Indie Fridays at Ponti! 2.24.2012

Friday, March 02, 2012

I only have few pictures during the first Indie Fridays at Ponti! It was a fun night though, looking back, ang chill chill lang nya--just the way I like et. Hindi kelangang tugsh tugsh, hindi kelangang oa ang porma! Good vibes din ng crowd! :) Really enjoyed the bands that played that night, but special mention siguro sa Walkie Talkies, dahil BIG fan ako nila sa Youtube palang! Anyway, I hope more people visit us in Ponti soon. I am not sure when is the next Indie Friday, but as soon as the sched is out, sabay sabay natin isigaw THANK GOD IT'S (INDIE) FRIDAY!!! ;D

On a totally unrelated note, I don't know what to react when I got tagged in this picture:

Kita naman ang pagka-TH ko sa pag sayaw, hahaha! Zumba class during the Nestle Fitnesse event! :) Oh well, najaryo is still najaryo! ;P

PS: I am currently at the Super Sale Bazaar, World Trade Center, from 10am to 9pm :) We will be here till Sunday, along with super cool shops na mostly online ko lang nakikita so I am really ecstatic to see them "live" (haha, adik). Hope to see you!!!


  1. Yesss naman, nadyaryo ka! :P I miss ZUMBA :D

    Btw, I hope you can join my blog's birthday giveaway here:

    Thanks <3

  2. Hazel: hahahaa nadyaryo na nakapambahay! achieve!


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