Tokyo Tokyo Burgers Event!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally got the chance to "escape" my DLSU bazaar stall last night and attend a blog event for Tokyo Tokyo. Mom allowed to me to go out even on a weekday na bazaar week pa (I know I'm such a baby haha) just because it's only for dinner in Shang. Went to a 5pm meeting with Pax, and we went straight from the exciting project in Ortigas to Shang Mall's Le Coeur de France for some "supposed snack time". Kape kape lang! But we ended up so full na even before our food event even started! ;P Tigas ng ulo. LOL.



When we reached the venue (ang laki ng Tokyo Tokyo dito!), we saw that bloggers and Tokyo Tokyo chef were in the middle of making their own California Maki! :D

Cutie Jill of The Food Scout, amused with her work! :D

The cute (ang hunk lang) DJ Gino of RX hosted the event!

They asked for more volunteers, but slightly tamad-mode ako that time (nagsisisi nako). Here's Ms. Lace of Style and Relax! :) Donned in a kimono dahil asa invi na "best in Japanese costume" wins MUJI gifts and GCs! :P

Since I came from my bazaar, I only got to bring my white Hello Kitty frames which I got from a market in SG. Ang cute, papagraduhan ko to! Nakakatuwa because I see the youngsters in Singapore train stations and streets wearing these, and walang pakels ang mga tao as if normal lang na ganito suot mo, hehe:
Also wore another SG find: An "origami airplane" ring which I scored in what I call "Bloggers United ng SG". Cute!

Anyway, the second batch of blogger volunteers made American Maki naman, cool kasi may cream cheese and spam! :)

 I am not sure if you've been to a Tokyo Tokyo branch lately and noticed that they are more than a bento place. Tokyo Tokyo has always been known for its Japanese dishes with a unique twist to appeal to the Filipino taste buds--offering complete meals in a box at may refillable rice pa! Now, they also serve California Maki and other Japanese rolls, which costs less than P100 lang so sulit na for me! :) Anyway, this event introduced another addition to their growing menu..

 After the demo, we went to our seats for more Tokyo Tokyo Talks:

Most of the other guests are food bloggers! :)

With my super kulit and fun company: Aisa Ipac! :)
"Maka picture lang!" Lol.

What we had:

American Maki:

California Maki:

Introducing the new Tokyo Tokyo Burgers!!! Japanese premium burgers that you can afford, my meat-loving sisterettes will love these!!!

Shogun literally means commander in chief, and the Tokyo Tokyo Shogun Burger definitely commands your appetite with its crunchy onion rings, and premium beef patty with savory Tonkatsu sauce!

Shiitake mushroom has been a well known classic delicacy in Asia for centuries, and they made it even better with this delectable Shiitake Mushroom Burger with Teriyaki sauce and shiitake mushrooms.

The other burgers they served that night:
They also have two new kinds of Japanese burgers not in this poster yet, so I am not sure if it's ok to reveal them na! :) Watch out for them! ;))

One of my favorite blogger couples: Sir Azrael and Ms. Lace enjoying their Japanese burgers!

At dahil busog kami, si Pax naman, enjoying her take homes (hahaha!)...My family LOVES me when I went home with these baon!

After awhile, they showed their new Tokyo Tokyo TV ad for Shogun Burger, featuring Daniel Matsunaga!

Like a teaser, biglang andun nga si Papa Daniel!!! 

Daming pogi in one small room! :P Lol.

Hooray for today! Oops ibang fast food pala yun lolz:
Pwede na bang Heart Evangelista? Chos. 

The Appetite.PH Team with their newest ambassador Daniel Matsunaga:

They ended the event with announcement of the 3 best in Japan Japan outfitey, gusto ko mag Meow! I'm Hello Kitty! Trololol!

Congrats to a new blog friend Jhe for winning! :)

Ms. Lace also got the Muji prizes! Congrats to all the winners! :)

Then as if hindi pa enough na enough ang tiba tibang burgers, they also sent us home with Bento Boxes! :)

What new Tokyo Tokyo offers would YOU like to try? :) Arigato gozaimasu Tokyo Tokyo for the fun night! :)


  1. Nice! may burger na sila.. must try! :)


  2. kulit, was craving fro tuna misono last night but tinamad kami mag greenhills so ajisen nalang :P

  3. kulit, was craving for tuna misono last night but tinamad kami mag greenhills, ajisen nalang :P will try the new stuff, showed dennis the burgers :)

  4. Nice na! In fairness matagal na akong di nakakakain ulit sa Tokyo Tokyo :))

    Almira :)

  5. ANAAAA!!! I SWEAR I NEED YOUR HELLO KITTY GLASSES. Hahaha oh emmm I hope I could find something like that here in the Philippines. Gravyyy!! Favorite ko yan. Haha! Miss you girl! Great that you had a yummy escape from your bazaar. Kwentuhan soon! ♥


  6. Hi! I'm Timmy, the girl in yellow in one of your photos. We're not actually from the Tokyo Tokyo team, but we're from :)


  7. hello girlies! :) thank you for the comments! :) Fatima: Oops sorry! Editing!!


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