8 Reasons why I love Bioessence West Ave!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Are you into massages, facials, and scrubs? Here are my top 8 reasons why you should try out these services in Bioessence West Avenue:

1) The Bioessence West Avenue branch is a spacious two-floor spa. I have a thing with crammed spaces, but this place didn't scare the claustrophobic in me. I've been to three Bioessence branches, with West Ave as my fourth, and I have to say I love the facilities of this branch most! You have to check out their Executive Rooms, they are awesomesauce BIG!

2) Great and friendly staff! Everyone would say hi or greet you a good morning, plus every treatment would make you feel na alaga ka (even in other branches). Also, they know what they're doing so no awkward moments!

3) Fairly priced services. Affordable rates with quality service!

4) That peppermint scent everywhere! Ang bango and relaxing! Win sakin yun!

5) Their hot mint tea! I am not a tea person, but I love this cooling free drink!

6) Another FTW: You can choose lighting color in some of their rooms to suite your mood!

7) I also like that their sauna is a head-out steam cabinet. As in literal labas-ulo! This looks like a cabinet with chair inside, designed with your head poking out the top. With this type of sauna, the client can last a bit longer since head stays cool! May TV din in their sauna room, so hindi ka mabobore!

8) I love that they provide the locker and lock, slippers, towels, robes, a ziplock for your valuables, and even the shorts for when you have to use the jacuzzi and the sauna! So when you have impulsive days you want to head over Bioessence for some me-time, you don't have to worry about anything!

Watch how Angel and I spent a morning in Bioessence West Avenue! Angel tried their new summer offer: a different kind of Ventosa / Massage with banana leaves! She also got to try the bubble bath, steam cabinet and jacuzzi! Meanwhile, I am super malas at time of the month ko that day, but they made me try their hand and foot spa na walang katulad! I was scrubbed, moisturized, had a paraffin, and moisturized some more--I want to stay there forever! ;D Throughout the treatment, ang nag rurun sa head ko was "I deserve this...I deserve this...I deserve this!" Lol.

Thank you Ms. Anj and Ms. Brenda for accommodating us!
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  1. i love bio essence the staff n the consultants are very caring. n also their manager.i love the serenity there especially when your having facial n massage.the staff knows what are theydoing ive been wd them since their facial house days at west ave. try this facial house. you wont regret it.

  2. I Love their free tea and so very comfortable inside na room..


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