A WICKED Weekend in Singapore!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

One word I seldom use: BACKLOGS. :P 

I can't  believe I have lots of pending stories to tell here in my blog. The SG weekend then the tuloy-tuloy bazaar left me with less sleep and no time to compose my chikas to you guys. :p Anyway, taking this time instead of sleeping para maisulat na ang last day of our SG getaway. Dahil we have barely 3 days for this trip, we made sure to maximize our whole Saturday, dahil Sunday ng madaling araw ang flight namin (around 1am!) Here are the Day 3 happenings:

Woke up early early morning in my cousin Ate Ginger's house, early because she attends church every Saturday. Decided na mag kodakan around her SG home para mapakita ko kay mommy, ebidensya na pumunta ako dun! Hehe:

What a neat place! 

Went out with this view of the compound:
They have a park and an area where you can plant, para sa mga green thumb!
Nakakatawa ang basang hair look ko dito haha sorry hindi ako sanay sa blowdry and shiz, low maintenance mag overnight haha! Someday I will live in my maleta! ;P 

Ate Ginj treated me to a "hawker" breakfast-an, walking distance from her place:

Sabi ni Ate Ginj, dahil fast-paced and on-the-go ang most of the Singaporeans, eatery like this can be found everywhere! Para di na kelangan mag luto at mag clean up...
Si Ate Ginj na mahilig magluto can't find the time nun lumipat siya sa SG. More than a year na sya here, and learned to cook at least once a week: tapos balde baldehado na para store nalang sa ref. Nakakasawa din daw mag eat out palagi!

While waiting for Ate Ginger and our food, took pics of the surroundings:

Finally... Breakfast!

Two silver tin cans contain our half-cooked eggs, blue container with the sauces, and our mugs of yummy coffee:

You dip the bread sa egg and sauce mix:

After the authentic Singaporean breakfast (thanks Ate Ginj for letting me experience this!) went to Ate's friends' house to drop off my overnight bag and change into a more decent outfitey for a Broadway. Pabreakfast palang sila ate and her gang, so I went to Marina Bay Sands on my own so I can go around the mall pa, and even catch the Titanic Exhibit!

Entered the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands for this:
The Titanic Artifact Exhibition! 2012 marks the 100th year since the Titanic sank.

Unfortunately, taking pictures wasn't allowed inside. Ang dami kong gusto ishare--artifacts, interesting stories, tear-jerker quotes, model of the iceberg, even the classic tip-of-ship where naging famous ang "I'm flying" pose ni Jack and Rose (lol). Ang cool that they showed talaga yung comparison ng plates used if you were from the first class, second class or third class cabin. Also, you can also see the models of the rooms for each class...Even the different luxurious rooms inside the Titanic: Like yung yosihan room for the fine gentlemen, and the posh library for the ladies.

They also gave us this "Boarding Pass" upon entering "the ship". Nakakaexcite! Feel na feel kong asa 1912 uli ako! At the back of the boarding pass may name of a real person who was in the infamous passenger line, plus his / her story! By the end of the exhibit, you will even learn if nakasurvive ka or you went down with the "unsinkable ship". Cool lang!

I thought mabilis lang ito, but it was already 1:15pm nung asa last two rooms ako of the exhibit. I had to rush dahil 1:30 ang Wicked and I can't be late for the play (kundi papapasukin ako sa second part na! :P). Anyway, worth it going here!

Anyway, the experience is super interesting! I love history, and I am a sucker for Titanic's story. No cheesy Celine Dion or epic 1997 movie flute sounds here, hehe. (though favorite ko din yung mga yun a, lol)

Rushed to MBS Theaters to meet Ate and her friends for Wicked!

Happy audience!

Really satisfied with this play! Got teary eyed lalo nun Defying Gravity and No One Mourns the Wicked.
I love musicals, and stories on friendship! Nag break heart ko! :P
It's time to try 
Defying gravity 
I think I'll try 
Defying gravity 
And you can't pull me down! 

I love Elphie! :(((

Play finished at around 4:30. Met with my cousin after to go around the city one last time :(

Cute panda stall by the Chinese New Year festivities around MBS:

I love the fashion stores here which you can't find pa in Manila (for now, I guess! :))

With Ren again! :)

Lost in translation, hehe:

Finally spotted a Ben & Jerry's!

