I Found A Dream

Sunday, March 18, 2012

After our Krispy Kreme event, Megann was kind enough to lend me her extra SD card dahil naiwan ko yung sakin (ang galing na bata noh!), kaya eto... Outfit pictures! Best pics talaga pag nasa arawan, lol. But seriously!

...Feeling asa ibang bansa! Haha!

(Lakas makayaman) Polka Dots Polo with Bows back details - Archive Clothing
Red Shorts - Department Store
Red Flats - Parisian
Men's Watch - Timex
Bike Collar Clips and Red Heart Shades - Anagon

Spent the rest of the Saturday afternoon in ATC with Megann and my humabol-friends Keigh and Angel! :) Haha! South Girls Unite!

Panay kain lang inatupag... ;P

Angel wearing her Anagon A-N-J rings! :D Woot!

I missed this girl! :) Yey Kii! Este, Keigh! ;)

Laugh trip, SEO, boy talk, zumba, Youtube vid, dollar earner(!), Bangkok, etcertera etcetera...

Didn't realize past 9 na (I was there 2ish pm palang haha)...

... But good thing we were in Alabang lang. ;)

As for the blog title...I have a current LSS from the movie I've been raving in my past posts, and finally I discovered the title of the song from this scene:

The song came from her movie The Prince and The Showgirl:

The original version! :D OMG parang boses ni Snow White! Haha!

Ending this post with the lyrics of I FOUND A DREAM :) be in love!

I found a dream, 
Laying in your arms the whole night through
I'm yours no matter what others may say or do
Light of heart and fancy free
That's the way to start
There will be nothing to lose
Till you lose your heart....

I envy the women of the 70 somethings! They were in their teenage years during the 50s, 20s during the 1960s, and 30s during the 1970s! I'm not sure of my math haha, but whatever! My favorite eras! ;P

Discovered that this is my 1000th post! Woot! Cheers! Haha! Happy Weekend Guys! :)


  1. Those little bow details on your top - cuteness! Congratulations on your 1000th post Ana! :D

  2. You're getting addicted to Monroe na! :D

    Love the sun glasses Ana! ;)

  3. Love the top! cute ng mga bows and ung polka dot print! so chic! :)

    Kaye Awatin

  4. Charlene Gellie Kaye life -thank you for appreciating girlies! :)


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