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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello world! Kamusta?

I have so much kwento, but lately I can't seem to find the time to stay in at home and work on my blog. The outside world is pretty much an interesting place right now--sinusulit ko nadin! Anyway,visited my new dentist yesterday in between my two events--so the reason for the awkward smile in the photo above with Beb Ava is because:

I am now a metal mouth na! :P An official member of the Dorks Society who wears graded eye glasses and braces. Hahaha! I know ang lakas maka bagets, haha, but the reason why I had them just now is because hindi ko pa sya afford before, haha.

What I had awhile ago:

Soup Day: Yellow Cab Pumpkin Soup

Jamba Juice Banana Berry and Goto from Makati Supermart ATC

Aside from the awkward smile, I also have to get used to eating with braces. Feeling hungry right now, but I can't even chew on soft noodles, kanina I ordered Quickly Taro Ice not knowing lulunukin ko lang ang sago at nata. :P Hay, even brushing my teeth is such a dyahe, but kelangan gawin ng mas madalas at mahirap ng may sumabit! :P

Anyway, yun lang! :) More kwentos tomorrow, and have a great new week ahead!!! :)


  1. Waah! I'm getting braces very soon too, hopefully this week. Just finishing checking students papers hahaha. Natakot tuloy ako. Pero... go Ana!!

    And natawa ako sa "Dorks Soceity"... I also wear glasses due to astigmatism. Haha. Lagot!

  2. Ana! Nakakagutom ang food! Gusto ko bigla ng noodles ngayon.

  3. I feel you for you. Metallions : Braces. Painfully awkward at first. But you'll get used to it in time. :) Bling on the teeth. :P Godbless Ms. Ana! :)

  4. hihi! I remember how stressful the first few days of having braces is - lakas maka-food craving!:)) enjoy all the soup and slushies in the mean time, you'll get used to it :D see you soon, Ana! :D

  5. Welcome to the Metal Mouth Club! :D

  6. Nako ang hirap kumain sa mga first weeks w/ braces mo. Di ko makain dati gusto kong kainin eh xD Kaya mo yan ate keri ang braces! Soft food muna kainin mo kunwari diet hehe! :)

  7. Braces! I'm loving my braces na! Just got mine last Sept. Hello fellow dork! Hehe :P

  8. Nako babe until now worried pa rin ako sayo sa pag-eat mo with your braces. Ako na lang kain for you? :) Hehe! Namiss kita! Thank God we were given the chance to see each other sa event last Sat! :) Maganda ka pa rin kahit with braces, babe! :)


  9. You'll get used to it Ana. After a week or two. :)) And eventually you'll also enjoy changing different colors of elastic every month :)

  10. Hahaha hello guys! :) Thank you for your comments! Getting used to it na, though may times na gumagasgas parin siya sa inner cheek ko, and nope hindi padin normal kinakain ko hahaha! :D Sana bumagay na sa akin though! ;P


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