Last few hours in Baguio!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Last post on the Baguio experience!

After the Panagbenga Parade, we were down to our last few hours in the Summer Capital. Since we have to make the most out of our short vacation, here are the things we fitted in our itinerary (in between long naps in Villa Edita, lol)

Lunch in SM Baguio... Ang mall na mabubuhay kahit walang aircon!

Took loads of pics of the fine scenery from the balcony (while playing with Ava's Baguio bebe), and then instantly uploading them on Instagram via PLDT wifi!

Learned that my fellow UST Journ batchmates Adrian and Sarah were also there!!! Cool to see people in unexpected places! :)

After a long siesta, woke up at around 4:30pm, and had some alone-time by the cold veranda. Had 2 mugs of coffee! Sarap mabuhay!

Ava joined me later on, where we had serious life talks. :) Ganda maka-ambiance ng Baguio! :) Thank God for trips like this, I get to know more about my friends, naaappreciate ko talaga when I get to talk with them!

Few minutes later and we were back on the road!!! We got lost around Baguio one million times already (haha), so most of the time our rest and long sleep ay sa van. When I woke up, we had a coffee break muna sa Starbucks, na katabi ng nice big flower wall! Syempre photo op muna ang mga bloggers!

Wa-poise naka tsinelas nalang ako nung hapon! (lol). Parang ang init sa Baguio dahil sa get-up kong ito, pero sa totoo lang lasap na lasap ko ang lamig nun! Hahaha! Nakakamiss!

I love this photo! Pwede nang pang The Face Shop Spring Collection, haha!

Group pic! :)

Tea and Coffee Break with the gang!

After getting caffeinated, direcho naman kami sa dinner-an! Walang katapusang nguyaan! Haha!

Si Ava busy sa kaniyang Baguio baby! Miss na si Athan? :)

The place is called Mile Hi Diner. Love its interiors, gustong gusto ko yung vibes! That kind of feeling I had before when I see pictures of long haired hippies wearing floor sweepers, acting too-cool with their hippie bands and cigarettes... Pero ngayon parang mas may amour na ako sa feel ng diner 50s chics! :D

Jukebox, baby!

What song shall we play next? :)

Nice place huh?

Back to Ava's lambingan with her Baguio Baby, may paswing swing pa!

Di kakain si Baby ng di katabi si Ava!

The jealous girls! Hehehe!

From the diner, we walked along the stretch of shops in Mile Hi, and found great steals!
Aisa scored cute gloves for a hundred bucks!

"Clean Comfort Room"--which you can find EVERYWHERE in Baguio! Sabi namin ni Pax magffranchise na kami nito, sa kaniya sa Cubao, akin sa Alabang! ;P

Next stop: Night Market, where we bought bottled pasalubongs for our family

Ube Jam, Strawberry Jam, Choco Flakes, Lengua de Gato, and Peanut Brittle!

We weren't satisfied with just going around the market for fashion finds, and decided to go on an adventure (again!) and trek the Session Road to hunt for the night street Ukay Ukay / Wag-Wagan! We have NO IDEA where we were heading to, pero go padin basta for shopping!

During our walkathon! Finally spotted a green mango stand! :D Craving for this nung umaga palang haha, buntis? ;P

We also spotted this HATS HAVEN of a store! Where they sell hats as low as 50 petot! Namatay nako!

Got this black hybrid-bowler hat for a hundred only!

Happy kids!

And after a few turns and dead ends, asking random people if they know of a wag-wagan... We finally found what we were looking for: A long stretch of pre-loved goodies sold from P10 to 3-for-P100 only! JACKPOT!

Excited ang aking fellow Ukay-Addict friend!

Got lost with just the first rack (kasalanan ko ata!;P)! Pax and I were left behind, ang bagal namin suyurin each "potential rack", scoring cool pieces with price tags na hindi ko na makikita sa ukay ng Manila! I got neat finds like a fur scarf for only P50, lakas-makayaman branded tops from Anne Klein, Banana Republic and Old Navy, etc...But I still think of THAT classic navy Giordano big bag we left after thinking na medyo mahal siya for P550. Still dreaming about that bag, oh regret regret regret. Ended our shoppingan when we reached barely half of the area palang. :P Suko ako sa dami ng supot na dala!

Me: Buti nalang hindi ineeroplano ang Baguio noh, kundi excess baggage na tayo nito!

Masasabi na naming nakapag ukay kami sa Baguio! YAHOO!

We decided to rest by the sidewalk, next to a coffee vendor (lovet talaga, may coffee vendor sa Baguio!). Being a big coffee drinker, I made sure to experience this and ordered a cup, while Pax contacted Tracy and Ava

Chillin in the middle of Baguio, like a boss! Haha!

When we got home, we didn't go straight to bed, instead, tuloy ang ligaya, tuloy ang kwentuhan! We were really a noisy bunch of old kids, and they all have lots of stories up their sleeves! Since I got the extra bed (the rest chose the bunk beds, but I really love the personal space of a separate bed, hehe).. my bed was the unspoken-assigned tambayan during our nightly chikahan and harutan. Dun nadin kumakain, naglalaptop, humihilata ang mga buruha! Hahaha! I don't mind though, really love staying up when I am with friends! The most significant stories were told during times like this!

So yeah, I don't know how to end my story on such a cool beans trip! Leaving you pictures of the sleepy lovey dovey Ava and Tracy on our way back to Manila (hehe)

And here my friend is my instant kurtina aka Pax's magical scarf, dahil wala na kami sa Baguio....
... And of course, ang init na uli sa labas. :P


  1. beb, natawa talaga ako dun sa jealous pic ni tracy at pax!:)) lol!:)) naman :( namiss ko kayong tatlo bigla. Best experience talaga toh!

    1. Hahaha! You saw ba when it was taken? :D Panalo noh! :D

  2. Hi Ms. Ana!

    I'm an avid reader of your blog. Katuwa ang basahin pati mga short captions mo every pic.

    Can i ask, kung saan yung long stretch of ukayan you found? I've been there na pero dpa ko naka-experience ng ukayan outside the street eh.

    Thank you.


    1. why THANK YOUUU! I cant remember exactly but it's near session road lang! :) they call it wagwagan and alam ng mga locals dun so it's easy to ask around:)

  3. love your photo with flower background! :)


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