Monday, March 19, 2012

Intervene: intransitive verb. to come in or between by way of hindrance or modification.

Life is currently a whirlwind -- a mish mash of happenings and priorities. Like a movie scene where calendar pages fly to represent the passing time, I can't seem to believe that we're halfway March already. I started to take a breather just today and, well, thought that I have to put things into order. Started listing down different aspects in my life--to see if there is still balance. In my "offline diary", I will be more specific with each aspect, what seeks more attention, what needs a bit alteration. Like a topsy turvy room, I am not impressed with how I arranged and organized every storage, every cabinet and shelf. But at least I am aware of this, and awareness for me is a first step.

You are responsible for your life, and doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. -Oprah 

Moving on, just wanted to share my kwento from few days ago, during a meeting with Raffles Design Institute Manila for Bloggers United. 

I went to their cool school, located in Accralaw Building in Fort, for the third time...And that day it was with Pax (her first time in the institute). We met with the Raffles Design Institute Manila's PR to talk more about our event on May 26. It was an exciting discussion! 

With Ms. Meg, and my di-sadya-katerno Pax! ;D
Para kaming teachers ni Ms. Meg, haha!

After our meeting, we toured the 2-floor campus of the Raffles Design Institute Manila! Just by basing on the rooms, you can see how cool it is to be a Raffles student! 

Student Lounge -- the interior design students will decorate this area soon! Nice!

Interior Design Studio

Fashion Design Drafting Studio

 Fashion Design Sewing Workshop

PC Lab

Mac Lab

Fashion Design Draping Workshop

Academic Room

Always fun when with Pax! :) Ended the day harutan over cakes and coffee in the nearby cafe called Sweet Bella. :)

And this is where the first picture, with my current read THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin, was taken. ;) 



  1. Hey, the Happiness Project! Is it nice? I wanted to buy it the last time I was in National, pero nag-second thoughts ako. Do tell me! :)

  2. I've always wanted to buy that book, I am getting it na thanks to you! :) Miss you, sis! ♥

  3. Carla: Still, embarrassingly, in the middle of reading the book! :P Will try to post more about it when im done! :) thank you! :)

    Krissy: Coolness! :) To happiness, for us both! :)


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