Kahit super busog na, I knew I have to try kahit small cup lang!

Cookie Dough! :P

Ang sarap nga! I love the chewy cookies!

More strolling...

Busy Orchard Road:

A cute candy place: Sticky! Eto yung may prints sa maliliit na candies, na pede ipacustomize!

Ren and I met with Ate Ginger in an area in Orchard, na Ukay Ukay daw. 

Turns out, the stalls here sell their pre-loved clothes and accessories and other neat items. 

Some even have handmade products na super cool!

Cheap finds!

Some have signages with their webpages: Na parang bloggers ba sila! Narealize ko "Parang Bloggers United to a!" 

KYOT! Ay matutuwa din dito si Beb Ava! :D

Got a shirt and a skirt for only 50c each! Headed to the nearby mall para magpalamig... 

Artease Cafe for milk tea! Finally naka try na ng milk tea in SG! :D

Cute ng wall:

Walked to another mall for dinner, saw this indie band playing sa sidewalk:

My cousins from mom's side and dad's side! :D Nagsama sila so I can spend time with both of them on my last day in SG! :)

Last dinner in SG :P
Yup, panay kain lang kami dito! :P

Reminded me of Pinas, and that I will go home na in a few hours:

By 9pm....More picturean before saying goodbye :(

Train ride with Ren on my way "home":

Texted Ate, who was also going around SG with her many friends there. Nakakaaliw mag text! Hehe:

Airport by 11am:

Twin Maletas:

Twister Fries after checking in:

Bye SG! :,(

Another trip comes to an end! I really love travelling! Kahit ang goal was Tipid Trip lang to, I know nasulit namin ang short stay in Singapore. Adventure gives us uncertainties and exposes us to the unfamiliar, what will come out of this?

One thing is for sure: It WILL burn up a big hole in your pocket (and what a huge hole it created in mine! :P Lol), but the rewards will cover-up for all the expenses you've sacrificed for barely 4 or 5 days of travel-happy. You'll gain experiences, meet new friends, and the best thing you'll ever get from going out there is you not only find out that which is a completely different world from yours--You also get to know yourself much better. How you endure and react in a sudden change of venue. How you adapt, how you'll live.

Ending this post with a quote that goes something like Life is a book. If you haven't been to other parts of the world, then you have only read the first page.

To more travels!


  1. san nabili ng ate mo un blue dress niya? I saw something similar in Zara, but fit wasn't that good.

  2. I love your traveling posts! Sarap mo magkwento! :)

  3. Indeed, traveling is very heavy on the pocket but I'd rather save my money and then travel instead! After all, traveling experiences are priceless.

    Grabe, pinakana-amaze ako sa Titanic Exhibit... I suddenly wished I were in SG! :))

    1. Super interesting nun titanic noh? :) No regrets on going there kahit walang kasama! :) I wish I stayed longer kung may time lang, I didnt even find my "name" sa list of survivors :P

  4. grabe! na-miss ko sabra singapore with this post! i used to have that breakfast all the time myself pero sa clark quay area! i really really want to go back. kaka-miss, specially the food, sobrang sarap! :))

    1. Hindi ako used to the raw egg but the mixture plus the bread made it taste yummy and interesting! :)) Naku sana makatravel din tayong mga blogettes soon :)) Miss you Sarah! :))

  5. with your post na-miss ko bigla ang sg & my family there, hay! i also experienced going to a flea market (ukay2) in sg, at naku ang mga pinay ang best in tawad, at kami yun. is the flea market that you went is in *scape?...wish to go back to sg soon.

  6. been travelling pero locally lang---takot tlg ako pag outside Pinas=D Pero I realized I'm missing a lot haha,=D nice post Ana

  7. Hello! =) Really enjoyed this post =) May I know kung saan yung exactly yung ukay sa orchard road? =) Parang ang sarap mag shop dun e! :)

  8. cheers for more travels!! I love travelling too :)

    reaaly enjoyed reading your SG diaries.. I wanna go back to SG n din, hopefully soon.

  9. Thanks for replying to my question! :) Sorry, more questions...How long did it take you to finish the Titanic exhibition? How long did Wicked last? I'm creating an itinerary for my SG trip kasi. Thanks again!

  10. i love your blog :) following :)

    follow mine too


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