilis niya akong nastyle, complete with accessories na! :D

What do you guys think? :)

Twitter Convo:

Pax: Styled . Iba na peg nia sa next event. Abangan!:)
Me:  lurks ka!!! Hahaha baka mag expect naman mga tao e gothic-boho padin ako trololol
Pax:  ay hinde naaa! goodbye gothic boho, hello lakas makayaman look! hahahhaa

Hahaha! The term "gothic boho" came from Pax, which I overheard sa kanilang usapan with my shopping buddies Ava and Angel habang asa dressing room ako. Hindi pala ako hippie a guys, gothic boho! HAHAHA. 

Anyway, LOVE my new look! :D Thank you PAX! Iba talaga pag Aisa Ipac, naks! ;) Hire her as your personal shopper, the best! Expect me to wear these on our next event....... As in ETONG ETO din, hahaha!


  1. loved the outfit sis!! =))) when you said personal shopper alala ko si becky brandon ng shopaholic.. miss aisa x becky! =) at likableeess so much din yung hair color! =) yeeeh!

  2. as always, enjoyed your post!
    sarap ng food. parang gusto ko try gawin ang malunggay pesto pasta.

    ibang iba ang dating mo sis sa outfitey!
    you look dalagang dalaga! :)
    lakas makahatak ng suitors.

    but ill always love your hippie looks, or as per miss pax's term.gothic boho!

    ingat lagi!


  3. Awww nakaka-miss kayo!! :) I love the styling ni Pax sayo, lakas makayaman ng peg talaga! :) Bagay sayo, girl! But I will always love pa rin your "gothic boho". Haha kisses!!


  4. yay for your new look Ana :) I also luvd the headband you wore on your audrey hepburn look :D

  5. SUPER BAGAYYYYY!!! Looking forward to seeing you in person wearing that sis! ♥ Galing talaga ni Pax! :)

  6. love it! Namiss ko ang styling fun after coffee bean! See you guys soon! =)

  7. Hahahaha thank you guys! Napressure ako mag look my best na hahahaha :D

  8. You look so cute ana! Kaloka ka! Lakas nga makayaman nito atey! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. pretty new look, Ana! i think this is the first time i've seen you sporting those colors. bagay sayo! :D

    boat ride through the sky

  10. Yiheeeee! Ganda mo! :) And hahahahaha love the Photoshopping on Pax's picture! :p


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