A sudden identity crisis

Monday, March 05, 2012

Nothing serious, but for the past week my attention started to lean towards the 50s, finding myself more attracted to fit-around-the-waist, red-blue combi, girly, short and sweet--than on my usual lousy, laid back, hobo clothing favorites. Suddenly, I wanted to do-away with the pa-mysterious in black look, and instead be careless este carefree yet demure, perky pa-cute, and colorful like a 50s housewife (who embraces her curves!).

And because the style (a fusion of nautical and 50s housewife and Marilyn Monroe) is my current obsession, I saved a few pictures from Google search--and made a pin board (ala Pinterest!) of my "new peg". No copyright infringement intended! :)

Still getting there! During the Super Sale Bazaar, I got so confused whenever I encounter a store that would make me choose between sailor and anchors bracelet over a necklace adorned with leaf charms... Or a polka dots satchel versus a floral one! :P I know I will still go back to my "roots" (I lack the charm and attitude of the 50s woman!), but for now, I will enjoy (with my hippie heart) a very "50s Housewife" "Nautical" and "Diner Chic" Summer! :)

photo from tracy ayson during our Baguio trip

What's your current summer trend obsession? :)


  1. inspiration for this is dita von teese.. i love her <3

  2. Ang cute ng last photo! Very candid! <3

    I like how 50's women embrace their curves!!

  3. Cute sunnies!! :)


  4. awww! cute mo, Ana! i think colors suit you. :)

    boat ride through the sky

  5. Oh wow, your ideas are fabulous! I think the stripes and polkas are a staple, they don't really go out of fashion. Florals are constantly being imprinted on my brain and a few nude shades, haha. Have a great summer!

  6. Wow! cute ng mga outfits.. dainty na! :)


  7. bet ko din ang '50s look! :)

  8. Hi girls!! Thank you so much for your kind words!!! :)))


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