I needed a day-out

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I was sick yesterday, so I had to cancel some plans and meetings. I took Benadryl, after Googling that the medicine is for Allergic Rhinitis--feeling ko yun pala yung sakit ko all along, and not Flu. Often times I catch this sickness after tiring myself to death or after getting depressed (and claim that it's flu). From my former post, alam na what triggered my allergies. (In short, allergic ata ako sa drama, haha!)

Today, I headed over one of my happy place: Beauty and Butter in Megamall, of course! :)

What a perfect timing for me to unwind and pamper myself! Have to set the good vibes back, and also, get summer-ready!

Tried out their Depileve Waxing Service (after neglecting my legs for weeks!)--Which is currently at 20% off!

More on Beauty and Butter's services HERE!

I went there at around 11am, and my Buttercup for the day is the very nice Ate Aisa! :) 
It's always plus points when I don't feel awkward around salons--especially when I am about to undergo something ouchie like waxing. Good thing I felt at ease with Ate Aisa!

The Depileve waxing "machine" is so impressive! They don't dip sticks or use rubber wax-balls--the application is similar to razor! Then they pull the hot wax (with consistent temperature) with clean strips.

These three bottles keep the procedure neat and clean, you wouldn't feel stinging sensation--or maybe just a little bit of tolerable pain when the wax is pulled--but that's just it!

Ready to flaunt the legs! Haha!
Summer Rain
Long robe - Forever 21
Friendster (vintage?) Tee - Freebie during my Candymag days when I interviewed Friendster's PR
Light Denim Shorts - Cotton On
Brown Belt - MNG
Gold Brogues - Shoe Etiquette
Big Soft Bag - Davao
Watch - SM Accessories
Earrings - Anagon

The procedure lasted around 15 minutes only, so I thought I have enough time pa for manicure. 
 I chose ORLY's Monroe's Red...

...Which made me remember, I wanted to watch this movie:
With Beauty and Butter's free wifi access (and iPad use!), I was able to check the Glorietta cinema's sched of My Week with Marilyn via!

...And with barely 30 minutes, I ran from Megamall to Ayala! I was able to catch the movie (complete with Taters buttered popcorn pa yan ha! ;)) Oh the convenience of technology!

LOVE the film! :D I am totally in love with the 50s--and enchanted by Marilyn Monroe! Watch trailer here:

Ended the day with dinner, strolling, and coffee tambay with my two high school friends Marj and Geo! :)


  1. Yay for dates with self!! Twins talaga tayo :)) haha


  2. Ang cute ng bag and i love the maxi cardi!

  3. wow leeegs! hehe. cute ng shoes mo ana! :)

  4. i like what youre wearing here, bagay sayo :)

  5. Super fasyon nitong outfitey mo, babe! :) Bagay na bagay especially the cardigan! ♥


  6. I love the Gold Brogues <3

    Ingrid Borja :)

  7. Hi girls!! Thank you for appreciating! Felt awkward with the stares the whole time, but it was rather a comfy keber! ;)


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